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Route Summary - Salzburg to Graz

Though located in the same country, these two places have a great difference between them. Salzburg is famous for the historical aspect of the industrial side here, while Graz holds importance for its structures showcasing the past beautifully. One travelling from Salzburg to Graz can never completely admire the beauty of these two places. The museums of Salzburg and the architecture and cuisine of Graz are equally exquisite and this change is significant in the route connecting them too. The way between offers a great view. 

Though located in the same country, they are near to different borders. Salzburg to Graz taxi booking will be a great way to travel between these places. Depending on modes other than private will cause a lot of struggle and discomfort. Waiting for a long time can easily be avoided by this mode. The taxi hire cost from Salzburg to Graz by Rydeu does not empty your pockets, offering vehicles at a feasible price. Apart from a direct-hire, online taxi booking in Graz is another famed and trusted method. Rydeu lets you choose the best, fitting perfectly with your plans. 


Distance between Salzburg and Graz - 266.7 km 

Journey time - 3 hr and 16 min



Translating as the ‘Salt Fortress’, the place initially got its income for salt trade and gold mining. It is primarily known for the structures from the 11th and 17th centuries. Surrounded by the Alpines, it offers some of the best views of the surrounding regions. The Hohensalzburg fortress is one of the oldest ones here. Numerous churches and monasteries were built in the Baroque architecture. These are very famous here due to their cultural significance. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The locations here are tourist favourites. They are minimalistic if seen from a distance and possess a great charm while nearing. It is also known for being the birthplace of the legendary Mozart. Everything around the area is captivating. The calm and natural surroundings with the beaming monuments is an experience like no other. 


The second-largest city after Austria, this place has been famous for the educational institutions it has. Several key structures, holding great importance are also present here. The place has always been a primary interest for Slovakia and Croatia. The city centre of this place has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Centres, including the Eggenberg Palace recently. It has acted as the cultural capital of Europe and is also named the City of Culinary Delights. Living up to its name, the food here is remarkable and leaves unforgettable impressions. Numerous olden architectural sites are present around the city. Most of them are near to the city centre and can be visited with ease. The Greater Graz area is the other thing to look forward to. It has an open-air museum, an extensive cave system, a place where the famous horses are bred, etc. The places live up to their hype and are worth a shot for sure.