7 Must-Visit Places From Copenhagen For An Exemplary Getaway

We’re sure if you’re a fan of ‘The Bridge’ you already want to put your knitted sweater on and book a ticket for a paradise for travellers, none other than Copenhagen. Squatting on the coastal island of Zealand and Amager, Copenhagen is the capital and the most populated city of Denmark. The beginning of the 17th century, the city decided to completely refurbish itself by becoming home to numerous institutions, cultural and historical importance reached to the zenith with the birth of numerous significant sightseeing places in the city. 

Known to be the happiest city in the world, you will literally feel the happiness dangling in the air while visiting the city. The city of dreams will make all the fairy tales come true, the city of numerous canals was once considered to be a home to the renowned writer, Hans C Andersen. The food that Copenhagen serves can not be compared to any other place, the Nordic cuisine has started rising in numerous high end restaurants. You will find the hot dog stands in any corner of the city, the aroma of middle eastern delicacy will be experienced by every traveller that steps in the magical city. Some of the most common dishes to find in the city are Rød pølse, Smørrebrød, Durum shawarma and our all time favourite, Falafel. 

Best Time To Visit Copenhagen 

While the summer season will mark the arrival of the largest number of tourists from all around the world, it will also prove to be very rough on your budget especially if you are planning to visit the city without going too heavy on your pocket. Spring season will be the best option if you want to enjoy the trip in a cost effective manner. The best time to visit the city is from March to May or from the months of June to August. The streets will burst with the quirky colours of the small cafes tucked in the corner. The festivities will spread the mirth of the surrounding to the travellers. 

The alluring city of Copenhagen is linked to some of the most amazing places that you will ever visit. So fellas make sure to grab a pen and a paper to make a list of all the places that will burst your comment section with infinite queries. Some of the best places situated in a close proximity to the vibrant city of Copenhagen are mentioned below. 

1. Hamburg

Hamburg is considered to be the second most significant city of the country After its famous sibling, Berlin. Situated at the edge of the long funnel shaped estuary of River Elbe, the city is commonly known as a harbour area, the port of Hamburg. Now seen to be one of the most significant transportation hubs, the city has regained a lot of popularity in cultural, commercial as well as tourist regions. 

After surviving the severe fire, wars, the narrow Deichstrasse gives a glimpse into the past. The city mainly encompasses the massive canals, brick warehouses. While in Hamburg, you simply cannot miss to dine in the cosy cafe tucked at the corner of the street serving mouth watering food. Highlights of the city include Port of Hamburg & Speicherstadt, Miniatur Wunderland and Elbphilharmonie. 

2. Malmo 

Known to be a multicultural portal to the continent, Malmo is the third largest city of Sweden. A city so beautiful is bound to be linked to places that draw your breath away, a short ride from the city will leave you at the Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark. The city is overall so wholesome that you might not miss out on one thing, a perfect example of which is the public square in the neighbourhood of Möllevången which features several cafes and shops to stroll through. 

Wandering through the scenic city parks will be a great start to your day, you can stroll through the massive architectural pride that the city boasts, or simply visit the museums to experience the ethereal beauty of the city. Some points of interest in Malmo are- Oresund Bridge, Turning Torso, People Watch in Lilla Torg, the grand Malmöhus Castle boasting the rich history and culture. 

3. Gothenburg 

Situated at a distance of 315.7 km from Copenhagen, Gothenburg is the second largest city in the country and is regarded to be the capital of Västra Götaland County. Considered as a home to many students that come to be a part of University of Gothenburg, the sports lovers can go to explore the Gothia Cup, second largest football tournament. 

Marked by a rolling armada of numerous food trucks, high-end restaurants and the different sort of food rebels, the city has it all. The city uses its own product that has been organically produced, fresh and raw, that’s the only secret behind it being able to secure a special place in the hearts of every traveller. If you are a beer lover, you simply have to pay a visit to the breweries as Gothenburg is known to be the beer capital of Sweden. 

4. Vejle

On the south-east direction of the Jutland Peninsula, at the top of Vejle Fjord lies this small town in the country, Denmark. Sitting quietly in comparison to some of its flashier cousins, Vejle has always been the most beautiful but underrated city that the country boasts. Cosy cafes, high-end shopping brands, special boutiques and what not, you can witness it all without going too heavy on your pocket. 

A city that oozes culture and history at its best is a herald of liveability and vibrant culture. The shopping experience that the city provides is ecstatic, known to be the best shopping town in Denmark, a stroll through the street will allow the travellers to get a glimpse of the rich architectural impressions. Make sure to pay a visit to the oldest building in the city, Sct. Nicolai Church. 

5. Odense

Named after Odin, who was known to be a Norse God of War, wisdom and poetry, the city is home to Hans Christian Andersen who is renowned for some of the best work of fairy tales writing. The most significant points of interest in the city still remain the home of the author and Hans Christian Andersen Museum that has the power to leave the visitor into the land of imaginations. 

Situated in a close distance from Copenhagen, Odense is barely a drive of 2 hours if you want to escape for an exemplary day trip. Start your day with Egeskov Castle which is a dream come true for the travellers. Funen Open-Air Village is a must visit if you want to take a trip to the past, the rural Denmark will definitely help you to take a sneak peek into the life of people who do not get soaked up in the internet usage and modern techniques all day. 

6. Kronborg

Situated in the town of Helsingør, Kronborg is a castle, referred to as Elsinore in the renowned world of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The renaissance castle was added to the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in the year 2000. The fort turned lavish home and later a military complex has an architecture so fine that art lovers just can’t get enough of this place. 

The palatial complex is an example of renaissance beauty which still stands at a place where no other place has ever reached, especially in Europe. Encompassing the pain of war, the cry of military men and the disaster that was caused is now turned into a lavish interior but never fails to tell the story to its visitors. The copper roof covers the entire castle while the walls are decorated with expensive sandstones, the castle shines like a beacon. 

7.  Roskilde

Probably the closest place that you can visit from Copenhagen is Roskilde which lies at a distance of 31 kms. Squatting gracefully on the Danish island of Zealand, Roskilde is the main city in the eponymous municipality. The 10th largest city of Denmark is seen to be a significant one when it comes to business and education. 

If you’re a music fanatic, we’re sure we have some news that will make you visit this city for sure. The Roskilde festival is a music festival held in the southern part of the city and is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. The four day music festival majorly boasts the genre of Hip-hop, Rock, Pop, Electronic and world music. Make sure to visit the website before booking your tickets. Apart from the music festival, the culinary delight of the city will make you fall in love with it over and over. 

Denmark is a delight for those who seek beauty, a paradise for music lovers and a must-visit place for all the alcohol fanatics out there. We would be doing injustice if we say that we have described the beauty of the place in our blog, Denmark is much more than what you can read, it is a beauty worth experiencing once. A safe trip is a dream trip, isn’t it? And who would know it better than Rydeu, with an aim to be the pillar of the travelling, we are now exclusively providing the taxi services from one place to the other in a cost effective manner. 

Your dream trip is just a ride away with Rydeu. 🙂 

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