Sightseeing Transfers in Ronne

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Image by Sven Meier from Pixabay

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The largest town ornating the island of Bornholm in the majestic Baltic sea, Rønne conspires to enchant its travellers with its scenic beauty. The town came into existence around the 9th century, when a few fishermen used the natural Harbour to grow into a community. It was just a few years after the existence of the fishing community that, courtesy to the flourished trade, the town's economy started prospering. Soon, the town had its own court of law, which is a testament to the glorious past of this incredible town!

Ronnes Harbour
Harbour,Ronne     |      Image by Steenbergs from flickr 

Despite being a town that is hospitable, with a unique culture, Rønne had its own knocks in its historical past! As the trade and economy flourished, the town brewed greed for itself in the hearts of many including the German princes! As a result, the town was pillaged and set ablaze by the princes from Lübeck, an innumerable number of times! Controlled by the Lübeckers in 1525, transferred to Sweden in 1658 during the Dano-Swedish wars, bombed during World War II are some of the agonies of Rønne's significant past that it boasts overcoming!



Ronnes, Street
Ronnes,Street    |       Image by sorenriise from flickr 

The town has a lot to offer to those who come to cherish its beauty!

Rønne is a land of magic! The town never ceases to amaze the tourists and travellers! Its rich culture is reflected in the art and architecture as well as the fine culinary skills, which can be tested by treating one's taste buds to the delectable cuisines! 

From 150 years old Hjorths Fabrik, spellbinding Antoinette beach, and the Museum of Bornholm to bicycle trips, Brændesgårdshaven, and Helligdomsklipperne, Rønne leaves no stone unturned when it comes to doing justice to the time and dime invested by the its beloved tourists and travellers.

With all said and done, you will never fall short of reasons for visiting Bornholm's main capital! If you are up for some fun, learning, and a calming vibe, don't think much, and get ready for a memorable trip to this amazing town!