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Zurich City Guide

Treat yourself with an exorbitant holiday and traverse the beautiful streets of one of the most extravagant cities in the world, that is, Zurich. The place is situated at the end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland, surrounded by a range of wooden ranges in its east and west. Covering an area of about 91.88 km2 it is the largest city in Switzerland.

Zurich Lake
Zurich Lake

The city is truly the perfect blend of heritage and urbanization. From an array of gothic museums with contemporary touches to artsy galleries, this place is a paradise for the eyes. The aesthetically pleasing topography makes the terrain of the city very picturesque. Lake Zurich and the beauty of Alps are two of the most popular visual treats that the city has to offer. The city is a storehouse to magnificent places like Limmat River is fabulous for a good swim or the famous Uetliberg.

Zurich is the perfect balance of beauty and luxury. Being the financial capital of the country, it is known for its sumptuous lifestyle. You will find a range of high-end shops, niche cafes, fine dining and rich Swiss chocolates in almost every nook of the city. The city is well-known for its diverse range of cheese fondue and Raclette. Since it is the home to fine Swiss culinary, you ought to try the impeccable Zurcher Geschnetzeltes.

Roam around in awe of the preservation of the grotesque feel of Zurich while enjoying the modern blemishes to its current-day architecture. The lovely grandeur of the city is not all about it, Zurich is ranked one of the top cities for living as well. The chip blue sky and some of the finest shops for fashion and retail make this city a true hit among everyone. 

Zurich Taxi Transfers

The perfect destination for travelling is one which allows easy exploring and Zurich is a city with one of the best transport systems. The public transport in the city is very friendly. Not only do about 70% of the inhabitants use it themselves but also it is a credible source of commute for tourists. Here are a few ways to travel around in the city in a safe, reliable and comfortable fashion.

Tram Transportation
Tram Transportation,Zurich
Image by Markus Krebs via  Pixabay


Buses are a very good option if you’re running low on a budget or want to save some extra bucks for a shopping spree! The city has a well-connected chain of buses- from electric to diesel. They are also known as trolleybuses.


Another amazing alternative for easy commuting around the city is trains and trams. S-Bahn is the name for the local trains in the city and the service they provide is well-liked by the inhabitants. Zürich trams are very popular among people too. The extensive layout of train services makes sure every sight in the city is easily accessible. Zurich Railway is the largest and busiest station in the country.

Bicycles are another safe, cheap and environmentally friendly way of transportation across the city. So, hop on a bicycle while enjoying the fresh air and amazing sights across the city.

Boat Transportation
Boat Transportation, Zurich
Image by Nikos Roussos


A lot of shops would allow you to hire one of these at a very affordable price.Boats are a very popular means of commute for intercity transfers in Zurich.


Private taxi services are to date one of the best means of travel in the city. It’s comfortable, relaxing and quick. Rydeu provides you with a plethora of options based on your budget and preference. From rides on a budget to the premium ones, we have got you completely covered!

Zurich Airport Transfers and Taxis

About 10 kilometres away from the city of Kloten lies Zurich Airport. The big, travel-friendly and the international airport is one of the main ways to get to Zurich. It is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland. It’s well-connectivity and proximity to the city makes travelling much easier.  Some of the ways to access this airport to/from the city are as follows-

Zurich Taxi
Taxi Transportation, Zurich
Image by eGuide Travel

How to reach the city centre via train? 

A chain of trains run all day in their timely slots connecting the city from the airport. Luckily, the airport has its railway station which keeps the network of trains running. The excellent service makes sure you have a hassle-free journey. The ticket starts from around 5.60€. So, get yourself a ticket and explore the charming city of Zurich.

Good service of trams connects the city and the airport. Every 15 minutes, a tram leaves the airport for the city running from early morning to evening. It takes about 35 minutes of travelling time, hence is efficient. The tickets cost around 5.60€ and can be availed via vending machines.

If you’re wearing your tourist boots then hop on a bus and enjoy the views of Switzerland’s beautiful terrain.  Experience a hurdle free journey with the excellent service of bus transfers from Zurich Airport. The extensive chain of buses that run throughout the day connect Zurich airport to the city. Transfers via buses are efficient, cheap and even safe!

Taxi services from the Airport to the city centre

Taxis are till date one of the best commute options. Book a transfer with Rydeu to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region while indulging in a laid-back ride. Zurich taxi services are the perfect blend of ease and comfort. From topnotch premium rides to cosy ones within a budget, we have got it all covered. The airport to Zurich city lies at a small stretch so you will not have to wait any extra time. Customize an easy ride for a problem-free trip to Zurich with Rydeu.

The cosmopolitan city is jam-packed with a variety of restaurants, cafes, historical sites and what not!  The city has an array of spectacular options for you to explore. There is an abundance in Zurich sightseeing taxis which you can access with the help of Rydeu. Some of the amazing places to can visit are as follows-

Old Town
Old Town,Zurich
Image by Prof. Mortel


1.Old Town-

The enchanting streets, alluring squares and cheerful façade of restaurants, as well as houses, make this a perfect fit for a tourist’s paradise.  It is one of the main attractions in the whole city. Take a break from urban life and let yourself transcend to the ancient Renaissance era. From 15th century headquarters of the Lombard money-changers to the 17th century brilliant ornamental work, this place is an ode to the gothic atmosphere.


Zurich Lake
Lake Zürich



2. Lake Zürich-

Take a stroll along the calm Lake Zurich, one of the most important landmarks of the city. You will find a series of promenades and parks on the shore where you can rejuvenate your spirits. The sweep of land across the lake is amazing for little picnics or a refreshing morning jog.



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