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Turku is  Finland's oldest city. It is a small city, ideal for exploring the interesting mix of past and present. Turku ensures a true quality of life for its inhabitants and turns into a lucrative location for professional professionals due to its reasonable residing costs, multiple housing options, active scholar community, vibrant cultures, and a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Turku has always held a special place among other Finnish cities. Through Turku,  art, science, religion, and political actions have made their way to Finland.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Harbor, Turku   |   Click by Zache from Flickr

Since the thirteenth century, because of its history, the metropolis has had a distinct civilized and cultural atmosphere. Turku is also multiracial, as evidenced by using the city's numerous nations, languages, and customs. People from over 130 distinctive nationalities live in the city, speaking over a hundred special languages. The archipelago outside the city has continually served as an intersection for new cultures, ideas, doctrines, and commodities, and its tides have swept far into Finland's inland areas.

Puolala Park, Turku    |   Click by Tero Karppinen from Flickr

Turku is one of Finland's biggest cities, located in the region of Southwest Finland. In terms of the number of islands, the Turku archipelago is the largest in the world. This herbal wonder is made up of approximately 40,000 islands and islets that lengthen from the outskirts of Turku out to land. The city also has a special topography, with seven hills. Turku is easily accessible with the aid of planes and sea, both domestically and internationally. Everything is shut together in the city, making it ideal for cycling. 90% of the populace lives within ten kilometers of the city center. Furthermore, getting around is simple, thanks to an extensive neighborhood transportation system.

Different EMSPs function as public charging point payments in Turku. Each CPO chooses which EMSP to use. Each EMSP has a unique set of payment options. In Turku, the following EMS companies are available: Virta, K-lataus, and Fortum. This list, however, is not exhaustive. Virta, for example, offers the following payment options: mobile application, RFID card, and RFID key fob, all of which require a registered person account. One-time payments via credit card are also possible, with a cellular application or website serving as the user interface.

Turku is the regional capital of Finland's 1/3 largest urban area. Turku is Finland's oldest city and a global chief in climate action. Turku, along with its surrounding municipalities, is an active center of growth in the Baltic Sea region. The metropolis is an important commercial and cultural center, as well as a center for learning and research.

Fund for Finnish Innovation Sitra works to enhance the well-being of Finnish citizens to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Sitra conducts practical experiments and research, develops and finances enterprise operations, and compiles cross-border networks. Sitra is an independent public foundation that reports directly to the Finnish Parliament.


If you ought to fly, we advocate that you take a direct flight, pack lightly, and offset the carbon footprint of your flight when you buy your ticket. Direct flights to Turku are now on hand from cities such as Rome, Stockholm, Riga, Gdansk, and Skopje by Finnair, SAS, airBaltic, and WizzAir.Turku Airport is about eight kilometers from the metropolis center, however, a Föli bus experience takes solely 25 mins.

Geneva transportation in tram
Train, Turku   |   Click by Phil Richards from Flickr


Another handy mode of transportation is the aid of the train. VR manages Finland's railway network, and trains are easy and on time. Regular offerings to Turku are additionally on hand from cities such as Helsinki and Tampere. Turku has three instruct stations. However, the possibilities are you may arrive and leave from Turku's principal station, which is solely a 15-minute stroll from the metropolis center. Of course, if you are staying nearby, you will prefer to get off at Kupittaa station or Turku Port station if you are heading straight to the harbor.

Boat, Turku   |   Click by violablom from Flickr



Turku is more than simply a coastal town; it is additionally the entry factor to a stunning island. It begins at the mouth of the Aura River, which on a sunny day, transforms into the city's residing room and extends a long way west toward land. With all this water, it is no shock that getting around with the aid of a boat is simple. You can take


Turku is no longer a way from Sweden, and ferries run consistently between Stockholm and Turku, with a layover in Mariehamn. It's an 11-hour experience that consists of tax-free shopping, musical performances, eating options, and even a steam bathtub or two. The principal ferry operators are Viking Line and Silja Line, and each has been working to limit its ecological footprint in recent years. Viking Line recently launched the Baltic Sea's first LNG-powered passenger ship. The harbor is simply over three kilometers away from the core of the metropolis and is without problems on foot. If you have luggage, you can additionally take a bus.


Why now not take the bus from some different town in Finland to Turku? It's a famous period of payment, particularly if you have an ebook beforehand. Plan your experience with Matkahuolto's new reittiopas, which gives several picks for getting from one area to another.


Walking via Turku is a fantastic way to get to be aware of the city. The majority of hotels, eating places, and visitor points of interest are inside the center. Furthermore, getting misplaced is almost impossible. All you have to do is observe the Aura River ). If you walk, you can additionally take Föri, the city's loved crosswalk ferry, and the cable car, which will take you to the pinnacle of Kakolanmäki Hill.


You're certain to see the brilliant yellow bicycles as you stroll around Turku. These are managed by using Föli, who runs the nearby machine of public transportation and are open to the public. Simply signal up online and select a bike from any bike station. There are over forty of them scattered at some stage in the city. The bikes are supposed for non permanent use, and the first 30 minutes are solely €2. When you are finished, clearly return the bike to a bike station. Get a bike from Carfield Bike Rental or 10 Bikes if you choose to put your legs to the test. Carfield Bike Rental has over 30 pick-up places for the duration of Southwest Finland, permitting you to lease a bike from one location and return it to another.


When you are brief on time, taking a cab is a handy option. There are several operators, such as Taxidata, two Taksi, and Menevä, and you can be assured that Finnish taxis are safe, secure, and dependable. Why simply now not take a motor scooter if you are feeling daring? It's the latest way to navigate Turku, and it works simply like a taxi: name Bike Taxi or flag one backside in the city. Furthermore, the scooters are electric, so the environment will be simply as content material as you.


While Turku will enthrall you, there is additionally plenty to find out in the surrounding countryside. Hiring an auto is simple, inexpensive, and perfect for adventures that take you properly past metropolis limits. Avis Car Hire Turku, for example, offers numerous varieties of alignments flawlessly for each kind of visitor and journey.

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Battery Bus
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Learn about a destination's transportation system and the area around your hotel accommodation. Waiting in a lengthy taxi row at the airport's arrivals gate could ruin your trip.

The pleasant choice is to sketch in advance of time for a personal transfer, which will make for a stress-free day trip and permit you to spend extra time exploring the city. A Private Transfer gives top-class customized carriers as nicely as smooth and blissful seats for a luxurious experience. For airport transfers in Turku, presents less costly and personalized personal switch services. A personal airport switch is no longer challenging to organize with Rydeu. We provide airport switch offerings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can depend on us at any time. We care about your safety, so you can sit down lower back and loosen up as we pressure you to your vacation spot in a personal vehicle!

Turku, Finland's oldest city, is located on the country's southwest coast, the place the Aura Water meets the Baltic Sea. When Finland used to be nonetheless a section of the Kingdom of Sweden in the 13th century, it was once founded. The Turku area is made up of eleven municipalities and has a populace of over 300,000 people, making it Finland's 1/3-biggest city region after Helsinki and Tampere. Turku's records are rooted in the boom and growth of its manufacturing and maritime industries, which have been pivotal in the country's monetary improvement as a port city and a central alternate factor in Europe. Traffic from all around the united states was handled via Turku.

Best Time To Visit Turku

Turku is great to visit at some point in the hotter months of May to September. Despite the reality that every season brings its very own splendor and majestic beauty!

Winter (December - March): Despite only a few hours of daylight, travelers go to Turku for the love of iciness activities, Xmas and Festive marketplaces, Northern Lights, ice swimming, and sauna. The common temp in Turku around this time is sub-zero, and the climate can be harsh!

Spring (April): Snow starts off evolving to melt, revealing greener patches. Around this time of year, the climate in Turku is a little warmer; however, milder evenings and weekends put you together for bloodless nights with temperature tiers shut to zero.

Summer (May-August): Be prepared for 24 hours of sunlight because the sun never sets in this area of the globe! Although the nights are cold, the weather in Turku during the day is pleasant and ideal for tourists to explore the city and its numerous magnificent attractions!

Autumn (September): With the summer's end comes "Ruska," one of Finland's favorite seasons! Reds, browns, and hues take over greens, transforming the city into a color explosion!

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