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The largest island in the Dodecanese island group, Rhodes is situated northeast of Crete, southeast of Athens. Home to only 50,636 citizens, this historic island was nicknamed The Island of the Knights after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who ruled the island from 1310 to 1522. Full of mysterious buildings and fantastic beaches, Rhoades has a rich historical past. The atmosphere provided by strong walls, stone-paved alleys, elegant mansions, and a medieval castle scattered all over the city is mesmerizing.

Rhodes, Greece      |        Image by Myroslava from Pexels

A stroll in Rhodes Old Town creates the ambience of the age of the knights. Touted a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is considered to be the most important monument of the island. Millions of tourists visit every year to admire the grandeur of one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The ambience in Rhodes Town captivates both locals and tourists alike. The Venetian Castle, the Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Master are just a stone throw’s distance from the Rhodes Old Town


Beach, Rhodes        |        Image by Emilian Robert Vicol from Pixabay 

Spend a beautiful day reveling in the magnificent beauty of the surrounding sights, including the Acropolis of Lindos, the Monastery of Filerimos, the Springs of Kallithea and various castles spread on the island. Don’t forget to sunbathe at the various gorgeous beaches the island is home to. From Tsambika, Saint Paul's bay, Ladiko to Kallithea among others, all beaches in Rhodes have crystal waters and are unique in natural beauty. Go windsurfing at Prassonissi, on the southern side of the island and have a fun day with your friends and family playing water games.

Rhodes are a bustling gastronomical scene with numerous places to eat and drink as well as places to have a fun night out. From elegant places to eat with gourmet or international dishes to traditional taverns by the sea, the island is a food lover’s paradise. The charming taverns provide wonderful views of the sea along with great food. For a memorable night out, visit the popular nightlife spot, Hippocrates Square which is full of a huge variety of lounge bars and clubs. If you are looking for something romantic, check out Faliraki, home to bars with a warm and cozy ambience.  

Rhodes Dodecanese is among the most beautiful and popular Greek islands with its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches. There is something for everyone here. 


Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

Acropolis of Lindos

This beautiful clifftop overlooks the beautiful sea, contrasted with the blue sky and the stark pillars. Fortified in the 6th century, this historic site is 116 m high from the village of Lindos. Now surrounded by historic battlements erected by the Knights of St John, this wonderfully preserved site is home to ancient remains that include the magnificent Temple to Athena Lindia and a grand 20-columned Hellenistic stoa.

Image by xoona from Pixabay

Palace of the Grand Master

The exterior of the palace is a splitting image of how it looked when it was built by the 14th-century Knights Hospitaller yet the interior underwent a transformation when the palace was damaged by an explosion in the 19th century. It is home to two exciting twin historical museums downstairs, one which is dedicated to ancient Rhodes and the other to the island’s medieval history.

Image by  Michael Zero Mayer from flickr

Ladiko Beach

Considered to be one of Rhodes’ most charming beaches, Ladiko Beach has one-of-a-kind structures. It has two back-to-back coves which are covered with sun loungers, rented by adjoining tavernas. Attracting hundreds of tourists and locals alike every day, the first cove is composed of sand and gravel whereas the second cove consists of pebbles and is a favoured spot for swimming.

Image by  Nikos Roussos from flickr


Hora is the famous central commercial and residential district of Rhodes’s Old Town. The inquisition by the Ottomans in the 16th century is evident from its appearance and culture. Also known as the Turkish Quarter, Hora is home to numerous churches that became mosques including the beautiful, pink-domed Mosque of Süleyman, at the top of Sokratous. The Muslim Library, which was founded in the 18th century by Turkish Rhodian Ahmed Hasuf is also located here.

Image by Shadowgate from flickr

Valley of the Butterflies

This narrow-wooded cleft in the mountains, decorated with attractive footpaths attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. During summers, between 10 June and 20 September, this magical forest comes alive with colourful butterflies, drawn by the resin exuded by storax trees. It is situated 7km up from the west coast, and 32km southwest of Rhodes Town and is suitable for a day trip.

Image by  Jorge Lascar from flickr

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Originally a 15th-century Knights' Hospital, the magnificent Archaeological Museum welcomes its visitors with a weathered, sun-kissed stone lion, which is visible from the street itself. With charming displays ranging through several upstairs galleries and gorgeous gardens which are open during summers, the museum is a delight to all. Highlights worth mentioning include the exquisite Aphrodite Bathing marble statue from the 1st century BC and a reconstructed burial site from 1630 BC.

Image by  Irene Grassi (sun sand & sea) from flickr


A beautiful, 8.7 km hiking trail located near Monolithos, Rhodes, Greece, Akramitis offers a great opportunity to see wildlife at its most natural face. Used primarily for hiking, trail running, and nature trips, the trail starts from a Monolithos, a gorgeous rural village at the Western side of the island. Replete with breathtaking alpine meadows and aromatic and exotic herbs like sage and oregano, this hike provides the visitors an opportunity to explore a totally undiscovered area of the island.

Image by Manfred Reinert from Pixabay


A medieval village offering a perfect blend of history and beaches, Lindos is a magnificent acropolis situated on an imposing rock. It is home to numerous historic houses known as "Captains" houses often dating from the 16th, 17th or 18th century. Admire the gorgeous ancient theatre situated beneath the Temple of Athena and marvel at the Greek Orthodox Church of St John, built on the ruins of an older church.

Image by  Shadowgate from flickr


Filerimos is home to the grand Monastery of Panagia Filerimos which is situated on a hill above Ialyssos, about 10 km from Rhodes Town. Dating from the 15th century, this magnificent monastery was built by the Knights of Saint John, who had conquered the island that time. The ruins of a baptistery in the shape of a cross along with the remains of Ancient Ialyssos are housed in the area around the monastery.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


A Greek mountainous island, Symii is a charming and peaceful alternative to other, bustling islands of the Dodecanese such as Kos and Rhodes. Attracting tourists who revel in quiet elegance, Symi is full of fantastic neoclassical buildings, great beaches, stunning monasteries and divine food. Extremely colourful and sophisticated, this island is famous for its unique shrimps named Symi's shrimps.


A small fishing village full of familial activities and attractions, Haraki is sometimes referred to as Heaven on Earth. Snugly situated right in between ruins of the Feraklos fortress, tourists in Haraki can be seen gazing out to sea from the balconies of their rented rooms. Replete with mini-markets, restaurants, cafes, and a foreign press agency, this attractive little bay is an underrated gem.

Image by  Stephen Reed from flickr


A quiet sandy beach, Kolympia is a beloved spot for elderly visitors due to its extremely relaxing ambience. Located in the eastern coast of the island, about 26 km south of Rhodes Town, the beach of Kolympia takes your breath away. The picturesque scene of crystal-clear waters contrasting with the green background leaves a permanent imprint in your brain. It is one of the calmest beaches in Rhodes.

Image by Shadowgate from flickr


Called the Butterfly Valley, Petaloudes is a favourite among families with children who wish to enjoy the gentle beauty of nature and learn more about the life cycle of butterflies as part of their summer holiday. Have gorgeous walks through the shaded, green valley with its pretty river and charming waterfalls and explore the monastery housed in the park itself.

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