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A cultural and historic city, Stavanger is the fourth largest municipality in Norway. An old region of the country, it deemed itself established in the year 1125. It is one of the oldest locations of Norway and has developed rapidly in recent times. Named as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it has retained a charm of the 18th century. Wooden houses, detached homes, etc are high in number here replicating an old town of the previous times. These were retained as a part of preserving the heritage of the area. It has had a booming oil industry in recent times, which also played a main role in increasing the population here. The place is also referred to as the oil capital of Norway. Apart from the booming economy and history, the region is also host to numerous attractions. The main tourist location here is the Stavanger Cathedral, located in the center. Along with this beautiful and historic place, it has a number of museums to honour the oil industry in the place. 

Lake Stavanger        |        Image by tacker from flickr 

Surrounded by museums, ethereal locations and pre-modern architectural beauties, Stavanger has much to offer. The history of this place consists of its growth as a major municipality from a city owing to its major industries. Established in the year 1125 after the construction of the Cathedral, it was a major religious center. It also acted as a military and economic center prior to this. Along the way, it has had many nearby regions merge into it, thus growing as one of the largest areas. The people here have witnessed both rise and downfall. Being an economically focussed country with major industries, disturbances of the outside world have often affected them greatly. Previously, the only occupations here were in shipping, shipbuilding, canning, etc. In the year 1969, oil was discovered in the Northern sea, laying foundations to an ever growing Stavanger that is seen today. 

Stavanger      |  Image by Jean Michel Lagarde from Pixabay 

With a mildly warmer temperature than its counterparts, the city’s temperature is quite welcoming. It also has numerous green parks located in and out of the main municipality region. The Pulpit rock hike, visiting the old town, the cathedral, Kjeragbolten hike, etc. are several other attractions of the place. It is one of the best locations to experience the best of both worlds in the form of modern developments and old charm. The museums around recite tales of the successes and failures of their ancestors and give a brief insight into the changes. An exclusive and enlightening trip of the rise of a beautiful region awaits in this tour to Stavanger. 

Best time to visit Stavanger 

With a mildly cool temperature round the year, Stavanger offers a plethora of options to choose from. Though this exists, a suitably better time would be the summer months between April and July. The highest summer temperature is 19 degrees in July. During the other months, it is around 9-15 degrees, providing a pleasant and bearable temperature experience. They also offer the facility to visualize the celebrations of Constitution day on 17th May, the festival and the annual beach volleyball grand slam. During the winter months, temperatures go as low as -2 degrees during the night. Rains, snowing and thunderstorms are common occurrences in certain areas. It is also considered the off month and hence prices also fall down. Trips must be planned according to comfort.