Airport Transfers in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki Airport
Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia        |          Image by ahisgett from flickr 

Thessaloniki Airport, officially called Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is the largest and busiest airport in the country. Located just 13 km southeast of the city, Thessaloniki Airport is the third-largest airport of Greece. It handles approximately 6 million passengers annually and is considered a focus city for Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and the surrounding cities of Central Macedonia

Originally constructed as an airfield to be used during World War I, it was a part of collections of airfields and was known as Big Mikra. The airport was reconstructed with an aim for expansion as a purpose-built civilian airport yet the work temporarily halted during World War II and was opened to civilian traffic in 1948. There was a huge influx of investments in the airport after the accession of Greece to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A terminal building was constructed in 1965 and the runway was expanded to 2,440 metres. The whole airport was modernized including rebuilding the tower which was damaged during the 1978 Thessaloniki earthquake. Privatized in 2015, refurbishment of the existing terminal at Thessaloniki as well as the construction of a second terminal was planned.

Thessaloniki Airport
Thessaloniki Airport Entrance       |         Image by jwalsh from flickr

The terminal building consists of three floors, each divided with a specific purpose. While the ground floor is dedicated to arrivals only, the second floor serves departures and also includes a shopping center. The ground floor services international/extra-Schengen arrivals and domestic/intra-Schengen arrivals whereas the second floor consists of 34 check-in counters, waiting areas, bars, stores and various airlines' offices. The third floor has two restaurants and numerous bars with gorgeous views of the runway. The airport has two runways, two taxiways, 22 stands for narrow-body aircraft and 20 for light aircraft.

Baggage carts are provided in the terminal for the convenience of passengers and lost and found services are also available. Upon travelers’ request, luggage can be wrapped to protect it from scratches and dirt. This service can be availed at the baggage wrap service which is located at the Departures area-Hall B, 1st Floor. Along with first aid, there are almost no money woes with numerous banks and currency exchange services available. The airport also provided free internet access to all its travelers and visitors.