What are some best places to stay in Tromso?

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What are some best places to stay in Tromso?

A city that offers you an experience of a lifetime, Tromso is near the arctic circle. You can go and enjoy the beauty of Aurora Borealis. You can visit the world's major northerly botanical park which is divided into 25 divisions. Tromso is a must-see place. If you're looking for some places to stay, here are some recommended places to choose from. The Polar Cabin The Polar Cabin is a traditional Norwegian cottage. It offers accommodation near Tromsø during summer and winter in a spectacular arctic landscape. The view is commendable. Radisson Blu Hotel A great view, decent price and a comforting set-up. Radisson blu has Modern Scandinavian design rooms at the heart of Tromso. Scandic Ishavshotel A 4-star hotel, near to the airport. You get the freshest seafood at the restaurant Roast. Flexible meeting rooms and good course and conference facilities are available here.

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