Sightseeing Transfers in St Gallen

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Situated between Lake Constance and the mountains of the Appenzell Alps, St Gallen is a beautiful land of rich heritage, culture and art. Standing 700 meters above sea-level, it is one of the highest cities in Switzerland. The picturesque views, bustling squares, and archaic setting with a contemporary touch to it will leave your jaw dropped. The peaceful atmosphere of the town makes St Gallen one of the most tourist-friendly locations. From a circuit of aesthetic museums to rejuvenating outdoor activities mark this city as the perfect location for locals as well as tourists. Escape in the medieval streets of Old Town, away from the daily hubbub and explore a trail of local shops, cute cafes, and 16th-century quaint houses.

Streets of St Gallen     |        Image by xiquinhosilva from flickr 

St Gallen has a diverse range of cafes and restaurants since it has an enriching and colossal cuisine. The city is especially popular for its bratwurst, beer and bürli, or regional bread.  When in town do not forget to visit the traditional, small restaurants situated on first floors with low ceilings known as Beizlis. The restaurants have a warm atmosphere and offer you an intimate experience laced with top-notch service and lip-smacking delicacies. 


Alps,St Gallen        |        Image by  uwelino from flickr

Make a trip to Mt. Saentis, the highest peak of the region that gives you some spectacular views of St Gallen and the Bodensee Region. This is your chance to unravel your mind in the majestic beauty of the city and prep yourself for a laid-back experience. Rusty ranges of the Alp and lush greenery of the land make the aura of St Gallen serene and a trail of romance that lingers throughout the year.