Top 7 Outdoor Activities In Rome For All The Adventure Lovers

The capital of Italy and indubitably one of the most visited cities in Europe, Rome has been a major hub for human settlements for three successful decades now. The city is carved with impeccable history and has something special for every sort of traveller out there. Wearing the crown of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the scenic beauty and buildings dominating the skyline regain the pride of the city. 

Whether you’re an art fanatic who likes to hop from one museum to the other or a cultural diver who wants to dig deep into the festivities and explore Rome like a native. When in Rome, do it like Romans, be it for having an extravagant day trip to explore the numerous magnificent sights of the city or be a part of its vibrant nightlife. 

Although the city is majorly known for its fine architecture and festivities, adventure lovers have options bursting out, waiting to be experienced by them. So if you’ve wandered around the beautiful part of the city, it’s time to witness the crazy side of Rome and make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Here’s a list of the top 7 ultimate outdoor activities that must be done by every adventure fanatic out there. 

1. Urban Rafting at Rome’s Tiber River

Put your helmets on and grab a shaft as its time for an exciting urban rafting session at the most happening river of the city. This is one of a kind experience and brings out joy and happiness in the form of cheering screams with the forceful water level, rafting through the rustic monuments and exploring the city from a different perspective. 

Paddling after some time will lead you to the laid-back and serene neighbourhood of Trastevere. Take a walk through the cobblestone streets and lush green surrounding of the place and treat yourself with the fresh fruits the place bears. You can pre-book the rafting session online and get a professional guide for this playful adventure.

2. Become a Gladiator in Rome Gladiator School

Imagine having an armour of steel and stepping back into the days when gladiators were a thing. It sure would have the interest of everyone who wants to explore Rome like a native. The classes are specially provided by professionals from the historic group of Rome, fighting with the weapons used in the ancient era while wearing the belt and the tunic. 

You can choose to visit anytime you want, the classes are extremely safe and fun. Make sure to click a lot of pictures and give a glimpse of the ancient history of Roman sports to your followers. Situated close to the Colosseum, it saves you a trip if you want to do both things in one day. 

3. Horse Riding In Ancient Rome 

And at the end of the day, the Roman tour isn’t complete if you haven’t done it the right way. Riding through the ruins of ancient Rome, a nice rejuvenating horse riding session will pump you up. Trailing through several significant landmarks such as Ostia Antica, the magnificent sight and the fresh air will dazzle you at its best. 

If you have some extra time in hand and want to pamper yourself with a spa, you can do so by checking out the online offers and booking one which suits you. A guided tour will allow you to take a glimpse and spot all the monuments, while if you’re in the mood for beach therapy, ask your guide to take you to the nearest beach. 

4. Bike Tour of Rome for Free 

If you’re not a fan of travelling in public transportation and want to save your wallet from splurging, you can simply book a bike and ride through the smooth streets of the city, passing through numerous sights and soaking in the beauty of the gigantic buildings. 

The cycling session often happens in a group so be ready to war your social boots on as you’re going to make a lot of friends on this trip. Click as many pictures as you like, stop by the food stalls to fill your stomach and satisfy your taste buds and paddle along the colourful markets to grab some souvenirs for your loved ones. Surf through the internet and find an ideal ride for yourself.

5. Skydive from 4000 metres in Nettuno

If you think you’re in for an eternal reminiscing activity, make sure to take a skydive from 4000 m where the beauty of the entire Rome sums up into a magnificent small square up from the skies. Situated in the outskirts of the city, this is an activity that you simply can’t say no to if you’re a true adventure lover. 

If thrill and suspense are what you thrive on, this Skydiving activity is all you need. Although it makes the participants a little scared, the skydiving activity is entirely safe, you’ll be provided with a professional who will dive along with you, making sure of your safety. An ideal session would last approximately 15-20 minutes which means the adrenaline rush will keep happening as you sweep down the air level. 

The free fall will surely make you feel like being reborn as soon as you start gaining gravity and land. It is highly advisable to not send your kids below the age of 18 to be a part of the skydiving activity. However, the weather hugely determines whether you’ll be able to witness the most awesome activity or not, so make sure to pre-book and talk to agents regarding the best time for skydiving in Rome. 

6. Paraglide Near Latina, Rome 

If you’re only doing what everyone else is doing, you’re not creating history, you’re just following it. We think there’s no activity more exhilarating than those which include touching the skylines. Paragliding through Norma which lingers close to the Monti Lepini mountain range will be covered in this session, you will also witness the picturesque surroundings while breathing a dash of fresh air. 

Pass the cliff line of one of the most significant mountain ranges of the country and land In a tranquil village to enjoy the laid back ambience while tasting the local Italian appetizers and wine from the winery. There are numerous options you can find online, offering something unique and different. The journey will be guided by a professional ensuring the safety and joy of the customers. We recommend you to not involve your little ones in this activity if they’re below 14, there’s a certain weight limit that you need to go through as well. 

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Feel the city go smaller with every inch of the flight you take towards the sky. A hot air balloon ride is a must if you’re a fan of aesthetic beauty and want to get clicked with a scenic background. Usually sunrise and sunset is the best time to take a hot air ride as the sky is coloured in crimson red and orange with a tinge of yellow. 

Ride over the ancient monuments and watch them from a whole lot different perspective, float along with the wind over one of the oldest cities in the world and capture the ultimate views that will take you back to the memories. Usually, the ride goes up to an altitude of 500 metres and is managed by a certified pilot. The ride can be done from several points, you can search the Internet and find various offers to match your needs. An hour of the hot air balloon ride is all you need to break out the tiredness of your 9-5 prison. 
That was our list of the most preferred activities by the tourists in the city, make sure to grab a pen and a paper to make a note of all the activities that you would like to do, share it with your friends and plan a trip to Rome right away. Book a ride with Rydeu for sightseeing transfers or hopping from one adventure to the other without going through the trouble of standing in a long queue.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Modes of Sightseeing Transfers In Rome?

Rome is a huge city and offers several options to roam around. Public transportation includes busses, trains and metros and is available from different parts of the city, interlinking the posh areas to the underrated ones. However, the public transfers in Rome get very crowded during peak time which makes it very troublesome to travel in crowded transport. Private transfers in Rome are the best way to squander around safety, especially during the pandemic.

How To Travel From The Airpor To The City Centre? 

Whether you’re landing at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport or Ciampino Airport, you’ll find busses, trains available to drop you off at the centre of the city. Airport public transfers are economical but they become troublesome when it’s the peak season. The long queue to take the ticket and the constant fight for the seat almost makes it impossible for the tourists to enjoy their trip. Private airport transfers with Rydeu will save you from all the unnecessary hassle and make your trip worth reminiscing. So what are you waiting for? Book an airport private transfer with Rydeu for a wonderful trip ahead. 

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