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In the Funnark county of Norway, between Narvik and Hammerfest lies a small municipality of Tromso which is known for its impeccable architecture, rich history and an enthralling culture. Squatting in the northern part of the country, the municipality is known to be the 12th largest in the country. What makes the city unique is the fact that it is situated right above the island of Tromsøya, ringed by the most active mountain peaks such as Tromsdalstinden in the east. Norway has always been on the top of the itinerary of every traveller who wants to unfold the raw beauty of nature. Personally speaking, we find no better place than Tromso to spend our serene days in. 

Tromso        |        Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

During the winters when the city is covered with the beautiful snowflakes, the colours of the street lighten up the mood of every traveller that witnesses it. If you are a fan of the Northern light, you can experience it in Tromso during the winter months. The city might not have as much spotlight as other cities of Europe such as London, Rome and Paris does but Tromso has proved itself to be quite a catch when it comes to attracting true nature lovers. An ideal day out can entertain you in their fishing ports. 


Cabin, Tromso    |        Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

Amongst the numerous other things that will dazzle you, the most supreme of them still remains the Norwegian cuisine, although the food is diversified and worth drooling for, it is of no surprise that eateries are quite pricey in the country due to the cranked yo labour cost. Sea food is the primary attraction over here, from smoked tuna garnished with herbs to bacalao, we recommend it all. Sushi lovers can give a try to Ra Sushi which is known to serve the best and an array of sushi in Tromso. 

Best Time to Visit Tromso 

If you’re a music enthusiast, every year during the months of January/February the city hosts a Northern Lights Festival which lures symphonic orchestras and artists from all around the world. If you want to experience the midnight sun, the best time to visit the city is during mid May to mid July. 

Later winter to early spring or the summertime is the best time to pay a visit to Tromso, you can go hiking and trailing during the summer months when the sun is up usually longer than any other time of the month. 


Since the city is usually seen to be crawling with a lot of potential explorers and travellers, busses are seen to dominate the modes of transport to travel around. Tromso has a well scheduled city bus system which functions in the city starting from dawn to dusk for seven days in a week. During the weekends, you can enjoy the liberty of catching a night bus, however, the night busses are only available for certain places in the city, from the city centre. Travelling in a bus is not a piece of a cake, especially for those who are not very attentive, you would not be receiving any prior information about your desired destination, make sure to check the routes and the timing.

Bus, Tromso        |        Image by G_FVU from flickr 

The tickets can be bought from the bus itself, if you do not wish to indulge into the hassle of getting the tickets physically, you can also consider buying it online from the local bus app. Carrying cash is mandatory if you’re planning to buy the tickets from the bus itself. A single ticket would cost somewhere around 50 NOK for adults and approximately 25 NOK for children and youth. However, if you are planning on staying and exploring the city entirely by bus, you can save a lot by getting a daily pass for 100 NOK and travelling in a bus for a day as much as you want. 

Apart from the busses, Tromso taxis are the most preferred mode of transportation by the majority. Taxis in Tromso can either be booked online or offline, it’s advisable to book the ride online as not only would it save your hassle but it will also prove itself to be budget-friendly. Rydeu provides the best rides, convenient booking method and on time duty to make travelling fun and easier for you. 


Tromso is a major city of Norway and hosts a lot of people due to the Norwegian light that it displays. Tromso airport transfers allow the visitors to get to the centre of the city in three modes : airport express, city busses and the taxis. 

Battery Bus
Battery Bus, Le Grand-Saconnex        |       Image by Matti Blum

The airport express functions from the airport and will drop you off at the vibrant city centre. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes to reach amidst the merry connotation of the shops and eateries at the centre of the city. The express stops at various points to pick up as well as drop off the passengers, make sure to check the timetable and the map before you go on board. 

City busses are yet another option that the travellers might consider, not only are the bus rides cost effective they also give you a chance to look into the magnificent surroundings through the glass windows. Bus routes 20, 40 and 42 function from the airport to the city centre, you can either grab the tickets from the driver, in the bus or you can download the app TFT Mobillett. Buying the tickets online can prove to be slightly cheaper than getting it from the machine. 

Taxi from Tromso airport to the city centre is the best option if you are carrying a lot of luggage and do not wish to stand in a long queue. The cost of taxi from Tromso airport to the city centre will vary as per the desired vehicles of the passengers. Your ride will arrive right at the gate of your airport on time and will drop you off at the gate of your accommodation without any trouble, for smooth rides and convenient trips. 

Norway entirely is a sculpture of beauty at its best, when nature breaks out and bestows the feelings upon a place, it becomes infinitely more attractive and awe-inspiring than it originally was. If we start making a list of all the places that you can visit in Tromso, we’re quite sure we will have you to postpone your tickets and stay a bit more in the city. The jaw-dropping Northern lights, the serene fishing spots and much more, here are the top places recommended by Rydeu for visitors to explore. 

Tromso Arctic - Alpine Garden 
Image by  Sara@Shotley from flickr 

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Garden

For all those who are lured by the unique flora, his botanical garden in the northern part of the country is a must visit. Although the city is comparatively colder and faces snowfall for most of the time, the flowering starts somewhere around May blessing the eyes of the visitors with soothing purple coloured saxifrage, yellow fusion plants, numerous flower bulbs and pasque flowers. Subdivided into 25 different sub sections, the garden specifically displays the different flowers growing during different seasons. The flowering finally stops when the snow marks its arrival: in the month of October. 



Image by  Julia Velkova from flickr



This museum of Tromso, Polaria is dedicated to the arctic and is situated just 10 minutes walk away from the centre of the city. The exterior looks a lot like the toppling set of the dominoes, the place has been crafted in a manner so that it resembles the ice floes. The place also provides knowledgeable facts like how climate change is affecting the Arctic wildlife.  




Tromso Travel Tips

Where to visit during Tromso travel?

The port of Tromso, northern Norway's largest city, lies between Narvik and Hammerfest on a small island 349 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Tromso is a major tourist attraction. From January-February, Tromso hosts the northern light festival which is enjoyed with music, lighting, food, and whatnot. In Tromso, the Aurora Borealis is a major tourist interest. The trip without the visit to the arctic circle is incomplete. If you love to sit in nature, enjoying the vivid sounds and beauty, explore the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. It is said to be the world's most northerly botanic garden and is divided into 25 divisions. You also get to enjoy the dogsledding. Originally, dog sledging started in Norway, but it made its way to Tromso as well. Tourists love to experience the thrill it has! You can also learn about the Arctic Environment at Polaria. It is said to be a unique museum. Overall, in Tromso, you can learn, explore, enjoy, and create wonderful memories!

What are some best places to stay in Tromso?

A city that offers you an experience of a lifetime, Tromso is near the arctic circle. You can go and enjoy the beauty of Aurora Borealis. You can visit the world's major northerly botanical park which is divided into 25 divisions. Tromso is a must-see place. If you're looking for some places to stay, here are some recommended places to choose from. The Polar Cabin The Polar Cabin is a traditional Norwegian cottage. It offers accommodation near Tromsø during summer and winter in a spectacular arctic landscape. The view is commendable. Radisson Blu Hotel A great view, decent price and a comforting set-up. Radisson blu has Modern Scandinavian design rooms at the heart of Tromso. Scandic Ishavshotel A 4-star hotel, near to the airport. You get the freshest seafood at the restaurant Roast. Flexible meeting rooms and good course and conference facilities are available here.

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