The Ultimate Nightlife In Milan- Top Clubs And Bars To Explore

As fancy as you can Imagine, Milan is one of the best places for millennials to party. Known to be the fashion capital of the country, the city is home to the most enthusiastic crowd, driving the economy of the country during the weekdays and partying like an animal during the weekends. 

Whether you’re in the mood for some lavish bar or you want to enjoy the loud crazy discos and divey pubs, Milan will offer it all. Not only is the city known to be the economic and the fashion capital of the city but it also promises the most relaxing and worthy “happy hour” drink with a quirky blend of delightful appetizers and bonding over with strangers over a random song in a bar. 

Aperitivo is the exclusive creation of Milan which features an extravagant nightlife of the city starting with hipster craft cocktail bars, mouth-drooling snacks with a blend of jazz or live music as per the preference of the crowd. The city might not be as historically rich as Rome or give off as romantic a vibe as Venice but it sure does offer a lot more to its visitors. 

When it comes to the nightlife of the city, there’s an ideal place for every sort of party fanatic out there, no matter if you want to go big on your wallet by spending your evening in an elegant speakeasy with floor to roof bar or you want to party with the locals in a budget-friendly underground cafe. Here is the list of some of the best bars and pubs in the city that should be explored by every visitor to get a taste of the nightlife of Milan. 

1. Tunnel Club

As the name suggests, this club is built in a tunnel and gives off a dark, grungy vibe with disco lights and the amazing brewery section provided to its visitors. The former railway depot is ornate as one of the coolest clubs in the city and has a loyal crowd who visit the club every weekend to enjoy techno, Indie and electronic music. 

Started entertaining the natives and the locals in the year 1995, currently, the club is one of the most visited ones in Milan. Make sure to visit the club during the evening if you want to indulge in the entire party vibe and enjoy the live DJ. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see some huge artists perform in the club, 2016 surprised the crowd with the rocking diva and singer, Dua Lipa’s creation. 

Location- Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, 30, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

2. Gattopardo

Located in a sophisticated baroque former church, Gattopardo is everything you need if you wish to spend an extravagant night amidst the most elegant crowd squandering in a luxurious club. The whitewashed marble interior with gigantic chandeliers crafted from pure crystal and the balconies on the top floor gives a whole lot of new vibe to this club. 

The entire colour theme of the club is blended with off-white and cream including the seating arrangements and the curtains which compliments the chandelier dangling from the roof real nice. We advise you to book a table in advance if you do not wish to stand in a long queue, after eating, you can enjoy a dance session with your partner in the club. 

Location- Via Piero della Francesca, 47, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

3. Club Haus 80’s

Make sure to find an ideal dress as you are entering the golden stage of the 80s as soon as you step into the club with the blast from the past. The wild night of debauchery comes every weekend when the club sets a theme in which every visitor should dress up to crank up the quirkiness of the place. 

The bar and clubbing scene of the Haus ’80s would never disappoint you, after entering you can enjoy a lavish drink from the mixology area. If you want to be a part of the stardust theme rocking in electronic music, visit the club on a Thursday. Friday is specifically known for the 80’s theme whereas Saturdays are always a perfect mixup. 

Location- Via Larga 8, 20154 Milan

4. Alcatraz 

One of the best nightclubs in Milan, Alcatraz is widely spread in a large area and features 2 gigantic ballrooms and a floor to roof bar. The energy of the club is what drags visitors from all around the world into this lively club to rock their nights. 

You might even double the amount of fun as there are caged dancers, face painters. The club hosts some of the best concerts and fashion shows which makes it one of the most prestigious clubs in the city. The interior of Alcatraz is very impressive, the neon flashy lights in the darkroom give off a complete party vibe. 
Location- Via Valtellina, 25, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

5. Bobino Club 

Spread evenly on a 6000 square metre surface, Bobino Club is as lavish and elegant as you can expect it to be. With two different floors, the club usually plays different music and caters to different crowds on the floors which makes it quite exceptional. 

The interior of the club is properly decorated and there’s a seating arrangement for 50-900 people, on a usual day you would see a business party being hosted in the club while the weekends are mostly about travellers and locals uniting under a roof to party together. The hot disco bar will surely make you sweat it on the dance floor and the mouth-drooling Mediterranian cuisine will satisfy your taste buds 

Location- Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 116, 20144 Milano MI

6. 55 Milano  

55 Milano is one of the biggest lounge bars, not only in the city but in the entire world and we guess we know why. No matter what kind of a party person you are, you’ll enjoy the place the most, the perfect light ratio sets up the mood for some good electronic music and makes you dance your heart out. 

Foodies just can’t get enough of this club as there are almost 10 different food booths with different cuisine led by 10 best chefs, so go gaga over the delicacy of the food while sipping onto the finest Italian wine. The club is also equipped with a huge terrace to bless its visitors to spend some time away from the music if they wish. 

Location- Via Piero della Francesca 55/A, 20154 Milan

7. Sio Cafe 

Imagine taking a trip back in time to one of those fancy clubs of the 80s with high chairs, a golden ornate sofa with a matching centre table and a view worth everything, that’s Sio Cafe for you. 

The Latino music and the young crowd perks up the overall atmosphere of the place, if you’re planning for a girl’s night out, we can’t think of a better place than this. There’s a different vibe in the club every day on weekends the visitors might witness revival and Brasilian party, house and hip-hop 

Location- Via Libero Temolo 1 Corner Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli, 20126 Milan Italy

8. Plastic

The crystal chandeliers dangling from the roof, the chaotic atmosphere and the playful disco balls with quirky neon signs are all about Plastic. Started in the year 1980, the club is one of the most prestigious clubs in Milan, from Madonna to Bruce Springsteen, Freddie Mercury and Andy Warhol, you can expect to come across any famous face in the heyday of this club. 

The music will vary as per the day and serves different crowds, from electronic to hip-hop, indie and house music, be ready to have a crazy night while in Plastic. 

Location- Via Gargano, 15, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

9. Apophis Club

Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail bar or in the mood for an awesome nightclub with hip-hop, house and electronic music by some of the top DJs in the country. Although the only drawback is that if you’re not an annual member, do not expect to waltz in the door and party, the club is one of the most exclusive ones in Milan. 

However, if you want to enjoy a day of lavishness getting sprinkled all over you, make sure to RSVP on their social media page and ask them for an invitation on the nights that are open for the public. The marble floorings, the chic interior is quite expected looking at how contemporary and special the place is. Finest liquor will be served to pamper you. 

Location- Via Carlo Giuseppe Merlo, 3, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

10. Apollo Club 

Quality food, finest liquor and the music which pleases our ear, you name it and Apollo will offer it. By the day, the club is regarded to be a perfect place for brunch however, as soon as dusk hits, the place starts developing its party mood. 

Chic interior with a blend of white and black tiled floors, velvet and leather couches, make sure to slip right into the arms of fun as soon as you enter the club. 

Location- Via Giosuè Borsi, 9/2, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

So we hope you’re all set to wear the best clothes and lose yourself on the beat of the crazy music. Choose your ideal club and make sure to pre book it to avoid any hassle. Airport transfers in Milan are quite diverse and you’ll have numerous options such as busses, trains and taxis from the Milan airport to the city centre. Public airport transfers are low on budget but usually cause a lot of trouble while travelling during the peak season, private airport transfer is the best way to travel from Milan to other cities or hop from one club to the other without any fear of roaming in the city at night, Rydeu will try its best to make its passenger feel safer and have a memorable trip ahead. 

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