Airport Transfers in Toulouse

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To enter this exquisite and blended city, one must fly down at the Toulouse Blagnac airport. From here, several services connect this place to the main part. Though there are many to choose, the choices could sometimes result in unexpected experiences. One must select the mode which is most feasible to them. The oft chosen and primary route is the Airport shuttle. It connects the airport to the city centre. They run between 0500h and 0015h with a 20-minute gap between them. They usually take 20 minutes to reach the destination. Apart from the city centre, 4 different stops are covered through this. The frequency makes this method the most chosen one. But, the negative effect of a huge crowd and waiting time is observable. The rates vary depending upon the time of visit. During the off-season months, they come down and during the season, they increase. 

Bus, Toulouse        |       Image by IngolfBLN  from flickr

Another efficient method is the bus service of Toulouse. Four routes run through the airport and are frequent enough. They include a good crowd too. The bus station can be reached easily from the terminals. These too run only during the night time. This reduces the choices during the day. The rates are the same as those for the other routes. They can be checked with the official website due to the changes. It is visible only in French. Apart from these, the frequently chose option is the private mode of transfer. Taxis and car rentals are easily available here. Several are staged outside the terminals, near the entrance, and can be opted. 

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