Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are legally bound to those who make bookings on our website. Please read carefully before you proceed further..


“Rydeu logistics UG”, with reg no HRB 204496, headquartered in Haydnstraße 18, 12683 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We” or “us” or “our” ), provides travel management services to customers, for both individuals and groups.

Company has established below terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms of Use”, “General Terms” ,”terms”) which allows travellers (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”, ”User”, “you”, ”your”,”Tourists”) to book any travel related service such as transportation service(hereinafter referred to as the “offer”,”trip”,”transfer”) using www.rydeu.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”,”website”) from our pool of organizations/carriers who are on boarded with us(hereinafter referred to as the “suppliers”, ”drivers”) with a different agreement with our company. Any confirmed transfer with us(hereinafter referred to as the “booking”,”bookings”)will be served by suppliers and users shall enter into a contract with the supplier directly (hereinafter referred to as the “Transportation Service Contract”) but not with the Company.

Company reserves all rights to modify and change the agreement without any prior notice and will be in effect as soon as it’s been posted on the website. Users should go through all terms before creating any offer using our platform. In case of any queries, please connect to our customer service (support@rydeu.com). Any disagreement with our terms,will not allow you to use the platform for making bookings.


We provide travel management services to our customers, for both individuals and groups and operate as "rydeu.com", of which we have sole ownership. Our registered office is Haydnstraße 18, 12683 Berlin, Germany. For all operations and communication, we have the phone number +4917677407824, and operate through the following website: https://www.rydeu.com with email address info@rydeu.com. For the purpose of providing our services, we work with various operators who deliver professional services for transporting people and sightseeing tours. All such operators can also act as an agency with the capacity to offer transport and sightseeing services, by having all the relevant licences and permits required by national law for this activity.


A. Contact Details

Rydeu acts as an intermediate between its users and suppliers providing transportation services. However, we are not providers of any servicesselectOffer/booking done using our platform. Users creating any offer in our system should agree to the fact that they will be directly in an agreement with our suppliers for any completion of the trip. Rydeu, being a platform, does not bear any liabilities involved in transfers, as users are solely responsible for the same.

Rydeu is not at all responsible for the successful completion of transfer, as suppliers and customers will directly be interacting. We, thus take no responsibility for any risks involved in transfer. However, making Rydeu as your first choice is your sole decision. But if you do so, you are bound to agree with all the terms mentioned in this agreement.

Suppliers are not representative of Rydeu, so there is no way to hold us responsible for quality of service, supplier behaviour, damages etc. The company will not play any role in case of disagreement between supplier and customer.

B. transport service Policies

To provide better service and experience, we collect details from our customers. To book any transfer, we need

  • personal details, such as name, email, contact number
  • transfer details, such as pick-up/drop location, date & time of travel, number of travellers, baggage count
  • Any additional requirements, such as English speaking driver, bottled water, meet & greet service e.t.c
  • payment details.

All mentioned details are provided willingly and with sole responsibility. Make sure all payment details are correct and authorized with sufficient balance to execute any booking placed with us.

Once you book any transfer with us, you will get a confirmation mail with all details filled in. Please make sure everything is accurate and is as per your requirements. Users should understand any offer is in confirmed state only if the payment is done for the booking.

Company has the right to decline/cancel offers for any reason and the customer will be notified for the same. Refund will be processed as per the cancellation policy defined in this agreement.


  1. User should complete his/her legal age (18 years) for booking any offer on our platform. Please make sure any user which has not completed legal age(below 18, which is also called as ‘child’) should be travelling with adults.Any bookings made by child, will be cancelled.
  2. Any information given while making bookings, should be proper, correct and accurate.
  3. Customers need to inform the company about any improper behaviour of suppliers, demand for extra money, any inaccuracy found in travel vouchers.
  4. User should always book services on the website using their own accounts and any booking using unauthorized accounts is strictly prohibited.
  5. User should use their own debit/credit card to make payments.
  6. Any kind of decoding, compilation, reuse of source code is prohibited.
  7. User should maintain proper conduct while using our services.
  8. User should always be aware of any newly added clause in the agreement.
  9. Users are strictly prohibited to use any content, data, and other details which belong to the Company for any commercial purpose.


We provide all bookings with only a prepayment option, for which we accept all types of credit/debit cards. Once the user finds a suitable offer for their transfer, they are in direct agreement with suppliers. Hence, suppliers are solely responsible for the transfer completion.

Once the user makes a payment on the website for a booking, the company will transfer the amount to the supplier, on the basis of the terms mentioned in the contract between supplier and company.

Any additional charges by bank/third party softwares (e.g. Payment gateways), for transferring amount will be added in the total transfer amount.


  1. Full refund to be provided if the cancellation is done by a customer 24 hours prior to the pickup time
  2. If a booking is cancelled from the company/supplier side due to any operational issues / challenges, full refund will be processed to the customer, irrespective of the date & time of cancellation.
  3. Full refund will be processed for the customer, if the supplier doesn’t show up at the pickup location for a scheduled transfer.
  4. No refund will be given to customer, if the customer
    • Cancels a booking outside the the time duration as mentioned under point 6.1
    • Doesn’t show up at the pickup location for any scheduled transfer within 60 mins for Airport transfer, 30 mins for Railway Station and 15mins for Other places.
    • Requests for a change in pickup/drop location for any confirmed trip.
  5. If a customer wants to make changes in a scheduled transfer, such as change in pickup/drop location, date/time, number of travellers or baggage count, he/she has to connect with our customer service over email - “info@rydeu.com”, phone - “+4917677407824. Please be advised that any such changes is subject to the agreement of supplier and may incur additional charges, which has to be paid before the start of the trip.
  6. For any last minute changes before or during the trip, both customer and supplier needs to agree on it and the customer has to pay any additional amount in advance.
  7. Cancellation and refund can not be claimed after successful completion of trip. If anything not satisfactory then it must be informed at time of service with proof so that refund can be process accordingly.


The Company shall not be liable for any compensation or damages for any delay or failure to perform any of the terms and provisions of this Agreement arising from causes beyond its control, including but not limited to, acts of God or public enemies, acts of civil or military authority, labour disputes, fires, riots, wars or conditions of war, embargoes, accidents of third party on transfer routes, epidemics, floods or other unusually severe weather, closing or obstruction of highways, bridges, any of which have a material, substantial and adverse effect on the ability to perform pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.


All the content of the website, such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, etc, is the property of the Company and are protected by the Legislation of Germany and therefore the user has no right to the Platform/Service other than those granted to him as per the present Terms and conditions.

Use of our website or its content by third parties for any purpose other than booking the services provided in the website is strictly prohibited. This also includes.

  1. Any use of Company’s logo or resale of website content for any purpose other than personal use.
  2. Using the website and its content, databases, source code and the software required for its functioning, for any commercial purposes, except for in the cases where written consent has been given by rydeu.com.
  3. Any modification or subsequent publication of the content without our explicit consent.
  4. Usage of any "web scraping" techniques to access the Website content
  5. Usage of any "deep linking" methods that can confuse the user, for example "framing", and/or ones that assume a wrongful or illicit exploitation of the Rydeu.com content.

Use of our website for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.


Company has the right to terminate, suspend or pause this agreement for it’s users without any prior notification, effective from that moment itself.

  1. Immediate termination will be done for breach of agreement.
  2. We may pause/suspend a user's account for maintenance/enhancement of the platform for a certain period.
  3. Any activities including illegal actions or misuse of platform will result in termination of account


This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany.

The Parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court having subject matter jurisdiction in Berlin, Germany.