Airport Transfers in Trondheim

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This place uses the Trondheim Airport Vaernes to reach the beautiful and historical city. From the airport, several modes of transport to the centre are available. Choosing the mode of transfer depends on many factors such as luggage, distance, place of stay, etc. The route is connected by both public and private transport comfortably. On the public transfer front, a number of buses and trains run between the two places. Often they are chosen due to the conveyance and frequency. There are trains dedicated to the route between the airport and the city centre which take about 35 minutes. Apart from this usual one, another one by the name VY local train Trondheim runs between the places. This extends up to Sweden too. 

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Train, Trondheim   | Image by philstephenrichards from flickr 

Vaernes-ekspressen is one of the bus-based modes of transfer which connects the central station to the airport. It runs between Vaernes, Ranheim, Solsiden, Royal garden, Torget, NTNU and Moholt. Another local bus also runs between the places from Vaernes. The bus stop is a four-minute walk from the terminal. A schedule of the buses can be found on the AtB app or in the bus stop. The services are quite frequent and reliable too. Apart from these two, the mode of private transfer is available here. Directly outside the airport, a taxi stand is located. A number of taxis are available for booking which can be used. Car hires are also available in the region which needs to be booked earlier. 

The taxis can be boarded directly from the airport or can be booked early. The airport taxi Trondheim is quite affordable and easier to commute. The journey time would be reduced greatly and the struggle that comes with public transport would come down too. Rydeu gives you numerous options to choose from and avoid the burden of travel expenses on you. We have a plan to fit every budget and allow smooth sailing of your trip to Trondheim. The offers we give are easily understandable and can be availed without any discrepancy.