Airport Transfers in Ronne

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Image by Sven Meier from Pixabay

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Built 5 kilometers southeast of Rønne, on the island of Bornholm, is the awe-inspiring Bornholm Airport! The construction of the airport had begun in 1937, primarily to establish an air-connection between Copenhagen - the country's capital - and Rønne. After two long years, the airport began serving the public with a temporary licence. It was only after several days that glitches in the runways were found, following which, the airport suspended the operations temporarily. Although the airport had officially cut the ribbons on November 16th, 1940, the first temporary terminal was built in 1941, and served the airport for 20 long years. The first permanent terminal was built in 1961, and the airport has recorded a smooth operation ever since!

Bornholm airport has had its name changed twice! As soon as Denmark took control of the airport in 1947, the Danish changed the airport's name to "Rønne Airport", thereafter changing it again in 1992 to "Bornholm airport", in order to market the destination as a holiday retreat!

Bornholm airport has pioneered the art of serving the tourists and travellers with utmost efficiency. The airport tends to the needs and wants of each and every tourist! Giving the vacation vibes as soon as one lands in the city, the airport will give you a fantastic experience! 

The airport may not be one of Denmark's largest, but it certainly is one of Denmark's most beautiful airports! A 7-minute ride from the port of Rønne, Bornholm airport is easily accessible! The airport has sufficient facilities to ensure the comfort and convenience of the tourists and travellers!

With a dainty lounge and superlative VIP rooms, the airport keeps in mind the comfort that the tourists crave after long journeys! The airport also has a dedicated children's play-area to keep the little ones occupied!

While one can find the book shop at the airport to be a treasure, one can help oneself to a cozy coffee shop as soon as one steps into the departures' hall! 

Along with every exciting facility mentioned above the airport has an ATM, telephones for public use, and free WIFI access for the tourists to have a smooth experience during their time at the airport!

With everything mentioned above, we are convinced that Bornholm airport is a beautiful airport with sufficient facilities! Rest assured, your experience will be one of a kind!