10 Most Adventurous Things To Do In Palma De Mallorca

Dominated by a rugged and tall mountain range, decorated with honey-coloured pebbles and almost ten times larger than the party paradise of Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca is the most adrenaline kicking city of Spain. 

Many tourists directly rush towards the sea to witness the amazing beach life and party like a beast but the city has a lot to offer both on the coast as well as inland that will awake the adventure lover inside you and make you do all the once in a lifetime thing that you would get nowhere like Palma. 

Travelling alone or travelling with a friend, Palma de Mallorca never fails to secure a special place in the heart of its explorers there’s so much to do, even better if you are travelling with your loved ones to create memories that you’ll cherish forever. So here are the top adventure filled activities that no adventure lover would like to miss. 

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride In Mallorca

Blessed with the ecstatic views of the crimson and yellow blend of a perfect sky, the background, an exhilarating 2 hours balloon ride in the northeastern part of Palma de Mallorca is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. 

You can easily get a booking for a hot air balloon ride, which usually ascends from Cala Milor. As soon as you start beating gravity and reaching towards the sky, the world will appear smaller and smaller with every inch you fly. The beautiful beaches, lush greenery and the monuments all together gives a picturesque view while the scenic background is something to admire. 

Celebrate your victory and the flying experience with a glass of champagne once you touch the ground. It is highly advisable to book for a hot air balloon ride during sunrise or sunset when the views are beautiful. 

2. Take a jump from the cliffs of Mallorca 

It takes the heart of a stone to do this adrenaline kicking activity, you will be able to feel your heart pounding out and the rush of happiness in your body when you’re standing at the edge, ready to shimmy along the rocky cliffs of Mallorca

As soon as you jump into the crystal clear lagoon, you’ve finally felt the experience of victory. Situated in a close proximity from the city, in Serra de Tramuntana mountains which is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, the amazing activity is waiting for you. 

3. Kayaking and Snorkelling tour in Palma 

If you’re done exploring the hurly-burly environment of Palma de Mallorca and want to check some of the things in your ‘adventurous things to do list’ this is the time. With new water sports in a scenic surrounding, cool wind blowing by, the visitors can hop right into a kayak and paddle along with the turquoise water of Mallorca. 

On your way, you will find numerous coves as you glide along the beaches. You can take some time off and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding. Snorkelling in the Bay of Palma is something that no true adventure lover can afford to miss, especially when you are travelling in a group. 

Make sure to check the safety measure, do not allow your little ones to be a part of this activity, take a life vest and guided information before heading for this yet reliving thrilling adventure. 

4. Walk Into The Goofy Caves of Genoa 

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you might feel a lot like the time when Harry fought with the gigantic snake and killed him in the goofy cave as soon as you step into this place. The beautiful natural cave of Genoa ascends to 100 feet, bringing you closest to the land of the city. 

Take a guided tour and learn about how the caves were naturally sculpted along with time and notice the rare domes, beautiful water pools inside the cave and tunnels to pass through. Watch your steps while walking as the floor is not so platform. 

5. Explore the hidden beaches, walk through private mountains 

If you’re a fan of going on a tranquil adventure, you’re gonna love this one. Start your day by walking through the rustic village of Palma along the rugged Mediterranean mountains of the city. The panoramic views of the island surrounded by lush greenery is something to die for. 

After walking for a few miles, you’ll be surprised with a crystal clear stream, you can even taste the sweet and pure water flowing by. Trek along the mountains or climb them if you are in the mood for fun, make sure to click a lot of aesthetic pictures to take your social media by storm. 

And now that you’re done walking past a quaint, laid back village, climbing on the mountain, you can finally take out your tiredness at the hidden beach and enjoy the sunbath lying at the sandy beach with a limited crowd.

6. Bike through Parc de la Mar and Palma Cathedral 

If you want to explore the entire city without wasting too much time, biking through the city to dive into the deep culture is a must for everyone. On your way to explore two of the most significant spots of Parc de la Mar and Palma Cathedral, you’ll be crossing quaint laid back streets with beautiful quirky coloured houses and lush greenery. 

Make sure to stop by the Basilica of St Francesco and explore the fine beautiful architecture all crafted in baroque style, the magnificent interior is decorated with rare artefacts of ancient times while the exterior makes a perfect spot to get yourself clicked. If you’re a fan of Tapas, you can hog on the mouth-drooling appetiser and sip on your favourite drink in a local bar filled with travellers and natives. 

7. Hop on Barca Samba: Boat Experience in Palma 

And nothing beats a lavish fun filled boat ride while we’re in the king of the coast cities in Europe, if you are visiting Palma de Mallorca and missing out on the boat ride experience in Barca Samba, you better have a good excuse for it. 

The boat has its own music with live DJs to show you what real fun in the boat means. The bar will quench your alcohol thirst and the buffet will give you the fine taste of the local cuisine while the music will throw you into a different world. Make sure to keep your social game on as you’ll meet a lot of people in the boat, enjoying and having a good time. 

8. Explore Mallorca In A Day: Train and Boat Ride

Explore the beauty of the city in a glimpse by this perfect combination of boat and vintage train that passes through Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Explore the stirring landscape of western part of the city in just a day. 

The rustic wooden train has a wide window to take a huge peek of the sightseeing places while passing through them. Enjoy the coastline views from the boat passing through La Calobra. The gigantic mountains, beautiful skies and the pretty views await to be discovered, so if you’re in the mood for something lighthearted and fun, go ahead and explore Palorma like never before. 

9. Experience Coasteering Adventure in Mallorca 

Whether you’re in the mood for trailing or want to enjoy hiking on the huge mountains of the Porto Cristo area, you’ll be delighted to know that this is the perfect spot if you’re a water sports enthusiast or an adrenaline junky. 

Jump from the cliff directly into the crystal clear water and swim along for a while or go abseiling to kick post your excitement. A half an hour in this area will make sure to fulfil all your water based fantasies and check them off of your list. Make sure not to take your kids if they are below 12 years of age.

10. Take a Buggy Tour In Mallorca 

And as soon as you think you’ve discovered it all in Palma de Mallorca, it surprises you with something different. Buggy Tour is a perfect example of it, leading to some of the most picturesque destinations of the city. 

The open windshield Buggy lets you soak the beauty of the entire area while riding through the roads of the city. 

If you didn’t know a lot about what Palma de Mallorca has to offer, well, now you do. So pick up the activity that you like and pack your bags for an adventurous trip ahead right away. 

Frequently Asked- 

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How To Roam Around In Palma? 

If you are looking to roam around without going too rough on your budget, you can consider taking a public transport, however, the busses and trains will not drop you off right at the market. If you are planning to shop for all your loved ones, try to avoid getting in a bus as it is usually very crowded, all the luggage will make your journey troublesome. Travelling around the city for shopping can be done in a tap with simple taxi hire which will save you from the trouble of changing vehicles everytime you stop at a store. Hiring a taxi will give you the liberty to decide your own route and enjoy riding from one market to the other. Sightseeing transfers will allow you to hop onto the next historical sight from the other without going too rough on your wallet. Book a ride today to have a trip worth reminiscing till eternity. 

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A gorgeous coastal town along the Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar is a popular destination for beach lovers. The incredible town is situated in Catalonia, offering exquisite views along its beaches. The architectural beauty of this area is admirable and attracts several tourists from all over the world. With numerous beaches and cultural sites, Lloret de Mar is a visual treat. Several buildings in the area hold immense importance. They have a captivating architecture with a great history to devour. Churches and castles in this region represent the presence of Gothic and modernist style architecture. The mingling of these beautiful styles presents an unforgettable architectural experience. 

The enthralling town of Lloret de Mar has numerous beaches of which some are immensely attractive. The Lloret beach, fenals beach, Cala Boadella, Santa Cristina, Treumal, etc. have serene surroundings. The peaceful places are a great retreat to those seeking a break from mundane schedules. Lloret de Mar has several museums in the town. Most of these engaging locations have exhibits displaying the seafaring and fishing history of the beautiful town. Several events happen throughout the year, one of them being hiking in the region. Festivals celebrating the history and beauty of this place are also high in number. 

The beautiful town of Lloret de Mar can be reached from Barcelona airport, also known as Joseph Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat airport. Operating since 1916, this airport is equipped with two terminals. The older one, terminal 2 is barely in use and attracts low-cost and regional carriers. Since the launch of the newer terminal 1, most airlines and aircraft prefer it. Terminal 1 has several services with a modernistic approach to it. Located 16 km away from Barcelona city centre, the airport is common to several other towns of Spain. One of them is Lloret de Mar. Connectivity is available directly from the airport to Lloret de Mar in the form of both public and private modes of transportation. 

The pretty Lloret de Mar can be reached from Barcelona airport through buses and trains in the public mode of transfer. In the private mode of transport, taxis and rental cars are available. Airport taxi services are frequently chosen for this journey due to reliability and safety during extreme situations. The taxi service from the airport to the city is beneficial especially in reducing the journey time. The modes of transfer, their prices and details are listed below. 


The Sarbus Sarfa connects Barcelona airport to Lloret de Mar car point. A 1 hour and 35 minutes journey is covered in a medium comfortable manner. The bus has luggage storage space and soft seats. These buses do not have night time schedules and run only in the day. Though space is provided to store the luggage, it would not be sufficient to safely store all of it. In situations where a great amount of luggage is present, this condition amplifies. After getting down at the Lloret de Mar car station, situated outside of the town, another transportation must be hired. The route is not a direct one. This trip costs an average of EUR 12.9. Factually, the journey time of this trip is higher on a roadway as compared to private ones. These buses are quite infrequent too making them less accessible.

Taxis and rental cars travel much faster while safely taking you to your destination directly. In unprecedented times such as these, airport taxi services are often reliable, to reduce the spread of the virus. In the future, if such a situation arises again, it is not possible to contain it, posing a major problem.


The other mode of public transportation connecting Barcelona airport to the beautiful Lloret de Mar is a train. There is no direct route connecting the airport to the incredible town. To reach the area, one would have to start from the Sants railway station situated in the main city of Barcelona. Reaching the main city can be done through buses or private taxis. Several vehicles and passenger trains need to be changed along the route. The journey too has numerous directions and is quite confusing. This mode of transport is very exhausting and better avoided. A total time of 2 hours and 15 minutes trip to the station of Lloret de Mar might not be something memorable.

Though the varying surroundings around are quite attractive, carrying a decent amount of luggage would be a major stress. Those associated less with navigating routes and enquiring about connecting trains can avoid this. Travelling by trains would cost around EUR 12. Choosing airport taxi services over trains will always be a better choice without any inconveniences. Taxi service from the airport to the city is a straight journey consuming lesser time too. 

Private transfers

The absence of night transfers in the public mode of transportation is a major inconvenience for visitors in the late-night flights. Private transfers in the form of taxis and rented cars are available throughout the day without any glitches in booking them. Several vehicles are usually lined up outside the airport. Though these can be chosen, it is better to book taxis well in advance. Planning your trip ahead of time gives an advantage with the availability and choice of vehicle. It also plays an important role if a sudden surge in prices occurs. Trips at ungodly hours too might cost more if selected on the spot along with the fear of safety. 

Rydeu offers several airport taxi services that run at your convenience. Our plans are specifically designed to suit the needs of everyone. At the time of booking, the distance being covered and the price are displayed. The costs of our vehicles do not hurt your wallets and suit every need irrespective of what it is. We also have private car rental services which are priced based on the vehicle chosen. Your comfort and relaxation are never compromised. Rydeu also gives several exclusive offers to our customers. Check out our website for some of the best discounts available. Joining us would make your trip to the incredible beach town of Lloret de Mar an unforgettable experience. With us, it shall always be a great journey to an engaging and beautiful place.

Soaking in the sunlight at the serene beach and visiting historical monuments around Lloret de Mar is a blissful experience. Being acquainted with the transportation routes in the place is the first step to a great trip. Now that you are aware of the best modes of transfer in this gorgeous place, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set off to a great vacation in an exciting old town. Let yourself loose in the calming lap of nature.

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How To Reach Madrid City Centre From Madrid International Airport

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most significant cities in Europe, the place of elegant boulevards and the nicely trimmed lush-green parks are one reason why tourists from all around the country are attracted to it, the other reasons still remain quite dominating and adrenaline kicking. Known to be a paradise for all the soccer lovers, Madrid is home to the most prestigious football clubs in the history, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid which is the major reason for attracting the huge crowd, sprawling throughout the city during the season of La Liga. 

A city which has everything in abundance, from the architectural beauty to the cultural dominance, adventure and historical delight, there’s nothing that you’ll miss while you’re in Madrid. Soccer lovers aren’t the only one to be thrilled by the thought of visiting the city, fashion lovers just can’t stop going gaga over the fact that Madrid has the most gigantic Zara in the world, with a wide variety of collection that can be found nowhere but here. 

Food Lovers are advised to be on a proper detox and restore their energy of eating before they visit the city as Madrid is seen to boast the oldest restaurant in the world. Sobrino de Botin, founded in 1725 holds the world record of being the first restaurant in Madrid, as confirmed by the Guinness World Book Record. If you’re a meat lover, go crazy as the impeccable taste of this place will make sure to attract you every day of your stay in the city. The culinary scene of the city is at its peak, whether you’re trying the famous, budget-friendly street food or dining in the top-botch lavish restaurant with a panoramic view sipping on the finest wine, everything will taste like heaven in your mouth. 

Surely you’ve heard about the drive-in cinema which apparently made us jealous with its concept to spend some amazing time with your friends, loved ones and watch the movies from our car seats but how would you feel about experiencing it while in the city. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Autocine Madrid Race is widely spread in 25000 square metre in the northern direction of the city and can host at least 350 cars which is why it is known to be the biggest drive-in Cinema in Europe. If you’re feeling hungry, you can order food in a tap at the door of your car. 

Best Time To Visit Madrid 

If you want to enjoy Madrid at its best, you might want to consider visiting the city during fall which is from September-November when the weather is pleasant and the soothing breeze blows throughout the city, spreading a sense of relief and festive atmosphere. However, be ready to go huge on your budget as the rates are usually high for everything during these months due to the high number of tourists visiting the city. If you want to save up on your wallet and explore a limitless Madrid, you can visit the city during the winters when hotels lower their rates at the minimum, allowing you to explore the place by going easy on your wallet. 

The best time to visit Madrid is during Summers despite the unbeatable heat that the city possesses, tourists from the corner of the world book their tickets to enjoy the Spanish culture and history. Although it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Madrid is seen to be hosting their visitors throughout the year due to La Liga. Soccer fanatics from every country unite under a roof to support their team and experience the joy of watching their favourite players live.

Ways To Commute From the Airport To the City Centre

A perfect amalgamation of all the things that makes a place ideal, Madrid is a living example of heaven on earth. The vibrant nightlife, the jaw-dropping sightseeing and much more awaits for you, as soon as you visit the city. Madrid International Airport or Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, situated at a distance of 9 km away from the city centre, there are numerous ways for Airport transfers to the heart of the city. 

If you want to have a cost-effective mode of transport, make sure to explore the busses referred to as “Exprés Aeropuerto” that run after every 3-15 minutes from the airport and drop the passengers at the city centre, Plaza de Cibeles. The passengers preparing their departure from T1, T2 and T4 can take a bus without any nuisance. The ticket cost from the airport to the city centre tumbles somewhere between 2-4 EUR along with the airport tax and takes approximately 30 minutes to drop you off amidst the happiness of the city. 

Metros are one of the most chosen, efficient and accessible modes of transport to arrive at your accommodation from the airport and are seen to be one of the largest metropolitan networks in the whole of Europe. Known for connecting one part of the city to the other, it is indubitably one of the cheapest yet comfortable ways to explore the city. There are approximately 300 metro stations and 12 lines that serve the busy city, one train leaves at the interval of 2 minutes. A single ticket can be taken for 4-5 EUR along with a small airport fee that is 3 EUR. Madrid taxi service has now become very common as well as the favourite mode of transfers for all those who want to travel in comfort. Rydeu provides an array of options from luxurious cars to budget-friendly ones, the customers can book them all. Explore Rydeu’s offers to get the best Madrid Airport taxi fare from your accommodation. 

So fellas, we hope you’ve made a mental note of all the places that you want to visit, all the food that you want to haggle on, the adventure activities and what not. Book your ticket and take a dreamy trip without any delay. Explore the most beautiful cities of Spain without going too rough on your wallet, book a ride with Rydeu today. 

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First Timer’s Travel Guide To Berlin- Economic and Convenient Travel

The capital of Germany is worth the hype that it gets from its visitors. The perfect amalgamation of Glamour and glitz with culture and architecture makes it an ideal place for travellers of all age groups. No matter how much you explore the city, it will always manage to surprise you with something astonishing. Cultural pride resides in every corner of Berlin, known for its renowned Philharmonic Orchestra and Berlin Opera, music lovers would not get enough of the city. 

The art scene of Berlin is simply breathtaking, the Museum Island which is crowned with the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO hosts hundreds of galleries, museums with rare paintings and events to entertain the crowd in the most intellectual manner possible. Survived through War, destruction and decay of the Berlin Wall, the city is gloriously standing better than ever, celebrating the efforts of all those who helped in making Berlin what it is, today. 

From Bowie to Einstein, Marx to Hitler, the city has been a home to history makers who are still bringing the name of their country and city into the spotlight all around the world. The rich textured history of the city can be found dangling in every corner of the city. The party scene of the city is lit and incomparable, a city that never sleeps, people in Berlin are always and all in for a good time. The nightlife is for anyone and everyone who decides to lose themselves free and just blend in with the crowd, you can witness the shady basement clubs partying like an animal to classy techno club serving the most expensive wine and beers.

Best Time To Visit Berlin

Summer time is seen to be the best time to explore the city which is from May till September. The weather is favourable during these months which allows you to go sightseeing, sit in a cafe and enjoy the lush greenery of the park at any time. Leisure strolling through the city and exploring it by foot takes the trip to a whole lot new level. However, visiting the city during this time will tend to be a bit heavy on your budget as it is considered to be the peak season, filled with travellers from every corner of the world. 
While visiting the peak season, you would be able to be a part of some of the most amazing festivals of the city such as International Berlin Beer Festival, Berlin Fashion Week, Carnival of Culture, Lesbian and Gay city festival. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to avail the discounts and grab the best deal possible.

Berlin Airport Transfers 

Berlin is a city of dreams and you’ll feel that way as soon as you step outside the airport. The huge city provide an array of airport transfer service to reach the heart of the city from the airport, public transportation such as Busses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn and trains can be taken from the exit to be dropped off at the city centre, it takes almost 24 minutes to commute and a single ticket can be bought for a very genuine price. However, the best way to reach directly to your accommodation is to take an airport taxi service, ditching the discomfort caused in public transportation. 

Things To Do In Berlin 

A city with a background so intriguing is bound to display some of the best places Europe has. There are so many things to do in Berlin that you’ll have to sort your itinerary out in order to cover them all, here are some of the best things to do according to Rydeu

  • Visit East Side Gallery to explore the street art of the city. 
  • Sit peacefully on the area surrounding The Bathing Lake. 
  • Spend a picnic day with your loved ones in the lush greenery of Tiergarten 
  • Witness the horror and devastation experiences by the Germans by visiting the Holocaust Museum 
  • Chug some fine beer at Biergarten, the finest brewery in the country. 
  • Get a chance to watch some celebrities and visit one of the largest film festivals of the world Berlinale. 
  • Get a chance to explore Berlin from the water by grabbing a ticket on the cruise. 
  • Grab some souvenirs for your loved ones from the largest Sunday flea market of Berlin- Berlinale
  • Explore mouth-drooling food by strolling through the city and tasting Kebabs, frozen pizzas to fill your tummy without going too hard on your budget. 
  • Awake the party animal inside you by visiting Berghain, full of party fanatics, the place will make you lose track of time and dive in the ocean of fun. 
  • Go on a shopping spree at Markthalle IX. The market is stuffed with local and imported stuff, make sure to haggle a lot.

Places To Visit In Berlin  

1.The Brandenburg Gate

This 26 metre tall sandstone monument was commissioned in 1788 by King Fredrick Wilhelm II is one of the most prestigious monuments in the city. Initially built with a motive of dividing two nations, the monument is now a symbol of peace and harmony. 

The historical architecture drops every glimpse of the fine crafting and the dedication put into building the monument. Visiting the place at night is nothing less than a treat when the shimmering light takes over the dark, scattering the beauty all over the place. The entry to this sightseeing is absolutely free and a must visit while in Berlin.

2. Museum Island

Surely you would’ve come across intriguing museums with rich history but have you ever heard about an entire island filled with museums displaying diverse art and culture? If not, we have a treat for you. Declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this island has a lot of museums, from the old ones to the contemporary ones, you’ll be able to witness them all. 

The New Museum was completely destroyed to the ground during the WWII which was later rebuilt in 2009 and displayed the antiques of Egyptian, Papyrus and the classical antique collection. The Old National Gallery features neoclassical sculptures and antiques from the ancient times.

3. The Rebuilt Reichstag

One of the most famous domes not only in Germany but in the entire Europe, The Rebuilt Reichstag which was built in 1894 but was torn down to destruction in 1933. In the year 1999 when the building was renovated, it became the house of the parliament. 

The architecture is well crafted and the highlights of this place include the Kuppel, designed from glass which gives a panoramic view of the city to its visitors from a building. The place becomes more beautiful during the night from the rooftop restaurant which provides an ecstatic atmosphere to dine in and enjoy the scenic views of the city. Make sure to get a ticket in advance as the sight is in high demand which makes it almost impossible during the peak season to grab a ticket instantly.

4. Gendarmenmarkt

The largest square of the capital city, Berlin encompasses some of the most significant historical buildings in the city such as the French Cathedral, the German Cathedral and Konzerthaus. Founded in 17th century, currently, this market is one of the most visited spots in the city by the locals as well as the tourists. You can also witness numerous events and markets such as the famous Christmas market during the season. 

Make sure to keep this square in your itinerary if you want to have a glimpse of the best that the city has to offer. Especially during the evening when tourists crawl all over the square to explore, merriment is spread widely. Television Tower, World Time Clock and many more iconic landmarks can be explored from foot while visiting the market.

5. Berlin Wall Memorial

Dating back to 1961 when the wall was built to prevent eastern part of Germany’s residents to go to the western part of the country until in 1989 it was completely torn down. Spread evenly in 155 kms, the 4 metre high wall dissected at least 55 walls.

Currently, the remainder of the wall is covered with graffiti featuring the work of local artists to take a glimpse into the chilling history which led to the division of Europe. Visiting this place is a must if you want to fill your feed with intriguing pictures. Sightseeing Transfers in Berlin can be done via a bus, a bike or a taxi. Rydeu provides amazing offers and a laid back ride to all its passengers, be it airport taxi service or sightseeing private transfer service, we offer it all.

Where To Eat In Berlin? 

Berlin’s gastronomy is teeming with a smorgasbord of diverse cultural influences and flavors that gives the leverage of a fantastic culinary experience to the locals as well as the tourists. From schetzels and pretzels to sumptuous donuts, apart from innumerable things that seem impressive about the city, culinary delight tops them all. Some of the places that a visitor simply shouldn’t miss are-

1.Curry West 

Can you imagine how famous a place could be if it has a museum dedicated entirely for its dish? Sounds crazy, right? Well, as shocking as it may seem, Berlin has now taken over its flashier siblings in terms of food and Curry West takes all the credits. If you want to taste the hottest curry dogs, this is your place.

2. Mustafa’s Gemupe Kebabs

Döner Kebab was initially opened by a Turkish immigrant, Kadir Nurman which took over all the other dishes by storm. The fluffy bread stuffed with the fresh spicy meat makes it one of the best places to dine in. During the peak season you’ll have to wait but trust us, the taste is completely worth the wait.

3. Curry 36 

Bockwurst is the go to snack of Berlin and we can’t explain it in words about what you’re missing out on if you’re not tasting it. You can get a bockwurst if your desired meat is pork, lamb, chicken and now you can even get one from the fish meat. Enjoy your snack with a bottle of beer.

4. Bäckerei and Siebert

And what’s anything without dessert, right? The donuts are jelly filled and can be found in various varieties to enjoy. You can even pack some for your loved ones, the bread is fresh and won’t go stale for a long time.

The blog covered every crucial thing that must be known to any traveller while visiting the magnificent capital for the first time. You can consider booking taxis from airport to city in advance with Rydeu if you want to make the trip a laid-back one, free from all the hassle. We provide the best Airport transfer in Berlin, so come on-board at the fun station and make your trip a memorable one.

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How To Reach Barcelona City Centre From Barcelona Airport?

What pops up in your mind as soon as you hear about Barcelona? The greatest football club in the history or the history and heritage that attracts all the tourists from all around the world? A gigantic city on the coast of the northern part of Spain is known to be the capital of Catalonia region and second most populated city of Spain after Madrid. The city is situated on the coast sandwiched between two of the most serene rivers of all time, Llobregat and Besòs and wrapped in the arms of Serra de Collserola mountain range to the west. 

Known as the cultural capital of the country, Barcelona is known all around the world for its famous architectural world of Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech I Montaner which has helped the city in wearing the crown of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The University of Barcelona is situated in the city which is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. 

The enchanting seaside city is a spot for all the party fanatics to keep the scene on regardless of the timing. The 24-hour vibrant atmosphere makes it an ideal place to party and dance your heart out. The sunset drinks with a panoramic view and relaxing on the beach, enjoying the local chiringuito. Brassy jazz emerging from the basement of a bar to the energising concerts which makes sure to keep your hands in the air, the more you think you’ve explored the nightlife of the city, the more it will surprise you with endless fun possibilities. 

Delicious Tapas, modern museums and sandy beaches are not the only things which make a visitor want to explore Barcelona. If you’re a soccer fan, you already know the hype of Barcelona and how worthy it is for every inch of hype that it receives. FC Barcelona is one of the top football teams in the entire world which draws crowds from every corner of the world during La Liga. Madrid and Barcelona have given strong competition to each other when it comes to soccer, especially when two of the greatest players in the history of football,  Ronaldo and Messi competed against each other, the booking was taken by storm making it the most crowded city of Spain. 

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport is the main airport of the city, situated at a distance of 12km from the city centre, airport transfers from Barcelona can be done in numerous ways. Busses, trains are the major public transportation modes for reaching the city centre Taxis from the airport to the city and can be found right outside the exit gate. 

Transportation From The Airport To City Centre- 

Now that you have finally landed into the city of fun, serenity painted with rich culture and history that has survived and will make it to the future, you can explore the beauty and magnificence in a snap of your finger. 


Aero busses are convenient for all those who want to catch a vehicle without waiting much. Linking the airport right to the city centre, you can easily find an aero bus in the interval of every 5-10 minutes. Gates of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 will lead you to this mode of transportation which will drop you off amidst the chaos of the heart of the city. You can buy a single ticket for 5 EUR either from a vending machine or online. Make sure to keep the change in hand as the busses are usually very crowded, especially during the peak season. 

The only drawback from travelling on a bus is that you’ll have to waste too much time as it makes innumerable stops throughout the journey. There’s only limited luggage space so if you’re travelling with a lot of luggage, you might want to consider taking some other mode for travelling. Airport Transfer service by a bus is rather cheap and preferred for solo travellers and backpackers. 

Time Taken- 40 Minutes 

Cost of The Ticket- 5 EUR


Metros are a great mode of Airport transfers as they take less time in comparison to buses and are smooth on your budget. The direct linking of the airport to the metropolitan area of the city makes it very convenient for travellers to commute without any trouble of changing vehicles. However, the only loophole that metro has is that it doesn’t function after midnight so if you’re taking a late flight, you won’t be able to enjoy its perks. Line L9 can be found from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which drops the passengers directly in the city centre, the metros function at an interval of every 10 minutes. 

There are approximately 8 lines, however, metros get usually very crowded during the peak season and require a lot of punctuality and attention while travelling. 

Time Taken- 30 Minutes

 Cost- 4.5 EUR.


If you are planning to go to Estacio Sants station, El Clot station or Passeig de Gràcia station, taking a local train would be the best option. You’ll have to take seven minutes to walk from the airport to the train station, the trains function at an interval of 30 minutes so make sure to check the train schedule. You can take an aero bus from Terminal 1 to reach the station if you do not wish to walk. 

You can buy a single ticket for 4.60 EUR, if you are looking for a more economical alternative method, you can buy a T-Casual ticket which offers up to 10 rides at a cost-effective price. 

Time Taken- 35 Minutes 

Cost- 4 EUR


Barcelona Airport Taxi Price will vary as per the desired vehicle of the passenger, a comfy ride will be smooth on your pocket while a luxurious Barcelona Airport Transfer will surely bless your ride with the lavish looks and feels.

Private Transfers from Barcelona Airport is one of the widely preferred modes of transportation to escape the hassle of changing transportation to reach on to the sightseeing. Rydeu provides an exemplary Airport taxi service to save you from the hassle and trouble of travelling in public transportation. Explore Rydeu’s transfer options to avail unparalleled discounts and choose your ideal ride

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7 Must-Visit Places From Copenhagen For An Exemplary Getaway

copenhagen tour guide

We’re sure if you’re a fan of ‘The Bridge’ you already want to put your knitted sweater on and book a ticket for a paradise for travellers, none other than Copenhagen. Squatting on the coastal island of Zealand and Amager, Copenhagen is the capital and the most populated city of Denmark. The beginning of the 17th century, the city decided to completely refurbish itself by becoming home to numerous institutions, cultural and historical importance reached to the zenith with the birth of numerous significant sightseeing places in the city. 

Known to be the happiest city in the world, you will literally feel the happiness dangling in the air while visiting the city. The city of dreams will make all the fairy tales come true, the city of numerous canals was once considered to be a home to the renowned writer, Hans C Andersen. The food that Copenhagen serves can not be compared to any other place, the Nordic cuisine has started rising in numerous high end restaurants. You will find the hot dog stands in any corner of the city, the aroma of middle eastern delicacy will be experienced by every traveller that steps in the magical city. Some of the most common dishes to find in the city are Rød pølse, Smørrebrød, Durum shawarma and our all time favourite, Falafel. 

Best Time To Visit Copenhagen 

While the summer season will mark the arrival of the largest number of tourists from all around the world, it will also prove to be very rough on your budget especially if you are planning to visit the city without going too heavy on your pocket. Spring season will be the best option if you want to enjoy the trip in a cost effective manner. The best time to visit the city is from March to May or from the months of June to August. The streets will burst with the quirky colours of the small cafes tucked in the corner. The festivities will spread the mirth of the surrounding to the travellers. 

The alluring city of Copenhagen is linked to some of the most amazing places that you will ever visit. So fellas make sure to grab a pen and a paper to make a list of all the places that will burst your comment section with infinite queries. Some of the best places situated in a close proximity to the vibrant city of Copenhagen are mentioned below. 

1. Hamburg

Hamburg is considered to be the second most significant city of the country After its famous sibling, Berlin. Situated at the edge of the long funnel shaped estuary of River Elbe, the city is commonly known as a harbour area, the port of Hamburg. Now seen to be one of the most significant transportation hubs, the city has regained a lot of popularity in cultural, commercial as well as tourist regions. 

After surviving the severe fire, wars, the narrow Deichstrasse gives a glimpse into the past. The city mainly encompasses the massive canals, brick warehouses. While in Hamburg, you simply cannot miss to dine in the cosy cafe tucked at the corner of the street serving mouth watering food. Highlights of the city include Port of Hamburg & Speicherstadt, Miniatur Wunderland and Elbphilharmonie. 

2. Malmo 

Known to be a multicultural portal to the continent, Malmo is the third largest city of Sweden. A city so beautiful is bound to be linked to places that draw your breath away, a short ride from the city will leave you at the Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark. The city is overall so wholesome that you might not miss out on one thing, a perfect example of which is the public square in the neighbourhood of Möllevången which features several cafes and shops to stroll through. 

Wandering through the scenic city parks will be a great start to your day, you can stroll through the massive architectural pride that the city boasts, or simply visit the museums to experience the ethereal beauty of the city. Some points of interest in Malmo are- Oresund Bridge, Turning Torso, People Watch in Lilla Torg, the grand Malmöhus Castle boasting the rich history and culture. 

3. Gothenburg 

Situated at a distance of 315.7 km from Copenhagen, Gothenburg is the second largest city in the country and is regarded to be the capital of Västra Götaland County. Considered as a home to many students that come to be a part of University of Gothenburg, the sports lovers can go to explore the Gothia Cup, second largest football tournament. 

Marked by a rolling armada of numerous food trucks, high-end restaurants and the different sort of food rebels, the city has it all. The city uses its own product that has been organically produced, fresh and raw, that’s the only secret behind it being able to secure a special place in the hearts of every traveller. If you are a beer lover, you simply have to pay a visit to the breweries as Gothenburg is known to be the beer capital of Sweden. 

4. Vejle

On the south-east direction of the Jutland Peninsula, at the top of Vejle Fjord lies this small town in the country, Denmark. Sitting quietly in comparison to some of its flashier cousins, Vejle has always been the most beautiful but underrated city that the country boasts. Cosy cafes, high-end shopping brands, special boutiques and what not, you can witness it all without going too heavy on your pocket. 

A city that oozes culture and history at its best is a herald of liveability and vibrant culture. The shopping experience that the city provides is ecstatic, known to be the best shopping town in Denmark, a stroll through the street will allow the travellers to get a glimpse of the rich architectural impressions. Make sure to pay a visit to the oldest building in the city, Sct. Nicolai Church. 

5. Odense

Named after Odin, who was known to be a Norse God of War, wisdom and poetry, the city is home to Hans Christian Andersen who is renowned for some of the best work of fairy tales writing. The most significant points of interest in the city still remain the home of the author and Hans Christian Andersen Museum that has the power to leave the visitor into the land of imaginations. 

Situated in a close distance from Copenhagen, Odense is barely a drive of 2 hours if you want to escape for an exemplary day trip. Start your day with Egeskov Castle which is a dream come true for the travellers. Funen Open-Air Village is a must visit if you want to take a trip to the past, the rural Denmark will definitely help you to take a sneak peek into the life of people who do not get soaked up in the internet usage and modern techniques all day. 

6. Kronborg

Situated in the town of Helsingør, Kronborg is a castle, referred to as Elsinore in the renowned world of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The renaissance castle was added to the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in the year 2000. The fort turned lavish home and later a military complex has an architecture so fine that art lovers just can’t get enough of this place. 

The palatial complex is an example of renaissance beauty which still stands at a place where no other place has ever reached, especially in Europe. Encompassing the pain of war, the cry of military men and the disaster that was caused is now turned into a lavish interior but never fails to tell the story to its visitors. The copper roof covers the entire castle while the walls are decorated with expensive sandstones, the castle shines like a beacon. 

7.  Roskilde

Probably the closest place that you can visit from Copenhagen is Roskilde which lies at a distance of 31 kms. Squatting gracefully on the Danish island of Zealand, Roskilde is the main city in the eponymous municipality. The 10th largest city of Denmark is seen to be a significant one when it comes to business and education. 

If you’re a music fanatic, we’re sure we have some news that will make you visit this city for sure. The Roskilde festival is a music festival held in the southern part of the city and is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. The four day music festival majorly boasts the genre of Hip-hop, Rock, Pop, Electronic and world music. Make sure to visit the website before booking your tickets. Apart from the music festival, the culinary delight of the city will make you fall in love with it over and over. 

Denmark is a delight for those who seek beauty, a paradise for music lovers and a must-visit place for all the alcohol fanatics out there. We would be doing injustice if we say that we have described the beauty of the place in our blog, Denmark is much more than what you can read, it is a beauty worth experiencing once. A safe trip is a dream trip, isn’t it? And who would know it better than Rydeu, with an aim to be the pillar of the travelling, we are now exclusively providing the taxi services from one place to the other in a cost effective manner. 

Your dream trip is just a ride away with Rydeu. 🙂 

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11 Alluring Cities Near Brussels For A Quick Escape In 2020

If Venice is Italy’s pride, Brussels is Belgium’s. A historic town with a modern touch with a large number of young people and tourists squandering around the streets, Brussels is known to be a pride of French community of Belgium. The capital of the country comprises 19 independent municipalities and is known to be the largest city in the country pampering over 5 million people. 

History, culture, beauty, cuisine and architecture. Whoever said that a place can’t have it all definitely mustn’t have visited Brussels. The fascinating city has tall buildings giving a peek of exemplary architecture, the rich history is packed into the cobblestoned streets and the adorable alleyways. There are some places that you can’t get enough of and Brussels is indubitably one of those places. Apart from the materialistic charms, the city also focuses on the economy which is why it is known to be the administerial capital of the entire Europe but when it’s done hustling, it will make sure that it’s the most comfy, laid back city that any person would want to reside in. 

  1. Bruges 

Apart from the numerous interests that the city offers, its cuisine is something that has us boasting.  All the food lovers out there, put on the guard as you’re going to witness The amazing fries, mussels and chilled beers to chug it all down. Spending a couple of days in the city, the explorers might be able to explore the renowned Grand Palace or take a trip back in time by visiting the Old England Building. The atmosphere in the city is as vibrant as Brussels is, from providing the warmth when needed to cold breezy nights to soothe your souls, a traveller is bound to get it all while planning a trip to the magical city that is entwined with some of the best places that make a perfect getaway for the travellers. While visiting Brussels, make sure to check out the breath-taking cities mentioned below to sway your followers and take your ‘gram with aesthetic pictures. 

Known to be the capital and the largest city, Bruges squats in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region of the country. There are places in the world that you simply can’t get enough of and Bruges, indubitably is one of those places. With alluring squared sandwiched between the gingerbread houses and cobblestone streets. While in the city, you must explore Bruges Beer which is known for its pure brewery and fine taste. Belgium is known for its rich mouth/watering chocolate that melts right when it enters your mouth, make sure to taste some chocolates and pack some for your loved ones. The Waffle is worth every drool that comes out of your mouth, if you have a sweet tooth, Bruges wouldn’t disappoint you. Shopaholics can simply wander around in the city and stroll through the lace shops to find some lace souvenirs for your loved ones. 

2. Ghent

You’re a tourist, not a traveller if you’re visiting places that are only listed on the map. Ghent is an underrated place situated in close vicinity to Brussels which is recognized for its enormous public squares and some of the best marketplaces established in Belgium. One of the aged cities, Ghent is the rememberable capital of Flanders. The city was influential, economically robust and well created than majority of the cities in the world. Make sure to include this breath-taking place in your itinerary for a timeless experience to Belgium.

3. Antwerp

Situated on the River Scheldt, Antwerp is a port city dating back to the Middle Ages, the city has a history so rich that every visitor is bound to sway your minds away with its culture and architecture. Also referred to as the ‘Diamond capital of the world’ for a reason, the quality of diamond found here can not be found anywhere else, so make sure to grab a jewellery before you go back. The second city of Belgium remains a mandatory one for all the travellers who wish to explore the country at its best. Travelling back in time to the 16th century majorly puts all the focus on how significant the city was back then even after suffering from the Second World War but coming out stronger than ever. The city simply has everything, from baroque museums to great food, it will warmly welcome you with all that it has. 

4. Amsterdam

Known to be the capital and one of the most important cities in Netherlands, Amsterdam is blatantly referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’.  The numerous canals have helped the city in wearing the crown of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Initially originated as a small fishing village, the city has worked its way to be where it stands today. The arrival of the 17th century marked a significant change when the city was the economic and the commercial capital of the country. While in Amsterdam, the art lovers can go all gaga over the Van Gogh’s Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. 

5. Leuven 

Situated at a distance of 25 km in the eastern direction of the country, Leuven is one of the most historic places in the country and eighth largest city in Belgium. Home to the world’s largest beer brewery, Leuven will amaze you with its fine beer and the various jaw-dropping sightseeing places that it offers. While in Leuven, make sure to start your day by visiting St. Peter’s Church, followed by a relaxed stroll through the City Hall, the most beautiful Groot Begijnhof is something that one simply shouldn’t miss if you want to witness paradise on earth. Art lovers can consider visiting M-Museum Leuven and Oude Markt. 

6. Charleroi

Situated in a close proximity to Brussels, Charleroi is a small city situated in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. Apart from all the challenges and the defamation that the city faces, it still boasts some of the most magnificent photography museums to explore. The impressive historical heritage and the rich comic strip history lures the visitors to visit the city at least once. Highlights of the city include BPS22 Art museum, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de la Photography and The Glass Museum. However, it is advisable to look up to the city before planning your visit to this one, if you want to run away from the hustle-bustle of the city for a while, we can not think of a place better than Charleroi. 

7. Tilburg

Sometimes criminally overlooked in favor of its flashier siblings of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, Tilburg is finally emerging from the shadows as a worthy tourist destination. While in the city, the travellers simply can not miss the 10-day funfair that is held in July every year. The mirth dangles in the air when diversity meets unity, tourists from all around the world come to witness the ultimate adventure of the fair. Known for its university, the city entertains a huge number of tourists every year. 

8. Eindhoven

Known to be the largest town in the southern part of Netherlands, Eindhoven has usually not been at the top in the itinerary of the visitors but is surely a place worth visiting. The city is connected to electronics giant Philips and is known to be a city of light. Situated on the River Dommel, the city provides a serene atmosphere for everyone who wants to take some little time alone, far away from the connotation of the other cities in the Netherlands. 

Some of the most visited places in the city are The Van Abbemuseum, The DAF Museum, The PSV Eindhoven Museum and St. Catherine’s Church. Make sure to plan everything in advance if you want to escape the hassle. 

9. Rotterdam

The second city of the Netherlands is quite a special one. The innovation city is not limited to one sort of power to lure visitors, the diversified forte such as art and architecture, the urban design with the amalgamation of baroque architecture, the laid back cafe culture for all the solo travellers to sit by and make some new friends and the beautiful waterways is something that will draw your breath away. 

Rotterdam’s gastronomy is teeming with a smorgasbord of various cultural influences and flavours that offer locals and visitors an incredible culinary ordeal. 

10. Aachen

Situated at a distance of 145.6 kms from the vibrant city of Brussels, Aachen is a small city situated in the western part of the country. Initially considered to be a royal residence for emperor wet Charlemagne, the Palestine Chapel which is considered to be a part of the Aachen Cathedral which was seen to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The city smiles with the beauty of its cuisine, there are places that will sway you with its beauty, and then there are places that will make you drool whenever you think about them and Aachen is one of those places. Some of the must try dishes in the city are Aachener Printen, Aachener Weihnachtsleberwurst and Reisfladen. 

11. The Hague

The government city of the Netherlands, Hague is home to the Dutch Royal family and an international city of peace and justice. Unlike its flashier cousins, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague presents more of a historical part of the country to its visitors, you would be able to witness numerous museums, galleries, theatres and concerts with numerous entertainment opportunities. The city is considered to be home to several international organisations such as the International Court of Justice. 

Make sure to visit The Mauritshuis, The Binnenhof, Panorama Mesdag and Ridderzaal. The cuisine of the city will make you fall in love with it if you are a seafood fanatic, the locals thrive on various forms of dishes prepared in a variety of sauces to kick in some flavour and aroma. The dishes are usually served with boiled potatoes and melted butter to make it taste better. 

Now that you know about 11 different places that you can include in your itinerary, what’s stopping you to book your ticket and get away from the usual 9-5 boredom? For making this trip smoother, make sure to avail Rydeu’s service and book a relaxed ride to soak in every bit of comfort and beauty that Europe has to offer. 

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