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Click by Pham Ngoc Anh from Pexels

Click by Pham Ngoc Anh from Pexels

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Zagreb city guide and airport transfer service

Zagreb is located in northwest Croatia, not far from the Slovenian border. The capital of Croatia is a small city, but it packs a powerful punch. In Croatia's Zagreb, which is rich in culture, music, delectable cuisine, and, of course, stunning monuments, there is a lot to see. Make sure the firm you choose for your Zagreb airport taxi service has private airport transfer vehicles that are unmarked and unlabeled. The other passengers in the car will all be occupying the same area, making it impossible for you to relax and enjoy the ride. Find an airport transfer service provider that provides free Meet & Greet Service. When you reach your location, the driver will be there to greet you and, if necessary, help you with luggage recovery. Although this airport transfer service is typically included in a reservation, some companies also provide it as a stand-alone transfer service upon arrival for a cost.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Jarun Park, Zagreb   |       Click by Robert_marinkovic from Pixabay

If you're looking for a convenient way to explore Zagreb, consider taking a Zagreb sightseeing tour. With knowledgeable guides and comfortable transportation, you can learn about the city's history and culture while enjoying the sights. From exploring historic landmarks to visiting museums and art galleries, there's no shortage of things to see and do in Zagreb .What can one do in Zagreb? The top activities in Croatia's Zagreb are those listed below.

Zagreb airport taxi is a convenient and reliable way to get to your destination in the city. The Croatian capital is a beautiful city with excellent restaurants, fascinating attractions, and a raw edge to everything. And precisely this is what makes the city so enjoyable. You can book a Zagreb airport taxi in advance or find one at the Zagreb International airport upon arrival.

Božični, Zagreb   |     Click by Matjaž Mirt from Flickr

Best time to visit the city

Zagreb has a broad variety of temperatures. Winters may be chilly, with frequent lows of 0 degrees Celsius. The city heats up to +30 degrees Celsius in the summer. Although there may be a lot of rain, Zagreb's spring and fall are both extremely nice. The best time to visit Zagreb is in the summer season from May to August but during this time, the streets remain overcrowded. Living in Zagreb is generally laid-back, and the city is regarded as being extremely safe. However, it's always a good idea to use moderate caution. Zagreb looks its finest in the spring, but the true thrill begins in the winter when bratwurst and mulled cider kiosks crop up all over the centre and ornaments create a truly festive atmosphere.

Depending on your plans and preferred season, there is no one best time to visit Zagreb. There are four different seasons in Zagreb, with summertime highs of 25 degrees Celsius and wintertime lows of about 0 degrees. Additionally, it is one of Europe's rainiest cities, so bring an umbrella. Make sure to visit Zagreb during Advent if you enjoy the holiday season. Christmas markets are scattered around the city throughout the whole month of December, which makes it the ideal location to do present shopping. In November, there are no crowds at any of the sightseeing places in Zagreb. To avoid the crowds, November in Zagreb is the best time to visit.

Book your airport transfer in Zagreb

Traveling to a foreign nation may be challenging, particularly if there are urgent business appointments involved. There may be a hint of terror during one's journey from the Zagreb International airport due to unfamiliarity with local driving laws and, perhaps more crucially, local driving etiquette. When you add the aforementioned elements to Singapore's busy business district's rush-hour traffic, driving can quickly become a very terrifying experience. A well-planned airport transfer service is of great assistance in such circumstances.

Geneva transportation in tram
Funicular, Zagreb    |   Click by Ting Chen from Flickr


Zagreb's funicular is one of the city's Zagreb transport icons. It takes about 30 seconds to get between Donji and Gornji Grad (Lower and Upper Town). One of the lowest city lift lines in the whole world, the journey is 60 feet long. A street called Tomieva connects to the well-known Ilica Street, where the funicular is situated. The historical design of the funicular from the end of the 19th century was retained. Although the funicular trip is just a short distance, you might need to take many of them to get a good perspective of the Lower Town. The fare is below one euro.

Tram, Zagreb     |   Click by Ron Reiring from Flickr


Without the trams, which have been running securely over a 120-kilometre track through the streets of Zagreb for more than a century, passenger transportation in Zagreb, as we know it today, would be impossible. The team is unquestionably the most used form of airport transfer in Zagreb. The city is traversed by blue trams both during the day and at night. In the city, there are 4-night lines and 15 regular lines. You may go by tram to every location in the city thanks to the well-organized Zagreb transfer service of tram lines.


Since 1927, there have been bus services in Zagreb, and as of today, there are 134 bus routes (78 in the city itself and 56 linking the suburbs and other towns with the city centre). The trams and buses both use the same ticketing system.


Other than booking a taxi from Zagreb airport, you can hire a bicycle since Zagreb is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. The finest advent calendar throughout the winter can be found in Zagreb, and the city's Easter egg may be the biggest. Zagreb is also covered by a vast network of cycling routes and trails. Bicycling has many health advantages, but it's also a wonderful way to protect the environment since we'll use fewer vehicles, which means less airborne exhaust pollutants. With more than 500 bicycle parking spaces, more than 300 km of bicycle trails, and more, Zagreb is a cyclist's paradise.

Cable car

With a track length of only 66 metres, the Zagreb cable car is the smallest in the world when compared to other cable trains used for public transportation. The Zagreb cable car is protected as a cultural monument because it still maintains its original design, construction, and the majority of its original technological features. The earliest kind of organized airport transfer to Zagreb is the automobile for the Upper Town. It runs between the Lower and Upper Town every working day as well as on weekends and holidays! It operates every 10 minutes and costs 0.7 euros for each ride. Passengers can book a taxi to Zagreb for an emergency trip at 3,35 € if necessary.

Zagreb airport transfers and Private taxi services

Battery Bus

 Taxi, Airport Transfer    |     Click by Sharon Hahn Darlin from Flickr

Flying into Zagreb is simple from other regions of Europe. The ideal starting or ending point for a vacation throughout Croatia is here. The city is quite walkable, and a tram may take you out to the suburbs. Use Uber or Zagreb airport taxis to get here, but watch out for overcharging. For instance, the cost of traveling from the Zagreb International airport to the city center should be no more than 100 Kunas. Do you have Zagreb on your travel itinerary? Since this year, Zagreb has become a favorite European city of ours Zagreb attractions.

And so you can avail of Zagreb airport transfer for competitive rates and comfortable vehicles, ensuring a stress-free ride. So next time you're planning a trip to Zagreb, consider booking a Zagreb airport taxi for a hassle-free transportation experience.

Explore Sightseeing in Zagreb

The city has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it simple to tour at your speed. For all you foodies out there, it features a thriving restaurant scene. For those seeking to immerse themselves in culture, it also offers the highest density of galleries per square meter. Although it lacks beaches, it more than compensates for it in other ways. 

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