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Lovingly called the ‘city on water’ by its citizens, Stockholm is a dynamic city booming with culture and life. A modern metropolis, Stockholm was built on 14 islands stunningly located by the Baltic Sea. The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is responsible for over a third of the country’s GDP alone. Its contemporary, urban atmosphere complements its interesting history and ancient structures. The list for things to do in Stockholm is endless, providing something for everybody.

cobblestone streets
Cobblestones,Stockholm        |        Image by  Sanna Jågas from Pixabay 

The city was rumored to be founded by Birger Jarl in 1187 for protection from sea invasions. It rose to prominence due to the Baltic trade of the Hanseatic League which led to strong economic and cultural links with neighboring areas. Stockholm grew to hold great importance and monopoly in trade during the 17th century. Presently, the city is technologically advanced and one of the fastest-growing areas in Europe.

Full of cultural riches, the city feels straight out of a fairytale. Replete with gorgeous royal palaces, golden buildings and typical cobblestone streets, Stockholm remains one of the most enchanting, impeccably preserved historic centres. From world-famous museums and exhibitions which force you to introspect, containing everything from contemporary art to glittering Viking  treasures, the city is a learner’s paradise.

Houseboat Vaxholm
House boat, Vaxholm        |        Image by Bengt Nyman from flickr

With breathtaking design from the smallest of coffee shops to momentous castles, Stockholm's sense of style is legendary. Explore the diverse array of stores selling everything your imagination can conjure, don’t forget to visit the iconic stores Malmstenbutiken and Svenskt Tenn, design lovers’ favourite.

Food here is a serious passion. An international foodie destination with a varied plate, Stockholm is the frontrunner at global culinary trends. For traditional Swedish food, head to Bakfickan in the downtown park of Kungsträdgården. It opened in 1787 and is famous worldwide for their Swedish meatballs in cream sauce with potato purée, lingonberries and pickled cucumber – a true Swedish classic dish.Have an idyllic time on a ferry ride to the town of Vaxholm, beloved for its wooden houses dating back to the end of the 20th century. Enjoy endless strolls between ancient oak trees along the canal and reconnect with nature.


 Image by from flickr

Stockholm Toy Museum

The largest toy collection in the whole of Scandinavia, Stockholm Toy Museum provides fun for people for all ages. Revisit the nostalgia lane and discover a vast variety of boxcars, teddy bears, comic books, action figures, collectibles and dolls at Bergrummet.

Image by  Melinda Vader from flickr

The Riddarholmen Church

Built in the late 1200s, the Riddarholmen Church is the city’s only remaining abbey. Explore and find out the place where the Swedish monarchy and aristocracy, including Gustav II Adolf and Karl XII rested. The church operates as a museum during the summer and even offers guided tours for a learning experience.


This unique building is the perfect attraction for an art lover. Referred to as ‘the color factory’, Färgfabriken has been the centre of contemporary art, architecture, urban planning, and design. Paints, soap, and other artistic materials were produced here in the 19th century. Enjoy a meal at the Färgfabrikens Kafé located within the same walls.

The Police Museum

The exhibitions at the popular police museum presents the history and development of Swedish police and the change in police work today. The museum also shows forensic techniques and explains the various ways the police are represented in the media and popular culture. There is a special area for children where they can try on uniforms and solve a case.

   Image by  nillamaria from flickr

Haga Park

Founded by the monarch Gustav III in the 18th century, this lush park is one of the country’s most beloved attractions. It also hosts numerous historical landmarks including the Chinese Pavilion, the Turkish Kiosk, and the Royal Burial Ground. The residence of the royal family, Haga Palace, can also be found within the park.

Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay 

The Royal Opera House

The historical venue for opera and ballet since 1773, The Royal Opera House bedazzles all of its visitors. You can have a magical and mesmerizing experience at one of the performances or can even opt for a guided tour. Learn about the fascinating history of the opera, visit the royal rooms and get a glimpse of the backstage.

Broby Bro

Broby Bro is extremely famous for its runestones. Located in Uppland, Sweden, it is the only preserved runic inscription which is a beloved sightseeing spot in the country that refers to the pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

Image by  mararie from flickr


The Jarlabanke Runestones are a collection of about 20 runestones from the 11th century. Thousand years old runestones that are part of a route of similar artifacts around the nearby lake and the playground which represents the whole route provides a fun and informative day with the family.

Image by  danraneti from flickr


Popular for being Sweden’s first city, Sigtuna is a unique destination which is highlighted everywhere. Explore the ancient and historic buildings from the 17th century, discover old Swedish houses, castles and churches and walk through the country’s first pedestrian street.

Image by  karlnorling from flickr


Enjoy a day trip to a historical milieu of the highest standard. The most famous attraction of the city, the Drottningholm Palace is the country’s best-preserved royal palace which was constructed in the 17th century. Visitors from all over the world come to look and admire one of Stockholm's three World Heritage Sites.

Image by falco from Pixabay 


Historically important and one of the most important trading centers for Vikings, Birka is a Viking city. Located on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, go strolling in the beautiful landscape and join a guided tour of the archaeological fields. Spend time visiting the reconstructed Viking village and explore the Birka Museum.

Image by Sofie Båtmästar from Pixabay 


A lively university town booming with culture, Gävle has been a prosperous industrial centre since the 19th century. Boasting of a vibrant culinary culture with numerous world-famous restaurants and cafes and uncountable worthy attractions in and nearby town, make a visit here a must!

Image by indineo from Pixabay 


The capital city of Finland consists of over 300 mesmerizing islands. The sea is one of the most characterizing elements of Helsinki with opportunities to explore the majestic sea with boat and ferry rides. The city is extremely approachable with a hub of other interesting cities and sights to visit. Venture out to the forest or enjoy a concert, there is something for everyone here.

Image by arniii from Pixabay 


A 36-minute train ride from Copenhagen, will take you to this small town with a prodigious heart! Approximately 30 kilometers from Copenhagen, rests this wonderful town. If you're a shopping freak, with a burning interest to explore different cultures, this place is for you! Showcasing grandiose art and architecture, and some lively music across the streets, you will be completely nostalgic in this town!

Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay 


A picturesque town on Lake Mälaren, Gripsholm is home of the gorgeous Gripsholm Castle. Spend a full day admiring the romantic grounds of the castle and discover the history of Swedish royalty hidden in the collections of furniture, handicrafts, and interiors from four centuries.

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