Airport Transfers in Trondheim

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Located 19 kilometers east of Central trondheim the aiport is run by state operated Avinor. The place shares its facilities with the Royal Norweigan air force also. The airport has three primary airlines which operate here. The Scandinavian airlines, Norweigan air shuttle and Wideroe operate with the main route as Oslo. Vaernes is the focus city with routes and flights to various other locations. Both national and international flights operate from here. The uniqueness of the airport lies in its charter services which are connected to 18 different places. The airport offers flight services to 17 domestic and 21 international destinations in total.

A combined military and civilian airport, the Trondheim is co-owned by the Norweigan Ministry of Defence and Avinor. The airport has two terminals - A and B each operating for different flights. Terminal A is for domestic uses while terminal B is to attend international affairs. The three kinds of passengers have to go to the check in the second floor of terminal A. It has numerous facilities such as restaurants, book store, convenience store, clothing, cosmetics etc. The airport also has a Radisson Blu hotel in it. Airline administrators and mediators are located in terminal A while the airport staff are located in terminal B. A total of 24 stands are present in the airport assisting different kinds of planes.

Domestic jets use the bridged stands in terminal A while regional aircraft use non-bridged ones. The Air force uses six stands of which one is permanently used for deicing. A part of terminal B is used for hangars of airlines and for admitting VIP passengers. The largest hangar belongs to Scandinavian airlines which also happens to be the oldest one here. The airport has two runways- a primary one and a diagonal one. Of the two, the diagonal runway is the most recent one. 

The military services here are located to the north of the airport and do not connect with the civilian one. It is also used as an arms storage facility of the United States and the runways and taxiways are owned by the military. An indirect route in the form of a ring road connects this location to the Southern side of the airport, nearing the main runway.