How To Reach Madrid City Centre From Madrid International Airport

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most significant cities in Europe, the place of elegant boulevards and the nicely trimmed lush-green parks are one reason why tourists from all around the country are attracted to it, the other reasons still remain quite dominating and adrenaline kicking. Known to be a paradise for all the soccer lovers, Madrid is home to the most prestigious football clubs in the history, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid which is the major reason for attracting the huge crowd, sprawling throughout the city during the season of La Liga. 

A city which has everything in abundance, from the architectural beauty to the cultural dominance, adventure and historical delight, there’s nothing that you’ll miss while you’re in Madrid. Soccer lovers aren’t the only one to be thrilled by the thought of visiting the city, fashion lovers just can’t stop going gaga over the fact that Madrid has the most gigantic Zara in the world, with a wide variety of collection that can be found nowhere but here. 

Food Lovers are advised to be on a proper detox and restore their energy of eating before they visit the city as Madrid is seen to boast the oldest restaurant in the world. Sobrino de Botin, founded in 1725 holds the world record of being the first restaurant in Madrid, as confirmed by the Guinness World Book Record. If you’re a meat lover, go crazy as the impeccable taste of this place will make sure to attract you every day of your stay in the city. The culinary scene of the city is at its peak, whether you’re trying the famous, budget-friendly street food or dining in the top-botch lavish restaurant with a panoramic view sipping on the finest wine, everything will taste like heaven in your mouth. 

Surely you’ve heard about the drive-in cinema which apparently made us jealous with its concept to spend some amazing time with your friends, loved ones and watch the movies from our car seats but how would you feel about experiencing it while in the city. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Autocine Madrid Race is widely spread in 25000 square metre in the northern direction of the city and can host at least 350 cars which is why it is known to be the biggest drive-in Cinema in Europe. If you’re feeling hungry, you can order food in a tap at the door of your car. 

Best Time To Visit Madrid 

If you want to enjoy Madrid at its best, you might want to consider visiting the city during fall which is from September-November when the weather is pleasant and the soothing breeze blows throughout the city, spreading a sense of relief and festive atmosphere. However, be ready to go huge on your budget as the rates are usually high for everything during these months due to the high number of tourists visiting the city. If you want to save up on your wallet and explore a limitless Madrid, you can visit the city during the winters when hotels lower their rates at the minimum, allowing you to explore the place by going easy on your wallet. 

The best time to visit Madrid is during Summers despite the unbeatable heat that the city possesses, tourists from the corner of the world book their tickets to enjoy the Spanish culture and history. Although it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Madrid is seen to be hosting their visitors throughout the year due to La Liga. Soccer fanatics from every country unite under a roof to support their team and experience the joy of watching their favourite players live.

Ways To Commute From the Airport To the City Centre

A perfect amalgamation of all the things that makes a place ideal, Madrid is a living example of heaven on earth. The vibrant nightlife, the jaw-dropping sightseeing and much more awaits for you, as soon as you visit the city. Madrid International Airport or Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, situated at a distance of 9 km away from the city centre, there are numerous ways for Airport transfers to the heart of the city. 

If you want to have a cost-effective mode of transport, make sure to explore the busses referred to as “Exprés Aeropuerto” that run after every 3-15 minutes from the airport and drop the passengers at the city centre, Plaza de Cibeles. The passengers preparing their departure from T1, T2 and T4 can take a bus without any nuisance. The ticket cost from the airport to the city centre tumbles somewhere between 2-4 EUR along with the airport tax and takes approximately 30 minutes to drop you off amidst the happiness of the city. 

Metros are one of the most chosen, efficient and accessible modes of transport to arrive at your accommodation from the airport and are seen to be one of the largest metropolitan networks in the whole of Europe. Known for connecting one part of the city to the other, it is indubitably one of the cheapest yet comfortable ways to explore the city. There are approximately 300 metro stations and 12 lines that serve the busy city, one train leaves at the interval of 2 minutes. A single ticket can be taken for 4-5 EUR along with a small airport fee that is 3 EUR. Madrid taxi service has now become very common as well as the favourite mode of transfers for all those who want to travel in comfort. Rydeu provides an array of options from luxurious cars to budget-friendly ones, the customers can book them all. Explore Rydeu’s offers to get the best Madrid Airport taxi fare from your accommodation. 

So fellas, we hope you’ve made a mental note of all the places that you want to visit, all the food that you want to haggle on, the adventure activities and what not. Book your ticket and take a dreamy trip without any delay. Explore the most beautiful cities of Spain without going too rough on your wallet, book a ride with Rydeu today. 

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