How To Travel From Barcelona Airport To Lloret De Mar?

A gorgeous coastal town along the Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar is a popular destination for beach lovers. The incredible town is situated in Catalonia, offering exquisite views along its beaches. The architectural beauty of this area is admirable and attracts several tourists from all over the world. With numerous beaches and cultural sites, Lloret de Mar is a visual treat. Several buildings in the area hold immense importance. They have a captivating architecture with a great history to devour. Churches and castles in this region represent the presence of Gothic and modernist style architecture. The mingling of these beautiful styles presents an unforgettable architectural experience. 

The enthralling town of Lloret de Mar has numerous beaches of which some are immensely attractive. The Lloret beach, fenals beach, Cala Boadella, Santa Cristina, Treumal, etc. have serene surroundings. The peaceful places are a great retreat to those seeking a break from mundane schedules. Lloret de Mar has several museums in the town. Most of these engaging locations have exhibits displaying the seafaring and fishing history of the beautiful town. Several events happen throughout the year, one of them being hiking in the region. Festivals celebrating the history and beauty of this place are also high in number. 

The beautiful town of Lloret de Mar can be reached from Barcelona airport, also known as Joseph Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat airport. Operating since 1916, this airport is equipped with two terminals. The older one, terminal 2 is barely in use and attracts low-cost and regional carriers. Since the launch of the newer terminal 1, most airlines and aircraft prefer it. Terminal 1 has several services with a modernistic approach to it. Located 16 km away from Barcelona city centre, the airport is common to several other towns of Spain. One of them is Lloret de Mar. Connectivity is available directly from the airport to Lloret de Mar in the form of both public and private modes of transportation. 

The pretty Lloret de Mar can be reached from Barcelona airport through buses and trains in the public mode of transfer. In the private mode of transport, taxis and rental cars are available. Airport taxi services are frequently chosen for this journey due to reliability and safety during extreme situations. The taxi service from the airport to the city is beneficial especially in reducing the journey time. The modes of transfer, their prices and details are listed below. 


The Sarbus Sarfa connects Barcelona airport to Lloret de Mar car point. A 1 hour and 35 minutes journey is covered in a medium comfortable manner. The bus has luggage storage space and soft seats. These buses do not have night time schedules and run only in the day. Though space is provided to store the luggage, it would not be sufficient to safely store all of it. In situations where a great amount of luggage is present, this condition amplifies. After getting down at the Lloret de Mar car station, situated outside of the town, another transportation must be hired. The route is not a direct one. This trip costs an average of EUR 12.9. Factually, the journey time of this trip is higher on a roadway as compared to private ones. These buses are quite infrequent too making them less accessible.

Taxis and rental cars travel much faster while safely taking you to your destination directly. In unprecedented times such as these, airport taxi services are often reliable, to reduce the spread of the virus. In the future, if such a situation arises again, it is not possible to contain it, posing a major problem.


The other mode of public transportation connecting Barcelona airport to the beautiful Lloret de Mar is a train. There is no direct route connecting the airport to the incredible town. To reach the area, one would have to start from the Sants railway station situated in the main city of Barcelona. Reaching the main city can be done through buses or private taxis. Several vehicles and passenger trains need to be changed along the route. The journey too has numerous directions and is quite confusing. This mode of transport is very exhausting and better avoided. A total time of 2 hours and 15 minutes trip to the station of Lloret de Mar might not be something memorable.

Though the varying surroundings around are quite attractive, carrying a decent amount of luggage would be a major stress. Those associated less with navigating routes and enquiring about connecting trains can avoid this. Travelling by trains would cost around EUR 12. Choosing airport taxi services over trains will always be a better choice without any inconveniences. Taxi service from the airport to the city is a straight journey consuming lesser time too. 

Private transfers

The absence of night transfers in the public mode of transportation is a major inconvenience for visitors in the late-night flights. Private transfers in the form of taxis and rented cars are available throughout the day without any glitches in booking them. Several vehicles are usually lined up outside the airport. Though these can be chosen, it is better to book taxis well in advance. Planning your trip ahead of time gives an advantage with the availability and choice of vehicle. It also plays an important role if a sudden surge in prices occurs. Trips at ungodly hours too might cost more if selected on the spot along with the fear of safety. 

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Soaking in the sunlight at the serene beach and visiting historical monuments around Lloret de Mar is a blissful experience. Being acquainted with the transportation routes in the place is the first step to a great trip. Now that you are aware of the best modes of transfer in this gorgeous place, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set off to a great vacation in an exciting old town. Let yourself loose in the calming lap of nature.

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