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Dating back to 696, Salzburg was founded as an episcopal see which later got converted to the seat of archbishop in 798. The city is situated in the ancient Roman settlement of Iuvavum and is seen to be the fourth largest city in the country. Considered as home for more than 156,872 inhabitants residing peacefully in the city, salt extraction and gold mining were two of the most opted occupations. 

Salzburg building        |        Image by Jorge Franganillo from flickr 

Fortress of Hohensalzburg is considered to be one of the most visited places in Salzburg and the largest fortress in the entire Europe. the 17th century marked the sudden rise in the number of travellers due to the construction of numerous churches built in baroque architecture and lavish glass panels. In the year 1996, with more than 27 churches and rich culture, Salzburg was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 



Salzburg Lake       |        Image by Sabine Ruhland from Pixabay

Salzburg is a city which simply has a lot to offer to its visitors, whether it’s the world famous Salzburg festival or the picturesque surrounding during the summer season. From adrenaline junkies to serene seekers, you will fall hard for the Salzburg lake. The mountains that reside in the south provide hiking and trekking opportunities for all the fitness freaks out there. If you are visiting the city during the winter season, make sure to pack your skins set as skiing is the new trend in the south. 


If we have to mention one of the many things that help Salzburg in standing out than the rest of the places on this earth, we are definitely listing the cuisine first. Austrian cuisine takes pride in the rustic recipes and dishes, especially the desserts. The soft, creamy and mouth-watering Topfenstrudel will make you go gaga over it, while the Cremeschnitte will make you push your earring limits and stuff some more vanilla flavoured bread with sweet cream. 

Best Time To Visit Salzburg 

When summer crowds have tapered off and the sky-rocketed price gets back to normal, that is during the months of September to October, is considered to be the best time to visit the city. March to April is a good time to visit although the city starts getting cold during these months. November to February are seen to be the coldest months of the city which makes it a bit difficult to explore the city without any hassle. Make sure to plan everything in advance for a smooth and relaxed trip for alicante airport transfers