The Ultimate First Timer’s Travel Guide To Frankfurt

Frankfurt is to Germany what Milan is to Italy. Squatting on River Main, Frankfurt is a significant German city which lures explorers all around the world due to its charm and magnificence. The supreme financial hub is seen to be the home of European Central Bank and therefore becomes a hub for both explorers as well as businessmen. Everything about the place is so breathtaking that we would be doing injustice if we say we can put the beauty of this city in a few words. 

Frankfurt has been so involved with providing a comfy lifestyle to its residents that it has even made in the list of ‘Top 10 places to Live in’. The culture and the tourism activity of the city has always been engaging, the Frankfurt’s Book Fair event is a renowned publishing event that makes people from all around the globe visit the city. 

From the dominating skylines of its glorious architecture to the historically rich museums that never fail to catch the interest of the keen observers. Germany bears some of the best cities with top-notch quality of life and Frankfurt is indubitably the highest of them all. This city is ideal for every sort of traveller, whether you are a party fanatic or want to dive into the cultural magnificence of the city, you’ll be surprised by the options that the city has for you. The city full of happenings require you to have your attention at its peak before you visit it. So if you’re visiting the economic and financial capital of the country decorated with rich sightseeing places and the culinary delight. German sausages have been taking a lot of space in our refrigerators and well, our hearts. Make sure to hog on Grüne Soße, Handkäs mit Musik and Frankfurter Rippchen.

Best Way To Reach Frankfurt

If you are not in Germany and planning to visit Frankfurt, the best way to reach here would be by taking a flight. Not only are the flights easy and convenient but they are also more economic. However, if you are in Berlin and looking to visit Frankfurt, you can opt for the intercity transfers from Berlin to Frankfurt or wherever you are to escape the hassle of taking public transportation and standing in a long queue. 

Frankfurt Airport transfers to the city centre can be done via a bus, train, S-Bahn, U-Bahn and private cabs. However, it is highly advisable to book a cab from Frankfurt airport to your accommodation if you want to beat the trouble of travelling in public transport with all the luggage. 

Best Time To Visit Frankfurt 

Be it the famous Christmas market of the city or the golden foliage, it is all worth every second that we waited to be a part of. Germany is widely known for its soul-soothing beer and lively festivals, Frankfurt is a bearer of both these things, therefore it is important to plan out on when to visit the city to witness the immense amount of fun that dangles in Frankfurt. Oktoberfest is one of the most visited festivals in Germany, hosted in Munich which lies in a close proximity to Frankfurt. 

April to September is the best time to visit the city when the mild temperature makes nature smile with beauty, the lush green gardens and the blue skies. December will bless its visitors with the most Merry atmosphere ever, the Christmas trees decorated with beautiful lights and whatnot. Plan your trip in advance and book a taxi in Frankfurt to squander around the city and explore its sights. 

Things To Do In Frankfurt 

The more we explore the magical city, the more it surprises us with something new. A city so huge is bound to host innumerable places that needs to be explored in the city, a lot of things that can be done to experience something out of the box, or German. Make sure to plan your itinerary as the city is going to spoil you with its scenic views and refined brewery. 

  • Some of the things that one simply shouldn’t miss out while in Frankfurt are mentioned below so make sure to go through them thoroughly and plan your dream trip with your loved ones. 
  • Climb the Main Tower to catch the most panoramic views of the entire city 
  • Take a guided walking tour through the entire city to learn about its rich history and hidden treasures 
  • Visit Frankfurter Romer, known to be the most renowned square and historical building of the city. 
  • Explore wunderbar artworks present at the Staedel Museum. 
  • Nature lovers simply can’t miss out on Palmengarten, the garden with rare flora and lush green garden to wander and relax in. 
  • Calling out all the film fanatics to reunite under the roof of German Film Museum 
  • Take a walk around the Main River if you want to surround yourself with serenity and spend some quality time alone. 
  • Kleinmarkthalle is a must visit if you want to taste the best food of the city and find a spot for hanging out with your friends. 
  • Put a love lock at Eiserner-Steg Bridge amidst hundreds and thousands of other locks. 
  • Get yourself clicked at the Eiserner-Steg Bridge, taking the entire background into the picture. 
  • Visit St Paul’s and St Bartholomew’s church to explore the fine baroque architecture and pray to the almighty. 
    -Stroll through Berger Street for amazing food and buying souvenirs.

Famous Eating Spots In Frankfurt 

Along with many other things that constantly make us fall in love, culinary delight is yet another thing that’ll make you extend your stay in the city. Some of the must try dishes in the city are mentioned below, Bon appetit! 

Visit the Old Sachsenhausen District for some refreshing and the most famous Apple Wine. Chug at least a jug or two before you get done. 

  • Taste the rare Frankfurter Sausage, Green Sausage is the most delicious one and is highly recommended to everyone who likes to keep it a bit spicy. 
  • For having a lavish dinner with your loved ones, a fancy meal with the finest wine of the city, visit Breeze By Lebua. 
  • Make your own riverside picnic by grabbing some readymade items from the Kleinmarkthalle. 
  • If you want to do a meal dedicated entirely to the German culture, enjoy a regional meal at the Ebbelwoi Unser
  • If you’re craving some Italian food, you can try some amazing pasta at Quattro
  • Visit the beer gardens in the city to taste as much free beer as you want. Take a tour and learn the history of beer making.

Most Visited Places In Frankfurt 

From innumerable museums to the vibrant city centre, Frankfurt offers a lot of places for sightseeing to its visitors. Exploring the enchanting places of the city is even more beautiful while walked, some of the most recommended places to see in Frankfurt are mentioned below.

1. Römerberg

Decorated with the picturesque Justice Fountain right in the centre of the square, Römerberg is situated right in the heart of the old town of Frankfurt. Not only does it offer a breath-taking view to dine in with your loved ones but the place is also home to the most popular Christmas market. The highlights of the place include an elegant Imperial Hall, a Römer and numerous historical museums. 

You can rent a cab to Römerberg from your desired accommodation with Rydeu and enjoy the door to door pickup and drop off feature. Explore the old town by foot to enjoy the many hidden gems that it boasts. 

2. Städel Museum

If you’re an art lover, this is the place for you. The museum has some of the best works from the artists of the 14th century and is known to be one of the most important museums in the history of art. Wandering around the museum will bless you with the awe-inspiring works of Rembrandt, Goya and Vermeer and some of the works of Picasso, Degas, Monet and Beckman. 

You might even be able to witness the contemporary art which was later included in the collection. Guided tours are available to tell you the hidden motive behind the painting and how it got inspired.

3. Museum District: Museumsufer

Sure you would’ve come across rare, beautiful and historical museums but have you ever heard about a town dedicated to museums? Frankfurt is full of surprises and this is just one significant example of it. Tucked in the northern and the southern banks of River Main is the district featuring 16 museums, Museum of World Culture is one of the most prestigious Museums in Europe. The Museum of Ancient Sculpture is yet another supreme museum in the district, considered as home to Greek, Asian, Egyptian and Roman sculptures from the renaissance and medieval period.

4. The Palm Garden 

Known to be the largest botanical garden in the country, the mere thought of visiting this garden pumps our happiness level. The tranquil boat ride, a gigantic playground for your little ones and the picnic spots makes this place an ideal place for to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 
Europaturm or The Tower of Europe is a 337 metre tall telecommunication tower is a must visit for a scenic dining experience. The zenith of the tower will surprise you with the magical view of the entire city.

How to Travel Around In Frankfurt 

Public Transfers in Frankfurt are well functioning and budget-friendly to commute from one part of the city to the other. However, there’s a lot of hassle in taking a bus, train or any mode of public transportation. Private transfers in Frankfurt are the best way to travel in comfort, ditching the waiting time and roaming around whenever you want to. 

Intercity Transfers from Frankfurt with Rydeu will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere while travelling from one city to the other, hiring a private cab will also give you the liberty to stop amidst the raw beauty of nature and fill your social media feed with aesthetic pictures. 

So travellers, now that you have an in-depth knowledge about everything related to Frankfurt, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore Frankfurt at its best. 

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