Must-Visit Historical Sites In Hamburg

Some treasures have been known to many, experienced by some and settled in the hearts of a few and we would be doing injustice to the creator if we don’t include Germany in the list. The alluring country is home to some of the most visited cities in Europe, known for the refreshing brewery, their renowned ports and whatnot. Although the country boasts many places that stand proudly in their way, yet, there’s something about Hamburg that has caught our attention. 

Known to be the second-largest city in the country, Hamburg is the second most famous city in the country after Berlin and the seventh-largest in the European Union. The speciality of the beautiful city is reflected in the form of international law and world economics which includes consular and diplomatic missions as the International Tribunal for the law of the Sea. UNESCO Institute for lifelong learning is included as well. Hamburg is known to be a dream city for history lovers, the Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel were declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city has a well-functioning Airport transfer service, from bus, trains and S-Bahn to the airport taxi to the city centre will make commuting way easier than it already is. 

The city boasts rivers and canals that are crossed by approximately 2500 bridges which is why Hamburg is known to be the city with the highest number of bridges in the entire city. Apart from the rich architectural beauty that the city is home to, it also attracts visitors from all around the world due to its notable cultural venues a perfect example of which is Elbphilharmonie. Home to the renowned band, The Beatles, the city gives its visitors numerous chances to witness the rocking concerts of the band. 
Best known for its famous harbour area, Hamburg has always been a major transportation hub due to entertaining a huge number of tourists every year. After surviving a lot of fires and war the slim curving Deichstrasse gives a peek of the glorious past of Hamburg. A city that has everything to offer will not fail you when it comes to offering the rich gastronomy which will satisfy your taste buds at its best. From the ancient seaman’s fair to the haute cuisine the foodies just can’t get enough of everything that the city has to offer. Dating back to the traditional times, Hamburg has always focused on pot cooking. It isn’t shocking to know that one can get a taste of every cuisine while in the city. Some of the must-try dishes are Franzbrötchen, Currywurst and Rote Grütze.

Historical Places To Visit In The City 

Over the ages, Hamburg has undergone Nazi, Prussian, French and Danish rules and survived through a lot of calamities and destruction. History is one thing that’s sealed in the walls of every building and dangles in the air. Some of the most historic places that one must not miss while visiting the magnificent cities are mentioned below.

1.City Hall 

The seat of government of Hamburg also referred to as Rathaus, is the place which unites all the parliamentarians under one roof. Ironic as it may seem, the place took quite a lot of time to be as iconic as it is considered today. Designed in a baroque style, this architecture is present in its best form. 

Dating back to 1897 when the building was finally ready with 647 gigantic rooms, the city hall can be visited by anyone who wants to dive into the history of the country and explore the exhibition house present inside the hall. If you’re done witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of this place, you can consider visiting Rathausmarkt which lies right in front of it. The market is lined with a series of shops, boasts a nice venue for market and hosts music concerts in the city.

2. Davidwache Police Station

Due to the wide coverage of this police station in many famous movies and series, this police station in Hamburg has become a well known station by the public and one of the most visited places by the visitors. 

The significant style of the architecture, the brick choice and many things attract the attention of the tourists and intrigue them. It is said that the station holds accommodation for almost 14,000 residents which is why it is known to be the smallest police precinct in Europe. In 2005, the building was awarded to be the Building of the year. 

3. Deichstrasse Historic Street

Surprisingly enough, the war and catastrophe caused in the ancient time managed to destroy everything but the timber-framed houses in this part of the city. Call it magic, call it Germany, the rustic building somehow still resides against all odds and gives a peek of the old times when the country was as glorious, even more than it is today. Hamburg port and the Deichstrasse are two different areas, as soon as you set your foot into the quaint town, everything magically changes. 

Small cafes and old shops with the rarest souvenirs line the pedestrian, making it an ideal spot for hanging out with your friends or for filling your bags with the country’s speciality. The plastered houses gave its visitors the liberty to enter from land as well as from water. Trust us, it feels as magical as it sounds.

4. Chilehaus

A building wearing the crown of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is bound to dazzle its visitors with its history and rich architecture. And we won’t hesitate to say that this is one of the most impressive buildings in Hamburg, a building which was moulded in the design of a Ship’s Bow. The pointy edge of the building dominating the skyline in the eastern direction catches the attention of the people walking by. 

The building was seen to be a centre of National maritime trade which currently houses a musical instrument store, a department store and a real estate firm. There’s a courtyard filled with numerous cafes, stores and restaurants to dine in one of the finest places and grab some souvenirs.

5. Speicherstadt

The world’s largest building of warehouses was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a must-visit during your trip to the scenic city. The construction of the places started somewhere around 1883 and the late 1920s, the complex spans across 260,000 square metres, making it a gigantic one in the city. The quaint brick architecture still gives strong competition to any modern architecture crafted with steel and glass. If you are missing out on this place while visiting Hamburg, you better have a good excuse for it. 

The history and culture are what forms the place, it is the foundation of the place which must be preserved at every cost. Hamburg is full of surprises and makes sure to witness it all while you enjoy squandering around the city. If you want to make this trip free from all the hassle, make sure to surf through Rydeu’s airport taxi service in the most budget-friendly manner. A laid back Airport transfer from Hamburg is just a click away with Rydeu. 

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