Airport Transfers in Ronne

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Image by Sven Meier from Pixabay

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There is only one international airport that on the town's land :

Bornholm Airport

The town abounds in airport transport facilities for the travellers to travel to and from the Bornholm Airport!

Taxi,Ronne        |       Image by Maria Eklind from flickr 

The town reflects its warm culture in the way it cares for each and every tourist and traveller!

The airport is easily accessible, and thus, ronne transport from airport does not cost more than a few bucks - one of the many reasons to adore the town even more than before!

The myriad of transport facilities for transfer from Rønne airport include public transportation and private transportation.

While the public transport facilities such as buses are considerably light on the pockets of the tourists, but can be very exhausting, the private transport facilities such as car-rentals, airport shuttles, bicycles and private taxis cost a few more dimes but are extremely comfortable and relaxing!