How To Travel From Frankfurt To The Nearby Cities

Whoever said heaven doesn’t reside on earth must not have visited Germany yet. Europe’s pride, Germany is home to some of the most alluring places ever and Frankfurt is indubitably one of those places. Squatting in the heart of the country, Frankfurt extracts it’s beauty and serenity from River Main. From art, culture, history, cuisine to adventure, music and everything that makes a place great, Frankfurt was crafted in such a way that it becomes incomparable to any other city. Home to the famous writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Frankfurt remains in the list of every wordsmith who is a fan of the writer to explore his works. Over the past few years, Frankfurt has managed to come into the spotlight and make name and fame in the market, the city is therefore referred to as the ‘Mainhattan’ and ‘Chicago of the Main’ 

Completely destroyed during WWII, the city was rebuilt from the scratch and is even better than before. Referred to as the Economic capital of the country, Frankfurt is one of the finest places to live in Germany due to its top-notch facilities and high-end societies. A place so beautiful is bound to have siblings as beautiful as the city itself is. 

Frankfurt sure does have a lot to offer to its visitors, the alluring heart of the city is packed with a number of places that you can squander around, the lively and girly-burly atmosphere during the evening adds wings on the beauty of the city. Taxis from the airport to the city centre will leave you right at your desired destination eradicating the long and tedious process of travelling in a public transportation. Although it would be injustice to compare one magnificent city to the other, however, the nearby cities from Frankfurt are as happening, filled with historical delight and cultural captivity that you can imagine. 

If you are planning to explore Germany at its best you can consider visiting the nearby cities of Frankfurt which are- Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Biden and many more places that might not be as flashy as these cities are but in terms of beauty, it gives a much more strong competition to their sibling cities. If you are looking to visit the nearby cities directly from Frankfurt Airport, you can explore numerous modes of transfers that will help you in commuting. Rydeu provides exemplary Airport taxi service at a budget-friendly cost to make exploring economic and trouble free.

Modes of Transportation for Nearby Cities From Frankfurt- 

Be it the capital of the country, Berlin, the most alluring city, Hamburg or the fashion capital featuring the flashy side of the country, visiting these cities is a must when you come to Frankfurt. There are various ways to travel from one city to the above mentioned cities, make sure to go through the entire blog to have a deep knowledge about the modes of transfers


Considered to be the best option for all those who are planning to keep it budget-friendly, busses are nothing but a paradise for all the solo travellers and backpackers looking to explore the magnificent country in the cheapest way possible. The cost of a single ticket depends on the place that the traveller is wanting to visit, to put a rough estimate, busses would range somewhere from 8 EUR to 15 EUR. 

Convenience- Usually public transfers are filled with connotation, especially during the peak season when the travellers from all around the world decide to attend a festival. Busses are usually not convenient if you are looking to travel in comfort. You’ll have to wait a lot to get into the bus, go through numerous stops from the source city to the destination city making the passenger too tired to utilise their rest of the day. People travelling in the busses usually end up throwing out due to the allergies which might not be an ideal atmosphere to travel in. 

2. Trains 

Trains are a better option than the busses as they completely remove the thought of traffic, running underground, trains are usually fast and punctual and take approximately half the time compared to a bus. Tickets for the trains would vary from city to city, you can grab a ticket for Berlin from Frankfurt in merely 8 EUR. Trains are usually very preferable for all those who want to go smooth on their pockets. However, trains have higher chances of inconvenience than a bus does, the seats are hard to grab, a passenger would have to understand the functioning of a train before taking it. 

A passenger would be required to stand in a long queue to buy a ticket from the vending machine and then follow the instructions to reach the train. You’ll have to be very attentive about every stop which will suck the comfort out of your trip. 

3. Flights 

Flights are the fastest way to reach one city from the other yet, the most hassled one. You’ll have to reach the airport from the city centre, check in and take the flight. Not only would it be splurging your wallet completely but it would also require an immense amount of energy to change the source and run through airports to airports. Airport transfers from Frankfurt can be done through various vehicles, yet taxi from airport to the city centre is the best way to travel. 

The cost of a flight would at least be 7 times of a bus or a train ticket, apart from the transfers from the city centre to the airport. If you have a good budget and you’re sure about spending that amount of money, you can pre book your ticket from the airport and reach the neighbouring cities in the fastest way possible.

4. Private Transfers 

Taxis and cars are the best way to carry out the intercity transfers from Frankfurt. A ride for every wallet, cabs and taxi transfer assures comfort to every traveller. You will also have the liberty to choose any vehicle of your desire, parked right in front of your door at your desired time. 

Booking a ride in advance will surprise you with discounts and coupon codes. Book an intercity transfer with Rydeu to avail exclusive discounts and rides at unbeatable prices. Our large pool of suppliers will give you numerous options to travel in your favourite vehicle. 

Frankfurt has a lot to offer, even travelling options to its explorers. Make sure to choose the ride which not only compliments your budget but is also comfortable and refreshing. Wear your wanderer boots on, the expedition is going to be a memorable one. 

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