Airport Transfers in Valencia

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Valencia Airport         |          Image by David Blaikie from flickr

Also referred to as Manises Airport, Valencia Airport is regarded to be the tenth busiest airports in Spain and second busiest in the region right behind Alicante Airport. The airport is situated at a distance of just 8 km from the city of Valencia, in Manises has seen to warmly welcome a total number of 8.53 million passengers in the year 2019. 

The airport was started in the when there was a fire need for it, before the construction of this airport, people used to opt for Boats planes and the sea port to land onto this magnificent city. The airport is relatively smaller and has very less facility when compared to the numerous airports in the country, however, the airport is seen to host a total of 15 flights that run internationally and numerous other flights that function domestically. Although the airport is seen to be comparatively smaller yet it hosts an innumerable number of passengers that come to explore the beauty of this place which gives a tough competition to some of the most happening airports in Spain like Madrid and Barcelona. The airport has just one terminal for the arrival and the departure of both domestic as well as international flights. 


Manises Airport,Valencia      |         Image by Andi Licious from flickr 

The procedure to get the tickets for the departure from Valencia can be done in two ways which is offline and online. If you want to escape the hassle of standing in line and waiting to get the ticket physically, book your tickets on screen. However, if you still want to get the tickets physically, make sure to check the flight status and arrive 3 hours before the departure of that flight. The airport is kind of laid back which is why it does not provide the travellers with the luxurious facilities like the lavish lounges or extremely high-end restaurants. You can find a decent place to sit and wait for the departure of your flight and dine in a cozy restaurant or stalls present on the terminal of this airport.