Top 7 Outdoor Activities In Madrid For Adventure Lovers

The capital of Spain, Madrid is widely famous all around the world for its famous football clubs. The cobblestoned streets beautifully aligned with plants, decorated with quirky colourful flowers. The tapas, iconic boulevard and fine architecture can not be forgotten, the city is exposed to the true beauty of nature all around. 

Madrid is a dream city for many of us and we can’t question why. It might not feature the beauty of Barcelona or the culture of Andalusia but the sightseeing of the place is simply breathtaking. Whether you’re a foodie wanting to dine in the world’s oldest restaurant that resides in Madrid or a history buff, you’ll have it all while in Madrid. The city welcomes sports fan differently, the view of their favourite players 

standing in the field, playing against the rivals. 

The northern part of the city is surrounded by Sierra de Guadarrama while the western part is dominated by Sierra de Gredos. The mountain ranges will offer a lot of activities such as trekking, trailing and hiking to its visitors. The scenic beauty of the city lies right over the central Spanish plains and will surprise you with some wildlife views. 

If you move to the eastern direction from the city, you’ll be blessed with numerous canyons, rivers and mountains. You can reach a considerable height with the help of a Ferrata, the cool water soothes your soul and gives you a break from the scorching heat of the city. The best part about the activities is that you do not have to extend your stay or plan a long stay to witness all these jaw-dropping activities. It will take a day or two to kick boost your adrenaline with these adventures. Go through the blog and figure out the most intimidating activity for yourself and your friends

1. Go For Canyoning In Madrid’s Mountains 

If you are a fierce adventure lover, make sure to jump, swim and rappel through the Duratón River, challenge the adventurer in yourself to be a part of the open canyon of Somosierra mountain pass with your loved ones. Surrounded by lush green trees and plants, you can even enjoy the serene view while canyoning, however, if you are travelling with your friends and want to make the trip crazy, leap into the natural crystal clear pools. 

You can even clamber over the rocks if you want to enjoy a tranquil walk by yourself for a while. The activity is entirely safe and is only open when there aren’t any chances of natural disasters. You’ll ideally need 4-5 hours to enjoy canyoning. 

2. Hop on a Hot Air Balloon Over Segovia and the Guadarrama Mountains

The World Heritage Site of Segovia will bless you with the most astounding view of rustic Spanish cities that linger nearby. From jaw-dropping castles to the Roman aqueducts that still stand beautiful, you’ll have an opportunity to dive into history while flying in the sky. If you want to be completely surprised by the magnificence, we advise you to take the balloon either early in the morning when the sky is coloured in crimson red with a perfect blend of yellow or during a sunset. 

The balloon slowly rises over 3000 feet making the world go smaller with every inch it flies. The flight is very safe with trained and well-experienced pilots, the moment you come down, you can make a toast to your bravery and once in a lifetime experience.

3. Go For Horse Riding Through Madrid’s Mountains 

They say you haven’t done it right if you haven’t done it all and we can’t agree more. Surrounded by the pine trees and lush green forest giving a perfect view of the ethereal hill views, you can go horse riding in the tall mountains of Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. 

If you’re a professional, you have nothing to worry about, the roads are very safe and you’ll be able to have good control over them. However, if you’re a novice, you must take a horse guide along with you for safety, journey time depends on you, various ponds, streams and lakes can be found sheltering rare species such as Iberian frogs and Alpine newt etc. You might be able to find the services online, at a relatively lower price rather than taking them offline. Click a lot of pictures to capture the memory on sheets.

4. Paragliding over Somosierra Mountains

There’s nothing as thrilling as paragliding, especially over the picturesque Spanish plains, giving a peek of the beautiful city and its neighbourhood with every glide. The tingling feeling of excitement and happiness will rush in as soon as you start leaving the ground, there are a lot of forests, streams passing by so make sure to take a view of everything while you are in the air. 

Paragliding is very safe, the harness is reliable and you’ll be sent with a professional who would be piloting. Make sure to click a lot of pictures and record yourself while experiencing flying like a bird. Checking the weather would help if you want a safe flight. 

5. Take A Street Art Bike Tour 

Calling out all the art lovers who happen to be an adventurer, here’s your paradise. The street art scene of Lavapiés and Embajadores is absolute bliss for artsy eyes, the gigantic walls, all painted in colourful colours by local artists, completely shocking its visitors with the ethereal beauty. 

If you’re running short on time but do not want to miss out on any art piece, you can rent a bike and saddle around, capturing all the masterpieces in your camera. Referred to as ‘independent public art’ the paintings are usually done by local artists to showcase their talents. Pop-culture artists have helped the city in enhancing its coolness and attracting a lot of people to come and appreciate the local talents that thrive in the city. You’re not going to visit Madrid every time, so why not squander around like a local, taking a bit of every activity that the city has to offer? Take a bike tour today. 

6. Take a Hike in Madrid’s Mountain

We know we have excited a lot of mountain enthusiasts here, but what’s an adventure anyway if it doesn’t involve hiking? Hike through the rich mountains of the country landscape, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is by far the best mountain range for all the hikers and trekkers to challenge their strengths and explore the beauty of the surrounding. 

Challenge yourself to reach the summit of the mountain, Peñalara, with a height of  2,430 m. The peak will bless you with the view of rare flowers, meadows that you can’t stop capturing, however, don’t overdo it, you have to make your way back to the city centre as well. Lie down on the clean grass if you feel tired, the cool wind blowing is a treat if you’re done with the harsh sun rays. 

7. Expose To the Snowier Part of Madrid

Visiting the city during winter? Don’t worry, you’re welcome to be a part of the thrilling adventure any time you plan to visit Madrid. The wonderful view of the snow-covered land is enough to make you fall head over heels for the place, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is the most significant spot where most of the outdoor activities take place, how can it lie behind in entertaining its visitors to enjoy snowshoeing? 

Snowshoeing is not hard but it would require a little bit of practise if you are a complete novice. If you’re a fitness fanatic, you already must be loving the idea of a perfect blend of fun with the best workout possible. Enjoy the silence and take a dip in the ultimate beauty of Mother Nature who decorates Madrid, particularly at this time of the year. 

We would be doing injustice to Madrid if we say we can sum up its beauty in a few paragraphs. So, fellas, that was the most preferred activity by the tourists and the locals so pick the one which you like and go, bask in the beauty of adventure. 

While many tourists visit the city to experience the fine caricature and try out the local food, pick up souvenirs, all the adrenaline junkies thrive to experience the outdoor activities that Madrid offers. Different adventures can be experienced at different times, make sure to plan out for the best time to visit Madrid.

Best Time To Visit Madrid 

Imagine balmy temps blowing through the city when you take a walk with your loved ones on the narrow lanes overshadowed with branched leaves. If that makes the traveller within you come alive then make sure to book the tickets to this city either in Fall (September to November) or during the spring (March to May). The weather is the nicest during these two seasons when the city comes into its true form, featuring nothing but the best. 

If you are looking to save up on the extra bucks, you can consider travelling during the winter season when hotels reduce their price due to the fall in the tourist’s rate.

Transfers In Madrid

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  1. Amazing post! Madrid offers some spectacular adventure activities to its visitors. I visited Madrid a few years ago for work and unfortunately couldn’t try any of these activities. The photos look splendid especially the ones with the hot air balloon and the ones with the snow-covered mountains.

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