Image by Sesana from Pixabay

Image by Sesana from Pixabay

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Rotterdam City Guide And Airport Transfer Service

Developed as a fishing village in 1328, Rotterdam is now the second largest city in the Netherlands. Rich with breath-taking architecture and modern art, it is the biggest and busiest port in Europe. A modern metropolis, the city’s skyline shimmers with colossal skyscrapers unlike other cities in the country.

Rotterdam Bridge
Rotterdam Bridge        |        Image by herryway

One third of Rotterdam and the city centre was completely destroyed by the Germans during the Second World War yet the city rose from its ashes in the subsequent years. It was completely rebuilt, more brilliant than before. With inputs from great architects like Piano, Foster, and Koolhaas, city planning was done in such a way to retain space towards the river.

New Mess
New Mess, Rotterdam        |        Image by derooijfotografie

Rotterdam is a city with cutting-edge designs and continuous innovation. Tourists come from all over the world to marvel at the unique urban design ranging from the docklands at Kop van Zuid, the grand Centraal Station redevelopment; the iconic Erasmus Bridge, and the unique Markthal. Exploration in Rotterdam is both eye-opening and memorable.

From hippie and trendy cafes to the grandiose magnificent traditional cafes, Rotterdam boasts of its huge variety of eating corners which act as a functional working space along with quaint hang-out places. Where it was home to the brilliant Man Met Brill, the only coffee roastery in the city, now it has twelve such famous eateries.

A favourite shopping place for high end shoppers, there are numerous shopping venues scattered in the city. Where the well-known street Kruiskade is popular for its upscale retailers like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, Markthal hosts a lot of small retailers. Yet Zuidplein remains the main shopping area with exhibitions, concerts, shows among more.

A casual sight beholds locals involved in a lot of water-related action. Rotterdam promises a day of fun and excitement and visitors are advised to board a ferry to visit nearby destinations including Dordrecht and Kinderdijk.

Considered the European Capital of Culture, the city has its own orchestra called the Rotterdam Philharmonic. There are numerous theatres and cinemas including  Cinerama which guarantee a magnificent time. A visit here is definitely an ideal proposition!


Book Your Airport Transfer In Rotterdam

Travelling within Rotterdam is extremely convenient while using public transportation. The extensive network of trams, buses, metro and ferry all over the city is completely managed by the public transport company RET.

RET, Rotterdam        |        Image by Ruud van den Breevaart

To avail these facilities, a valid public transport card is required. There are a variety of public transport cards available according to the requirement. RET 2 hours ticket covers free travelling for two hours for just € 4,00, whereas the RET day ticket costs € 8,00. These tickets are valid only on trams, buses and metros operated by RET in Rotterdam.


Rotterdam Bus
RET, Rotterdam        |        Image by Sander Sloots

If you are new to the city, RET offers a welcome card for 1-2-3 days with discounted prices on transportation and reduction of 25-50% on the entrance fee of all major attractions. If you are staying for more than 7 days, it is advised to buy a public transport chip card or ov chipkaart.

The metro system is extremely accessible with five lines covering the whole city and neighboring areas which provides for easy transfers in the city. Beurs station is  the biggest railroad line hub, where all the lines cross. Trams are a popular mode of transport, providing ease and luxury to relish the journey. All trams converge at Central Station. Travel times differ for the weekdays and weekends for both the metro and the tram.

Buses operate frequently in the city and connect all the neighborhoods. Bus routes 32 and 44 cover all Rotterdam’s major attractions. Of course there is the option of hiring a cab/taxi for a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Rydeu provides comfortable transfers in the city.

 Rotterdam Airport Transfers And Private Taxi Service

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands and services the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague and neighboring regions. Your journey begins at the airport itself and a lot depends on the method of airport transfers chosen. 

RET, Rotterdam        |    Image by philstephenrichards from flickr


There are multiple options for airport transfers by train. The airport is connected with The Hague, Leidschendam, Pijacker, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam Central Station by the RandstadRail which is a high-speed train. The slower national NS train service also connects the airport with the city and the nearby towns. A valid OV-Chipkaart or a Public Transport Chip Card is required to use public transport which can be bought from a newsdealer at the airport itself.


Transfers from the airport in Rotterdam is straightforward when using the bus. You can reach the city center in maximum 20 minutes with RET bus No. 50 which connects to the Meijersplein metro station where you can transfer to line E. The No. 33 bus also gets you to Rotterdam Central Station in about 25 minutes. 


 Taxis are a convenient choice from travelling from the airport especially at night when there is no public transportation and you have a lot of luggage. You can avail the service of Rotterdam Airport Taxi which specializes in trips to and from Rotterdam The Hague Airport with a wide array of vehicles. You can find the taxi stand directly in front of the entrance/exit of the airport terminal. Rydeu provides an easy solution for all your travel woes with easy airport transfers. They are cheap, affordable and leave you hassle-free to enjoy the journey to your destination. 

The Cube Houses
The Cube Houses        |        Image by Engel62

Places To Visit In Rotterdam

1. The Cube Houses

One of the city’s iconic attractions, these houses are literally cubes, tilted over by 45 degrees. Considered to be Rotterdam’s most creative and striking architecture, the cube houses were designed by the Dutch architect Piet Blom. Take a tour around a fully furnished cube house in the Show Cube Museum or experience living it in the Cube House hostel.




Market Hall
Markethall, Rotterdam        |        Image by vzoest0


2. Market Hall

 Rotterdam’s indoor market is football pitch size and is the largest in the Netherlands. Hosting 100 fresh produce sellers, 15 food shops and 8 restaurants, Market Hall is a foodie’s heaven. A one of a kind gastronomical experience, you can find everything from fresh bread to delicious cheese at the market’s stalls.


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