Airport Transfers in Zurich

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Zurich Airport Transfer

About 10 kilometres away from the city of Kloten lies Zurich Airport. The big, travel-friendly and the international airport is one of the main ways to get to Zurich. It is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland. It’s well-connectivity and proximity to the city makes travelling much easier.  Some of the ways to access this airport to/from the city are as follows-

Zurich Taxi
Taxi Transportation, Zurich
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A chain of trains run all day in their timely slots connecting the city from the airport. Luckily, the airport has its railway station which keeps the network of trains running. The excellent service makes sure you have a hassle-free journey. The ticket starts from around 5.60€. So, get yourself a ticket and explore the charming city of Zurich.

Good service of trams connects the city and the airport. Every 15 minutes, a tram leaves the airport for the city running from early morning to evening. It takes about 35 minutes of travelling time, hence is efficient. The tickets cost around 5.60€ and can be availed via vending machines.

If you’re wearing your tourist boots then hop on a bus and enjoy the views of Switzerland’s beautiful terrain.  Experience a hurdle free journey with the excellent service of bus transfers from Zurich Airport. The extensive chain of buses that run throughout the day connect Zurich airport to the city. Transfers via buses are efficient, cheap and even safe!


Taxis are till date one of the best commute options. Book a transfer with Rydeu to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region while indulging in a laid-back ride. Zurich taxi services are the perfect blend of ease and comfort. From topnotch premium rides to cosy ones within a budget, we have got it all covered. The airport to Zurich city lies at a small stretch so you will not have to wait any extra time. Customize an easy ride for a problem-free trip to Zurich with Rydeu.