The Ultimate Nightlife Guide To Rome: Best Bars & Clubs

Someone said Rome wasn’t built in a day and we don’t wonder why. The ultimate masterpiece of a city is the capital of Italy and one of the most attractive places in Europe, luring millions of visitors to visit every year. From the renowned Roman architecture to the food worth drooling over, Rome will never disappoint you when it comes to having fun and enjoying the trip to its fullest. 

The history, culture, adventure is indubitable the best in the city but when it comes to nightlife, we can assure you that no one parties like Romans do. Whether you want to enjoy a flashy club scene, you simply want to enjoy your lavish cocktail in a luxurious bar or party like a beast in the underground clubs filled with like-minded people, a nightlife lover will have it all. 

When the sun sets, the magic starts beginning, the entire city is decorated with sparkly lights and the music starts to act like a magnet for all the potential party freaks to unite under one roof and go all gaga over the beautiful life, cherishing the trip to a city such as Rome. 

So if you’re in the mood to enjoy some wine and make new friends in the city, make sure to check out these vibrant night clubs and bars before hitting up the city. Whether you’re a nightlife lover who only keeps it till dawn or a party fanatic who likes to stretch their party till you pass out, you’ll always be surrounded by natives and locals to keep you company. Viva l’Italia!

1. Agaveria La Punta

Nothing can beat the mood for visiting a lavish speakeasy, situated in the heart of Trastevere, this amazing bar is a must-visit if you simply want to warm up your mood before going crazy in a pub. The crafty mocktails, cocktails and a large collection of wine will keep you hydrated while the mouth-watering appetizers will make you pack some for later. 

The delicious seafood, guacamole and tacos make us feel like waking up in Mexico. Agaveria La Punta is a great place but with limited tables, so it is highly advisable to make a call before visiting. You might not be able to witness the crazy teenagers dancing on the floor but this is a quality place to enjoy the nightlife in Rome.

2. Shari Vari Playhouse

If the house of Music, hip-hop and R&B is your thing, then you should visit this place. Known to be one of the most famous bars in the heart of the city, Shari Vari remains the top priority of the natives while talking about the nightlife of Rome. Open round the clock, the bar has a gigantic restaurant with diverse cuisine, join the party to gel with the natives and take what the city has to offer. 

Formally known as the Supper Club, Shari Vari is filled with a quality crowd, well-dressed Romans and foreign tourists so it is advisable to dress accordingly. There are three floors and each floor has its music taste, one plays hip-hop, the other plays house of music and retro.  

Address: Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Roma

Time Schedule: 8.30 AM to 4 AM (Monday-Sunday) 

3. Qube

One of the most vibrant nightclubs in Rome, Qube is all you need if you need to vent your dance love out. With a quirky industrial interior, the club has three floors and is quite a gigantic one. The playful light and quality sound system is what makes Qube more preferable than any other club in the city. If you want to enjoy the LGBTQ scene of the club, make sure to plan your visit on Friday when Qube hosts Muccassassina, exclusively for the LGBTQ crowd. 

Address: Via di Portonaccio, 212, 00159 Roma

Time Schedule: 8 PM – 5 AM (Monday to Sunday) 

4. Vinile 

Situated in a vibrant neighbourhood, Vinile is a new club in comparison to its old flashier siblings residing in the area. The interior of the club is lit and the kickass brewery and bar just crank this place up a notch. You’d be able to rock on the live music which ranges from Jazz to Orchestra, you can cram down on the literal local delicacies displayed in the buffets.

 Stepping into the club would make you feel like stepping into a gigantic, superb club of New York City, the huge floor to ceiling bar and the expensive tasted chandeliers dangling is worth every penny you spend. We recommend you to go a bit early if you want to get a nice space for yourself or your friends. 

Address: Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19, 00154 Roma

Time Schedule: 8 PM – 2 AM

5. Akab  

Akab is probably as famous in the city as Rome is in Europe. Having been one and the only hangout place for the locals for years, the club is trendy, hip and majorly entertains millennials from all around the world. Jazz and Live Rock music is usually what takes place in the club before 9 PM, the club starts getting coloured in the music of diverse taste as dusk hits up. 

Weekends are very packed and are usually crawling with people seeking a good time in the merry city, make sure to book the place in advance if you want to have a once in a lifetime nightlife experience in the club. 

Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 69, 00153 Roma

Time Schedule: 11:30 PM – 5 AM

6. Coming Out 

As the name suggests, Coming Out is filled with an LGBTQ crowd that entertains people at its best. Situated right next to the Colosseum, the place is always filled with hungry tourists and locals who hop in the club to grab a bite while exploring the famous historical site. 

The fun carnival and events are usually hosted in the club which cranks up the excitement of the people, making them come over. Weekends are usually very crowded with hip people, looking for a good time. 

Address: Via di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 8, 00184 Roma

Time Schedule: 7 AM – 5:30 AM

7. The Jerry Thomas Project 

Now that you’ve already enjoyed the wild nightlife of crazy clubs with hip music and a young crowd, we understand that some of you might want to spend your nights in a hazy, cosy speakeasy spending some quality time with your partner. Situated right in the heart of the city adjacent to Piazza Navona. 

The fun part is that you require a passport to get in, which can only be done with pre-booking. The delightful views of the bar staffs getting dressed in rustic-vintage 1920s and making unparalleled cocktails which can not be found anywhere on earth. 

Address- Vicolo Cellini, 30, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Time Schedule- 6 PM to 12 AM 

8. Ex Dogana

It’s hard to believe that Rome has only limited things to offer and Ex Dogana is one perfect example of it. As soon as we think we’ve seen and experienced enough, there it is. The former railway complex is turned into the hottest club of the city which is underrated but is a pure treasure if found. 

And as if the club wasn’t cool enough at night, it also allowed its visitors to explore the concerts, art, live band and food stalls featuring the mouth-watering local dishes. If you’re visiting Rome, make sure to keep this club on your list without any second thoughts. 

Address: Viale Dello Scalo S. Lorenzo, 10, 00185 Roma

Time Schedule: 12 PM – 5 AM

9. Drink Kong 

With a chic interior and rich ambience, Drink Kong is officially one of the most party-friendly places in the city. It would be inappropriate to call this place a bar as it is a perfect blend of everything, from food to mixology, drinks and music, a visitor has the liberty to experience it all in one place. The cocktail bar is a definite stop at the club while you can roam around and feast on the tacos, dumplings, scones and even steamed buns. 

The music hall hosts live concerts and a perfect atmosphere for people to sweat it off on the dance floor, the rustic arcade games of the 80s simply makes this place a temple for many of us out there. 

Address: Piazza di S. Martino Ai Monti, 8, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

Time Schedule: 3 PM- 6 PM on weekdays 

                       11 AM – 6 PM on weekends

10. The Court 

When it comes to Rome, the ending is always classic, so we’ll try to do the same with the list by putting this iconic place in the list of best clubs in Rome. Situated on the courtyard of a historically rich Palazzo, The Court is packed with professionals and only the best, be it from the mixologist or the ecstatic view that sits right in front of the chic furnishing. 

The place earned a crown of best Sommelier of Italy in the year 2016 and has a pastry chef, who makes the best pastry in Rome. We highly advise you to visit the place if you want to experience the luxurious side of the city. 

Address- Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Time Schedule- 11 AM to 6 PM 

So, fellas, that was our list of places to witness the lively nightlife of Rome without too much hassle. If you have been through the blog, you would’ve already selected the place that suits you the most. For hopping around the city, make sure to book private transportation with Ryder to switch on from one bar to the other in the blink of an eye at an unbeatable price. Airport transfers in Rome can be done either via public transfers or private transfers. However, if you want to escape the trouble of travelling in a crowded bus or train and comfortably reach your destination, book a cab.

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