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Phnom Penh City Guide and Airport Transfer Services 

Cambodia is located in a place in South Asia where there are equal amounts of beautiful plains and gorgeous beaches. It is a sovereign state that has several cities for sightseeing and draws people from every corner of the world. One of those cities is Phnom Penh. The capital city of Cambodia boasts a vibrant bar scene, a world-class cuisine scene, and an enticing cafe culture. But all of this is a part of the suspense. It is a city with many tourist places to visit and has Phnom Penh airport taxi and private transfer services available easily to reach those places. 

St. Peter’s Basilica
Russian Market, Phnom Penh     |  Click by William from Flickr

Phnom Penh history has been a tough journey of brutality, poverty, the residents were sent for death marches here and what not. Genocide was a common thing back then and murder news were heard every now and then. It became the capital of Cambodia in 1865 but before that, since the city was founded, it has been a tough path for Phnom Penh. The archaeologists believe that the country was inhabited some 40,000 years ago and Phnom Penh was one of the cities to have early settlements among many other ones.

Town Square, Phnom Penh    |   Click by mendhak from Flickr

A Cambodian prince who was supposed to be called Jayavarman II in future, returned to Cambodia from "exile" in Java in the late 8th century and proceeded to establish the empire. Cambodia grew into an obscure Buddhist kingdom over the following 4 centuries, depending on the goodwill of its neighbouring regions,  Vietnam and Thailand. Later, France captured the country and ruled for a prolonged period. When it gained independence from French rule, Cambodia came under the protection of the United Nations. SInce then the country Cambodia and its cities have lived as independent, developing regions. 

Today, Phnom Penh, Cambodia city breathes the air of freedom, development, fun, and tourism. Talking about tourism, sightseeing in Phnom Penh is quite popular for a variety of places. A plethora of options to choose your means of entertainment from, Phnom Penh has shopping centres, beaches, historical as well as religious buildings to visit. Phnom Penh tourist attractions like the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom Daun Penh, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Silver Pagoda, and Wat Langka top in the list top places to visit in Phnom Penh. These places can be easily reached with the help of Phnom Penh taxi and private transfer services. Phnom Penh airport taxi is easily available too to reach the travel. 

Phnom Penh hotels are super famous for their services offered, entertainment, multi-cultural dining experiences, lounges, wellness and spa, well equipped gyms, luxurious rooms with opulent bathrooms, bars, pools and live performances are what you will like the most about your stay at the hotels. These are hotels like Sun and Moon, Riverside Hotel that has spectacular views of the river, The Peninsula Hotel and Residence, Palace Gate Hotel and Resort, and NagaWorld are all the opulent Phnom Penh hotels you would want to stay in for the best experiences. 

Cambodian Fried Doughnuts, Yakitori Chicken Skewers, Bai Sach Chrouk, Num Banh Chok are the delicious, lip smacking dishes you MUST EAT while in the city, In fact, going for a Phnom Penh street food tour would not be a bad idea as you will find dishes here you might not have tried ever in any corner of the world but Phnom Penh. Cambodia is famous for a different type of snack for the carnivores and that is- Insects! Yes! Phnom Penh food markets have these too. You can find them at the Creepy Crawly Stands in the market. 

Best Time to Visit Phnom Penh 

Cambodia has a weather that varies vividly in a year but has seasons which also include Phnom Penh. November to May are the months known as the tourist or the peak season in the city. The Phnom Penh weather during these months is warm and there is very little precipitation. Throughout the year though, the region has hot and humid weather.

Most of the year, temperatures range from the low to mid-30s (Celsius), that goes only a bit down at night. Wet and dry seasons are the two recognized seasons in Cambodia. Dry temperatures are from November through May. The region receives most of the rain during the period of June through October. 

To avoid rains, the best time to visit Phnom Penh is during April and May, after which, the downpours start in June. Phnom penh Sightseeing tours are the busiest during these months as tourists enjoy the city when the sun is at its best over the city. If you wish to beat the crowd, visiting the city before November can be a good time, but there will always be sudden heavy downpours, hence, take your rain-coats and umbrellas with you. 

If you happen to visit Phnom Penh in mid April, then there are fair chances of you getting to experience their new year celebrations. It is the time when farmers, who have struggled all year in their fields to harvest produce, enjoy some well deserving leisure time. On this day, the Khmer community comes together to perform multiple purity rituals, tour their temples, and have fun with traditional activities.

Phnom Penh Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Phnom Penh is a bustling city with several tourist attractions, and the local life is quite busy and moving too. Hence, the city has a strong network of public transportation as well as other modes of private transfer services. Airport transfers like the Phnom Penh airport taxi are quite popular too. 

Geneva transportation in tram
Bus, Phnom Penh  |   Click by KK70088 from Flickr


The municipal public transport system regulates phnom penh city buses for locals and tourists to move in and around the city. At the initial stage of the system being built, Three lines were present, accessible to the public in September 2014. Further lines were added slowly over the subsequent years, 11 lines are present throughout the city currently.  The network has been extended into Prek Pnov (North), Ta Khmao (South), Chbar Ampov (East), and Special Economic Zone (West). The majority of these buses lack air conditioning and can become very packed during periods with significant traffic. Like buses, shuttle services are the easiest ways to travel in the city. 

Cyclo, Phnom Penh  |   Click by Bryon Lippincott from Flickr


There are many Phnom Penh tourist attractions close to each other. For such places you can take cyclo- a three tire cycle peddled by a driver. You can find these cyclos parked around well-known hotels and eateries, so you can also hire one from The Cyclo Centre on Street 158 and enjoy a full day of Phnom Penh sightseeing tours.  

Taxis in Phnom Penh 

Phnom Penh airport taxi and city taxis are easily available along Sisowath Quay as well as outside of the major Phnom Penh hotels. However, numerous taxi agencies in Phnom Penh provide round-the-clock private taxi services, rendering the fastest and safest mode of transportation. The majority of locals who drive city taxis speak English and have excellent knowledge of Phnom Penh. These private taxis are personalised services which you can pre-book online and even get it from your hotel or door-step. 


In Phnom Penh, moto or motorbike taxis are helpful during brief journeys, and those driven by English-speaking locals are usually placed in tourist areas like Independence Monument and Sisowath Quay. Prices will probably rise if you travel around night. There are daily charges for motorcycle services if you intend to explore outside of the city centre. Even as a passenger, you always should wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Cambodia, so ask your driver to lend one to you. In addition, traffic authorities are constantly alert for tourists who are riding without a helmet. Apart from private transfers or private taxi, this is a convenient and most used Phnom Penh shuttle or mode of transport for solo travellers. 

There are no train services travelling everywhere in the city but railway lines are allotted for airport transfer. The Royal Railway operates the Phnom Penh shuttle train in the city. All the airport transfers in Phnom Penh and transportation means are easily available in the city and have a strong network to move around in the town. Airport transfer Phnom Penh is in the form of taxis and tuk-tuks but no direct train services are available in the city. 

Phnom Penh Airport Transfers and Private Taxi Services 

Phnom Penh International Airport is the only airport in the city located 10 kilometres west from downtown Phnom Penh. There are a few Phnom Penh airport transfer options that you can choose from to travel to the airport. 

Battery Bus
Bus, Airport Transfer    |  Click by shankar s. from Flickr

Local Bus for Airport Transfer 

The local bus from the Phnom Penh International Airport takes you to the city centre. There is no need to change buses as  bus line 3 goes directly from the airport to the city. You can take a private taxi service or local taxi from the bus station to your hotel or any other destination. One way ticket fare from Phnom Penh airport to the city centre bus station is 40 EUR. Children up to the age of 1 year can travel without tickets on the bus. 

Remorque or Tuk-Tuk 

The most popular way to travel in the city is Remorque, commonly known as a tuk-tuk. It is a carriage towed by a motorbike. Tuk-tuks are always available at the airport; if you're travelling light also without kids, you can pick one as a more unusual and traditional way to travel to go to your hotel or other downtown location.

It is the local mode of Phnom Penh airport transfer which is easy to get and ride when you are travelling light or with no luggage at all. Every ride may charge different prices depending upon the number of passengers and luggage, also distance is measured. An average cost would be 10 to 12 EUR but it is safe to discuss the rates first. 


Express trains run by Royal Railway Cambodia began operations in 2018 from Phnom Penh International Airport to Phnom Penh Train Station. The trip is roughly thirty minutes and approximately costs 2.30 EUR, one way. Most of the locals use trains for long distance or for intercity travels only.

Phnom Penh Airport Taxi 

Apart from the local modes of airport transfers in Phnom Penh, private transfer services are commonly used to travel from the Phnom Penh airport to the city centre. You can hail a Phnom Penh airport taxi which can be pre-booked on online apps as certain agencies provide them. You can book these services as per your flight schedule and decide on the pick up point around the airport. A variety of vehicles are offered for your transfer from the airport; minibuses, buses, luxurious cars and other cars, you can choose any vehicle as per your needs. You can count on these services as the best Phnom Penh transfer from airport as it is more personalised and comfortable.

Explore Phnom Penh Sightseeing

Apart from food and shopping, sightseeing in Phnom Penh is the major pull for tourism. Places like Wat Ounalom,Wat Phnom, Royal Palace and National Museum of Cambodia are top Phnom Penh tourist attractions that you can visit for sightseeing. You can opt for Phnom Penh airport transfer after landing at the Phnom Penh international airport, or even Phnom Penh airport taxi to reach your destination. Similarly, to go for Phnom Penh sightseeing tours you can opt for private taxi services in the city.

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