Airport Transfers in Vienna

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Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay 

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Vienna is a huge city which offers a number of options to its passengers to reach the city centre as per their budget, requirements and mode of travelling. There are three options that every visitor can opt for to reach to the heart of the city where lies tall buildings carved with history so rich that will mesmerise you in the best way possible.

Vienna Airport      |     Image by Puddin Tain from flickr

The first and the cheapest mode of public transportation is a bus. Now that you have finally arrived at the airport, you just need to follow the signs for the bus right after the baggage claim. The busses run 24 hours in a day to Schwedenplatz bus station, which sits right in the heart of the city. The busses usually function at the interval of 30 minutes and take approximately 22 minutes to drop off its visitors at the city centre. A single ticket would cost somewhere around 8 EUR and can be bought directly from the bus driver. 

Trains are other options that can drop you amidst the city. There are two trains that runs from the airport station (Wien Mitte) to the city centre that functions every 10 minutes, 24*7 for the comfort of its travellers. 

The journey takes somewhere around 25 minutes from the public train (Schnellbahn S7) and approximately 16 minutes from City Airport Train (CAT). 

A single ticket would cost you 3.90 EUR for the public train while 12 EUR from the city airport train. The tickets can be bought from the ticket machines installed at the airport. For visitors who are going to travel a lot, it is advisable to take a keycard which would only cost around 23 EUR and help you in making 10 short journeys. 

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