11 Alluring Cities Near Brussels For A Quick Escape In 2020

If Venice is Italy’s pride, Brussels is Belgium’s. A historic town with a modern touch with a large number of young people and tourists squandering around the streets, Brussels is known to be a pride of French community of Belgium. The capital of the country comprises 19 independent municipalities and is known to be the largest city in the country pampering over 5 million people. 

History, culture, beauty, cuisine and architecture. Whoever said that a place can’t have it all definitely mustn’t have visited Brussels. The fascinating city has tall buildings giving a peek of exemplary architecture, the rich history is packed into the cobblestoned streets and the adorable alleyways. There are some places that you can’t get enough of and Brussels is indubitably one of those places. Apart from the materialistic charms, the city also focuses on the economy which is why it is known to be the administerial capital of the entire Europe but when it’s done hustling, it will make sure that it’s the most comfy, laid back city that any person would want to reside in. 

  1. Bruges 

Apart from the numerous interests that the city offers, its cuisine is something that has us boasting.  All the food lovers out there, put on the guard as you’re going to witness The amazing fries, mussels and chilled beers to chug it all down. Spending a couple of days in the city, the explorers might be able to explore the renowned Grand Palace or take a trip back in time by visiting the Old England Building. The atmosphere in the city is as vibrant as Brussels is, from providing the warmth when needed to cold breezy nights to soothe your souls, a traveller is bound to get it all while planning a trip to the magical city that is entwined with some of the best places that make a perfect getaway for the travellers. While visiting Brussels, make sure to check out the breath-taking cities mentioned below to sway your followers and take your ‘gram with aesthetic pictures. 

Known to be the capital and the largest city, Bruges squats in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region of the country. There are places in the world that you simply can’t get enough of and Bruges, indubitably is one of those places. With alluring squared sandwiched between the gingerbread houses and cobblestone streets. While in the city, you must explore Bruges Beer which is known for its pure brewery and fine taste. Belgium is known for its rich mouth/watering chocolate that melts right when it enters your mouth, make sure to taste some chocolates and pack some for your loved ones. The Waffle is worth every drool that comes out of your mouth, if you have a sweet tooth, Bruges wouldn’t disappoint you. Shopaholics can simply wander around in the city and stroll through the lace shops to find some lace souvenirs for your loved ones. 

2. Ghent

You’re a tourist, not a traveller if you’re visiting places that are only listed on the map. Ghent is an underrated place situated in close vicinity to Brussels which is recognized for its enormous public squares and some of the best marketplaces established in Belgium. One of the aged cities, Ghent is the rememberable capital of Flanders. The city was influential, economically robust and well created than majority of the cities in the world. Make sure to include this breath-taking place in your itinerary for a timeless experience to Belgium.

3. Antwerp

Situated on the River Scheldt, Antwerp is a port city dating back to the Middle Ages, the city has a history so rich that every visitor is bound to sway your minds away with its culture and architecture. Also referred to as the ‘Diamond capital of the world’ for a reason, the quality of diamond found here can not be found anywhere else, so make sure to grab a jewellery before you go back. The second city of Belgium remains a mandatory one for all the travellers who wish to explore the country at its best. Travelling back in time to the 16th century majorly puts all the focus on how significant the city was back then even after suffering from the Second World War but coming out stronger than ever. The city simply has everything, from baroque museums to great food, it will warmly welcome you with all that it has. 

4. Amsterdam

Known to be the capital and one of the most important cities in Netherlands, Amsterdam is blatantly referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’.  The numerous canals have helped the city in wearing the crown of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Initially originated as a small fishing village, the city has worked its way to be where it stands today. The arrival of the 17th century marked a significant change when the city was the economic and the commercial capital of the country. While in Amsterdam, the art lovers can go all gaga over the Van Gogh’s Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. 

5. Leuven 

Situated at a distance of 25 km in the eastern direction of the country, Leuven is one of the most historic places in the country and eighth largest city in Belgium. Home to the world’s largest beer brewery, Leuven will amaze you with its fine beer and the various jaw-dropping sightseeing places that it offers. While in Leuven, make sure to start your day by visiting St. Peter’s Church, followed by a relaxed stroll through the City Hall, the most beautiful Groot Begijnhof is something that one simply shouldn’t miss if you want to witness paradise on earth. Art lovers can consider visiting M-Museum Leuven and Oude Markt. 

6. Charleroi

Situated in a close proximity to Brussels, Charleroi is a small city situated in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. Apart from all the challenges and the defamation that the city faces, it still boasts some of the most magnificent photography museums to explore. The impressive historical heritage and the rich comic strip history lures the visitors to visit the city at least once. Highlights of the city include BPS22 Art museum, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de la Photography and The Glass Museum. However, it is advisable to look up to the city before planning your visit to this one, if you want to run away from the hustle-bustle of the city for a while, we can not think of a place better than Charleroi. 

7. Tilburg

Sometimes criminally overlooked in favor of its flashier siblings of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, Tilburg is finally emerging from the shadows as a worthy tourist destination. While in the city, the travellers simply can not miss the 10-day funfair that is held in July every year. The mirth dangles in the air when diversity meets unity, tourists from all around the world come to witness the ultimate adventure of the fair. Known for its university, the city entertains a huge number of tourists every year. 

8. Eindhoven

Known to be the largest town in the southern part of Netherlands, Eindhoven has usually not been at the top in the itinerary of the visitors but is surely a place worth visiting. The city is connected to electronics giant Philips and is known to be a city of light. Situated on the River Dommel, the city provides a serene atmosphere for everyone who wants to take some little time alone, far away from the connotation of the other cities in the Netherlands. 

Some of the most visited places in the city are The Van Abbemuseum, The DAF Museum, The PSV Eindhoven Museum and St. Catherine’s Church. Make sure to plan everything in advance if you want to escape the hassle. 

9. Rotterdam

The second city of the Netherlands is quite a special one. The innovation city is not limited to one sort of power to lure visitors, the diversified forte such as art and architecture, the urban design with the amalgamation of baroque architecture, the laid back cafe culture for all the solo travellers to sit by and make some new friends and the beautiful waterways is something that will draw your breath away. 

Rotterdam’s gastronomy is teeming with a smorgasbord of various cultural influences and flavours that offer locals and visitors an incredible culinary ordeal. 

10. Aachen

Situated at a distance of 145.6 kms from the vibrant city of Brussels, Aachen is a small city situated in the western part of the country. Initially considered to be a royal residence for emperor wet Charlemagne, the Palestine Chapel which is considered to be a part of the Aachen Cathedral which was seen to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The city smiles with the beauty of its cuisine, there are places that will sway you with its beauty, and then there are places that will make you drool whenever you think about them and Aachen is one of those places. Some of the must try dishes in the city are Aachener Printen, Aachener Weihnachtsleberwurst and Reisfladen. 

11. The Hague

The government city of the Netherlands, Hague is home to the Dutch Royal family and an international city of peace and justice. Unlike its flashier cousins, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague presents more of a historical part of the country to its visitors, you would be able to witness numerous museums, galleries, theatres and concerts with numerous entertainment opportunities. The city is considered to be home to several international organisations such as the International Court of Justice. 

Make sure to visit The Mauritshuis, The Binnenhof, Panorama Mesdag and Ridderzaal. The cuisine of the city will make you fall in love with it if you are a seafood fanatic, the locals thrive on various forms of dishes prepared in a variety of sauces to kick in some flavour and aroma. The dishes are usually served with boiled potatoes and melted butter to make it taste better. 

Now that you know about 11 different places that you can include in your itinerary, what’s stopping you to book your ticket and get away from the usual 9-5 boredom? For making this trip smoother, make sure to avail Rydeu’s service and book a relaxed ride to soak in every bit of comfort and beauty that Europe has to offer. 

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