Airport Transfers in Thessaloniki

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Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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Transfers from Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia are extremely easy and convenient.  Your journey begins at the airport itself and a lot depends on the method of airport transfers chosen. The airport is located at Mikra, 16.5 km southeast of central Thessaloniki, just 30 minutes from the centre of the city and it is easily accessible from the A25 Motorway

Thessaloniki Airport       |       Image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis from flickr

Thessaloniki’s public transportation system is exceptional. With an extremely organized system of buses, one is subjected to a completely different point of view of the city and easy transfers from the airports are provided.

Direct transfers from the airport to Thessaloniki are offered by the city’s transit bus service. The bus connects the airport to the Central Railway Station and the "Makedonia" Regional Coach Terminal (KTEL). Running at a frequency of 30 minutes, the airport bus takes about 40 - 50 minutes to reach the city center. There is a non-stop service to and from the city centre to the airport, Bus Route Nr. X1 KTEL – Airport and a night service bus Route Nr. N1 KTEL – Airport. Bus Route Nr. 45 connects the Chalkidiki Coach Terminal, Thessaloniki City Centre and Thessaloniki Eastbound Destinations via "IKEA" Transfer Point to the airport. A single ticket costs 2€ and tickets can be purchased by vending machines on board the service. A thing to keep in mind is that these machines accept exact change only. There is 50% price reduction in the tickets of students and senior citizens who are the age of 65 or above. Children aged 6 and younger travel completely free of cost. To find the exact routes of these buses, the official website of OASTH provides details.

Taxis are a convenient choice from travelling from the airport especially at night when there is no public transportation and you have a lot of luggage. You can find the taxi stand outside the terminal building and taxis are available 24/7. It costs approximately €20-30 to and from the airport but you will be charged extra for trips starting from midnight to 05.00 a.m. There is a surcharge if you carry many pieces of luggage. Rydeu provides an easy solution for all your travel woes with easy airport transfers. They are cheap, affordable and leave you hassle-free to enjoy the journey to your destination.