Airport Transfers in Valencia

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The airport offers three modes of transport to reach the vibrant city centre. Airport transfers in Valencia are affordable, convenient and time saving if you choose the mode of transportation according to the luggage and destination. 

Airport Metro,Valencia       |       Image by .Robert. Photography from flickr 

Busses will not only assure the rides of a cheap ride but it also blesses the eyes of the travellers with the minute yet beautiful glimpses of the city that passes by while travelling. It is highly advisable to stay alert while travelling in a bus as the stops aren’t displayed on the screen which confuses the travellers a bit. The integrated Transport card will allow the travellers to meander around and hover on any public transportation without worrying about the tickets. A single hornet ticket can be bought for 1.50 EUR and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to reach the city centre. Make sure to explore the routes before jumping in a bus. 

You can even opt to take a metro which will drop you off on the city centre in a comparatively lesser time than a bus. A single journey fare costs somewhere around 4EUR and takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the city centre. You can catch a metro from the ground floor of the regional flight terminal on the Valencia Airport. 

Undoubtedly the best, Valencia Airport Taxi will save you from the hassle of changing vehicles as the metro will drop you off at the city centre. Valencia airport taxi price is now affordable with Rydeu, we also provide taxi from Valencia airport to Alicante due to the close proximity of the two cities. Travelling in luxury and comfort is now possible with us, hassle-free Valencia Airport Transfers are now just a tap away. You can reach the city centre from the airport in just 20 minutes without going through any trouble, put on some music, put down the window and enjoy the picturesque surroundings while reaching your destination.