10 Most Adventurous Things To Do In Palma De Mallorca

Dominated by a rugged and tall mountain range, decorated with honey-coloured pebbles and almost ten times larger than the party paradise of Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca is the most adrenaline kicking city of Spain. 

Many tourists directly rush towards the sea to witness the amazing beach life and party like a beast but the city has a lot to offer both on the coast as well as inland that will awake the adventure lover inside you and make you do all the once in a lifetime thing that you would get nowhere like Palma. 

Travelling alone or travelling with a friend, Palma de Mallorca never fails to secure a special place in the heart of its explorers there’s so much to do, even better if you are travelling with your loved ones to create memories that you’ll cherish forever. So here are the top adventure filled activities that no adventure lover would like to miss. 

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride In Mallorca

Blessed with the ecstatic views of the crimson and yellow blend of a perfect sky, the background, an exhilarating 2 hours balloon ride in the northeastern part of Palma de Mallorca is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. 

You can easily get a booking for a hot air balloon ride, which usually ascends from Cala Milor. As soon as you start beating gravity and reaching towards the sky, the world will appear smaller and smaller with every inch you fly. The beautiful beaches, lush greenery and the monuments all together gives a picturesque view while the scenic background is something to admire. 

Celebrate your victory and the flying experience with a glass of champagne once you touch the ground. It is highly advisable to book for a hot air balloon ride during sunrise or sunset when the views are beautiful. 

2. Take a jump from the cliffs of Mallorca 

It takes the heart of a stone to do this adrenaline kicking activity, you will be able to feel your heart pounding out and the rush of happiness in your body when you’re standing at the edge, ready to shimmy along the rocky cliffs of Mallorca

As soon as you jump into the crystal clear lagoon, you’ve finally felt the experience of victory. Situated in a close proximity from the city, in Serra de Tramuntana mountains which is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, the amazing activity is waiting for you. 

3. Kayaking and Snorkelling tour in Palma 

If you’re done exploring the hurly-burly environment of Palma de Mallorca and want to check some of the things in your ‘adventurous things to do list’ this is the time. With new water sports in a scenic surrounding, cool wind blowing by, the visitors can hop right into a kayak and paddle along with the turquoise water of Mallorca. 

On your way, you will find numerous coves as you glide along the beaches. You can take some time off and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding. Snorkelling in the Bay of Palma is something that no true adventure lover can afford to miss, especially when you are travelling in a group. 

Make sure to check the safety measure, do not allow your little ones to be a part of this activity, take a life vest and guided information before heading for this yet reliving thrilling adventure. 

4. Walk Into The Goofy Caves of Genoa 

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you might feel a lot like the time when Harry fought with the gigantic snake and killed him in the goofy cave as soon as you step into this place. The beautiful natural cave of Genoa ascends to 100 feet, bringing you closest to the land of the city. 

Take a guided tour and learn about how the caves were naturally sculpted along with time and notice the rare domes, beautiful water pools inside the cave and tunnels to pass through. Watch your steps while walking as the floor is not so platform. 

5. Explore the hidden beaches, walk through private mountains 

If you’re a fan of going on a tranquil adventure, you’re gonna love this one. Start your day by walking through the rustic village of Palma along the rugged Mediterranean mountains of the city. The panoramic views of the island surrounded by lush greenery is something to die for. 

After walking for a few miles, you’ll be surprised with a crystal clear stream, you can even taste the sweet and pure water flowing by. Trek along the mountains or climb them if you are in the mood for fun, make sure to click a lot of aesthetic pictures to take your social media by storm. 

And now that you’re done walking past a quaint, laid back village, climbing on the mountain, you can finally take out your tiredness at the hidden beach and enjoy the sunbath lying at the sandy beach with a limited crowd.

6. Bike through Parc de la Mar and Palma Cathedral 

If you want to explore the entire city without wasting too much time, biking through the city to dive into the deep culture is a must for everyone. On your way to explore two of the most significant spots of Parc de la Mar and Palma Cathedral, you’ll be crossing quaint laid back streets with beautiful quirky coloured houses and lush greenery. 

Make sure to stop by the Basilica of St Francesco and explore the fine beautiful architecture all crafted in baroque style, the magnificent interior is decorated with rare artefacts of ancient times while the exterior makes a perfect spot to get yourself clicked. If you’re a fan of Tapas, you can hog on the mouth-drooling appetiser and sip on your favourite drink in a local bar filled with travellers and natives. 

7. Hop on Barca Samba: Boat Experience in Palma 

And nothing beats a lavish fun filled boat ride while we’re in the king of the coast cities in Europe, if you are visiting Palma de Mallorca and missing out on the boat ride experience in Barca Samba, you better have a good excuse for it. 

The boat has its own music with live DJs to show you what real fun in the boat means. The bar will quench your alcohol thirst and the buffet will give you the fine taste of the local cuisine while the music will throw you into a different world. Make sure to keep your social game on as you’ll meet a lot of people in the boat, enjoying and having a good time. 

8. Explore Mallorca In A Day: Train and Boat Ride

Explore the beauty of the city in a glimpse by this perfect combination of boat and vintage train that passes through Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Explore the stirring landscape of western part of the city in just a day. 

The rustic wooden train has a wide window to take a huge peek of the sightseeing places while passing through them. Enjoy the coastline views from the boat passing through La Calobra. The gigantic mountains, beautiful skies and the pretty views await to be discovered, so if you’re in the mood for something lighthearted and fun, go ahead and explore Palorma like never before. 

9. Experience Coasteering Adventure in Mallorca 

Whether you’re in the mood for trailing or want to enjoy hiking on the huge mountains of the Porto Cristo area, you’ll be delighted to know that this is the perfect spot if you’re a water sports enthusiast or an adrenaline junky. 

Jump from the cliff directly into the crystal clear water and swim along for a while or go abseiling to kick post your excitement. A half an hour in this area will make sure to fulfil all your water based fantasies and check them off of your list. Make sure not to take your kids if they are below 12 years of age.

10. Take a Buggy Tour In Mallorca 

And as soon as you think you’ve discovered it all in Palma de Mallorca, it surprises you with something different. Buggy Tour is a perfect example of it, leading to some of the most picturesque destinations of the city. 

The open windshield Buggy lets you soak the beauty of the entire area while riding through the roads of the city. 

If you didn’t know a lot about what Palma de Mallorca has to offer, well, now you do. So pick up the activity that you like and pack your bags for an adventurous trip ahead right away. 

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How To Roam Around In Palma? 

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