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Click by zhengkui li from Pexels

Click by zhengkui li from Pexels

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Sanya City Guide and Airport Transfer Services 

Sanya is the sight of bright sunshine, turquoise water, and expansive beaches, located in the Hainan Province of China. It draws thousands of yearly visitors from domestic as well as foreign destinations. The beaches in Sanya are considered to be among the most gorgeous and clean in all of China. Sanya offers integrated beautiful scenery of beaches, seas, mountains, and rivers whilst being surrounded by mountains on all three sides. As soon as you land at the Sanya airport, take the Sanya airport transfer or Sanya airport taxi and reach the city that awaits to offer you its beautiful sights and culture to enjoy.

Several ethnic groups, particularly the Li and Miao people, flourished in the Sanya region. These residents still uphold their cultural customs in the area. The Sanya region of Hainan Island came under the rule of the Chinese empire throughout the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). During the Japanese conquest of Hainan Island in 1939, Sanya briefly came under Japanese control at the very start of the 20th century.

St. Peter’s Basilica
Tree Houses, Sanya     |   Click by Stefan Wagener from Flickr

With a boom of resorts, hotels, and tourism services in the 1990s and early 2000s, Sanya's expansion as a tourist destination picked up speed. The Chinese government has concentrated its efforts primarily on establishing Sanya as a top international tourist destination, drawing visitors from all over the world. All the history is reflected in the buildings and monuments that stand tall to tell its tales, which you can visit on one of the Sanya sightseeing tours. Book a private taxi in the city to move around soaking all the history of the town. 

Now when you visit the city, the Sanya hotels like Atlantis Sanya, Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa, The Westin Sanya Haitang Bay Resort, The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay, and Mandarin Oriental are some of the well-known hotels that will take care of your stay, food, and entertainment while in the hotels. These hotels have rooms that have facilities like coffee machines, mini refrigerators, fantastic views of the beach nearby and the city, a bar and lounge, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and fun events with performances, you get it all. 

These hotels are in such parts of the city and are easily accessible via taxi transfer from anywhere in the city or airport taxi service if you are getting there from the airport. 

Dadonghai Beach, Sanya    |   Click by Gary Todd from Flickr

Cuisine in Sanya is a part not to be missed when in the city. Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Coconut Rice, Seafood Hotpot, and Hainanese Congee are some of the lip-smacking dishes you have to try in order to experience the real and local taste of the city. The city is beautiful and so are its people; on your vacation here, take a private transfer service and spend an entire day with the locals engaging in the everyday things to have a real taste of the town.

Best Time to Visit Sanya 

Usually, the period of November to March is considered the best time to visit Sanya. The Sanya weather is pleasant and relaxing and people and you get to see the city coming to life with new colours every day. Even though it's chilly outside, you can still go to the beachfront in winter and swim or wander along in a swimsuit and flip-flops, the cold is bearable. The city being nestled in a coastal area, gets sunshine for almost 300 days of the year, but summer gets harsh resulting in ushering very few tourists at that time. 

Don't worry about travelling during your visit to Sanya though, as you can take the private transfer service or Sanya airport transfer to travel from the airport to the city and move around for sightseeing in the scorching heat. Indulge yourself in the panoramic views of the sea while enjoying the yummy tropical fruit that grows in the region.

Book Airport Transfer in Sanya 

Sanya is a small city compared to many other tourist cities in China but has a number of tourist attractions to visit. The local transportation modes like taxis, buses, and trains help to a great extent to move around in the city.

Geneva transportation in tram
Bus, Sanya       |  Click by 潘世博 from Flickr


Buses in Sanya's large transportation network run a wide range of routes both inside the city and in outlying regions. The fare is normally paid in cash over boarding buses, which are a cost-effective means of transportation. However, keep in mind that a great deal of bus lines have Chinese billboards, so it might be beneficial for you to bring a map or ask for guidance from locals. You can choose buses as a form of airport transfer Sanya but they do not directly take you to the exact airport location resulting in taking another mode of transport like a taxi to reach your destination.

Taxis, Sanya       |    Click by Tim Samuel from Pexels


Taxis are easy to find in the city and also an efficient means of transportation. You can find them at Taxi stands, big hotels, and popular tourist sites. The most efficient way to communicate with the driver is to have your final destination printed in Chinese or to employ a translation application. These taxis also work as airport taxis in Sanya and you can directly reach the airport from the city. 

Rental Cars 

You can book a rental car to move freely around the city. These cars can be booked online, in person at the airport, or through one of the city's several car rental businesses. However, keep in mind that traffic in Sanya can be blocked up, especially during the peak travel seasons, and that driving therein may require a Chinese licence for driving or a foreign permit to drive. These cars are also a great option when used as Sanya airport transfers as they are convenient.

Electric Scooters and Bikes 

Just like rental cars, rented electric scooters and bikes are also quite popular in Sanya. Bikes and electric scooter services have grown in favour in Sanya in recent years. Some of the companies offer rented electric scooters or bicycles for a short period so that you can tour the city on your own time off. To find available bikes or scooters, look for authorised rental stations or use applications linked to these companies.

Sanya Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Sanya Phoenix International Airport is the only airport in Sanya that serves the city with domestic and international flights. It is located around 15 kilometres from the northwest of the city centre. Sanya airport taxis, buses, and private Sanya airport transfers are the only means of transport.


The airport shuttle buses that offer transportation to popular tourist destinations and significant hotels also help you reach the airport from the city centre and vice versa. There are specific routes allotted to the buses in the city that take passengers to the Sanya international airport. However, these buses do not connect directly to the airport, hence, you need to get down at the nearest bus stop and then take a private transfer or taxi to the airport.

Rental Cars 

Very few opt to rent cars to go to the Sanya airport. Airport transfer from Sanya is easy to get, hence, not many people take the trouble to drive themselves to the airport, usually, buses or other forms of airport transfer in Sanya or Sanya airport taxi to reach there. These taxis, however, are the apt services to avail for going on those fun Sanya sightseeing tours.

Battery Bus
Taxi, Airport transfer    |    Click by Tim Samuel from Pexels

Sanya Airport Taxi 

Apart from the few public transport modes, Sanya airport transfers that are private like Sanya airport taxi, are widely opted for by tourists. You can hail a Sanya airport taxi which can be pre-booked on online apps as certain agencies provide them. You can book a taxi to Sanya per your flight schedule and decide on the pickup point around the airport.

A variety of vehicles are offered for your transfer from the airport; minibuses, buses, luxurious cars and other cars, you can choose any vehicle as per your needs. Sanya airport taxi is by far the most opted mode Sanya of airport transfer by tourists. It is a form of Sanya transfer from the airport where you do not have to change any connecting vehicles, or even worry about luggage. This private taxi can help you with Sanya sightseeing tours as well as to have a comfortable ride while exploring the city.

Explore Sanya Sightseeing 

Being a coastal region, Sanya is well-known for the seafood that you get there. 

The best way to explore these places is by getting one of the Sanya sightseeing tours available in the city. You can book a private taxi or any form of private transfer to travel to these places. Once you land at the Sanya airport, you can book a Sanya airport taxi provided by companies to reach your hotel. Tourists often use private transfer services and Sanya airport transfers in the city. The Manila train line and boats from Batangas Port are the two public transport alternatives in the city. Rest private transfer to visit all the Sanya sightseeing attractions in the city.

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