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 Paris City Guide

Known to be a paradise on the earth, Paris is the most populated and the capital city of France. Dating back to the ancient times Paris was seen to be the major hub for the overall development of the country, from economy and agriculture to arts, fashion and education, the city has set ultimate goals in the entire country. Seen to host approximately 18 percent of the entire population in France, this city is noted to be the second most expensive city in the world after Singapore.

City Paris
Paris City        |        Image by Edi Nugraha

This city is considered to be a perfect amalgamation of fashion, rich art, architecture and a bit of everything that makes a place ideal for attracting tourists from all around the world. However, the architectural landmarks and the antique museums still remain the major cause of attraction, one of the most evident examples of which is Louvre which witnesses the highest visits in the year 2019. Paris is now declared to be the World Heritage Site due to its ethereal beauty and jaw-dropping sightseeing places. A perfect day trip to the gothic Lavish chapel of Sainte-Chapelle and Eiffel Tower will set your day just right. Paris has the second busiest underground public transport facilities in the world which makes wandering around in the city very feasible.


Eiffel Tower, Paris        |        Image by Edi Nugraha

Home for various sports that recollect the pride and adventure in the country, Paris also attracts a large number of tourists due to the adrenaline junk that it offers to its visitors in the form of sports. Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most popular football clubs in the world, due to the annual FIFA WorldCup that takes place in the outskirts of the city. Paris is known for its charming nature amongst the visitors, with a power to please the wide range of audience, one can never fall short of places to explore in the city. For an ideal day out, you can tuck into the French Macarons or spend some ideal time in Disneyland. The city also features some of the best vineyards in the country so all the wine lovers out there can prepare their taste buds to receive elixir in the form of the purest wine that the world offers.

Best Time To Visit Paris

The best time to visit the city is from the months of June to August and from September to October. June to August is said to be an ideal time if you want to visit the city when the ambience is the mirthful and cool wind blows by. The only drawback of visiting this time is that the summer season is seen to be the most crowded and the most expensive time to visit when the hotel rates are higher than usual. If you want to go easy on those extra bucks then it is advisable to plan a trip during the fall when the tourism rate is low hence there is a wide availability of the rooms in a comparatively cheaper price. Make sure to plan your visit according to your budget to experience the city at its best

Transfers in Paris

Paris is a huge city that provides an array of transportation facilities to its locals as well as visitors. A traveller will want to explore the city in the smartest way possible which is travelling conveniently at a cost-effective price. The various modes of transports that can be leveraged by you are mentioned below.

Metro, Peris        |        Image by SofieLayla Thal

Not only is it the most convenient but it is also the cheapest way to meander around in the city. Metros are known for the interconnectivity from a hyped high-end place to an underrated place in the city. With approximately 300 metro stations in Paris, the city has 16 lines that can drop the traveller from one place to another without any nuisance. The metro runs at a frequency of 2 minutes at the peak time and usually at 1 minute during any normal day. A single ticket would cost you around 1.90 EUR, you can get the ticket from the numerous automatic ticket machines installed at the metro stations.


Paris Train
Trams, Paris        |        Image by Régions Démocrates


Suburban Express Railway, also referred to as RER is yet another preferable mode of transfers in Paris. There are a total of 5 lines that serve in the city, make sure to check out the details of all the lines as they depict different signs and stoppages for the visitors. The ticket would cost the same as Metro, you can also enjoy the perks of travelling in an RER on the ticket bought for Metros.

Running from the major Paris train stations, such as Est, Montparnasse and Austerlitz, Transilien or Regional Trains also offers laid-back Paris city transfers to explore the beauty of this alluring city at its best. You can buy the tickets from the ticket desk or from the automatic ticket machine installed at the bus stations. Times Tables are available for the functioning of different trains and their routes along with the time, arrival point and the destination. 

Tramway is seen to host the majority of the local crowd thriving in the city, there are a total of 4 lines serving Paris which are- T1, T2, T3 and T4. The tickets work in the same way as Metros and Regional trains, the fare is the same and the tickets can be bought from either of the places. 

Going past through the scenic places and getting a sneak peek of the city is only possible if you are travelling through a bus. There are approximately 64 bus lines that give a strong competition to the metro by hosting equal or more number of passengers, the bus leaves after every 5 minutes and costs approximately 1.2 EUR to wander around in the city.


Paris Airport Transfers and Taxis

Now that you have finally landed onto this dream city, you can consider a slew of options that the city provides trains, busses and taxis are most preferred modes to reach to your accommodation from the airport.

Paris, Airport Transfer        |       Image by mangopulp2008

Taking a train from the airport will not only save your time but will also prove itself to be a very pocket-friendly way to drop off at your desired destination. The RER trains run at an interval of every 20-30 minutes and take approximately 50 minutes to an hour depending upon the crowd and the traffic. A single ticket can be purchased in approximately 10 EUR from the ticket booth situated at the arrival terminal of the airport. If you’re travelling with your little ones, you can get the ticket for 6 EUR, children with the age group 4 or below are allowed to travel with their guardians without any cost. However, trains in the other hand are not very convenient as the travellers will have to wait for the arrival of the next train if they missed out on the previous one, trains get very crowded on a normal day so if you’re travelling with a lot of luggage, it is advisable to call a Taxi from Paris airport to your accommodation.

Paris transfers from the airport to the hotel are now affordable as well as laid back with Rydeu. Now avoid the hassle of standing with all the luggage amidst the sweat and heat of the local train or bus. If you are looking for cheap airport transfers in Paris, book a ride with us and get access to travel in the best Holiday Taxi in Paris.

If we had to choose a place that has the power to entertain tourists at its best, we’ll have to go to Paris. With a power to give adrenaline in the back of your throat to throw the nature lovers in the tepid arms of the green warmth that the city provides, there are places that keep surprising you with more magnificent places as soon as you are done with one place. The most recommended places by Rydeu to explore in the city are mentioned below.

St. Peter’s Basilica               Image by Pete Linforth via Pixabay

Eiffel Tower   

Imagine Paris without its world-renowned Eiffel Tower, all we can imagine is a huge void, isn’t it? This jaw-dropping sight is crafted by Gustave Eiffel in the memories of centuries of the French revolution. The tower is 324 m high and is one of the most visited buildings in the world. The first floor is home to the Eiffel Tower 58 which goes up to 58 m as the name suggests. The second floor is at 115 m and provides an ecstatic view of the surrounding, however, 315 m is what will take your breath away with its ethereal beauty. Adventure lovers will find this place the best one they can explore in Paris.

Norte Dame Cathedral               Image by Corina Benesch via Pixabay

Notre Dame Cathedral

Built in the year 1345, this cathedral is regarded as one of the finest architectures in the world. This Roman Catholic Cathedral is situated in the northern part of the Ile de la Cite and is considered to be one of the most significant examples of French gothic architecture with a blend of Baroque style. To soak in every bit of the beauty that this place offers, it is highly advisable to take a walk around the cathedral and then climb the many stairs that the cathedral features. There are a total number of 387 steps that will lead you at the top of the building, make sure to put on comfortable shoes as the journey is going to be a bit tiring but the scenic view will make the climbing absolutely worthy.

Paris Travel Tips

Is Paris expensive?

Other than being an all-around incredible place to see, Paris is also infamous for being outrageously expensive to visit when compared with other European cities.

Irrespective of the fact that French cuisine has a prestige for being prohibitively pricey, it is feasible to eat well in Paris on a tight budget.


One will undoubtedly be able to consume delicious meals in the city common sense and keen observation is used. If you are visiting Paris for its art, fret not about the expenses as on the first Sunday of every month, the Musèe d'Orsay, including other prestigious museums such as the Musée d'Art Moderne and the Pompidou Centre, offer free entrance. The Louvre is one of the world's most prominent museums. Despite its massive crowds, this wonderful museum, which features breathtaking pieces of art by generations of painters, is affordable to visit.

Why is Paris very famous?

Named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed and built the tower, Paris is also known as the "City of Love" and the "City of Lights". Brimming with classic Parisian sites like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Sacre Coeur, to mention a few, this magical and stunning city is guaranteed to captivate the imagination and hearts of all who visit. The Musèe d'Orsay is universally acknowledged as among the world's best and most well-known art museums. The museum, which exhibits legendary works by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, is a must-see for art lovers and non-art enthusiasts alike. The Basilique du Sacrè-Coeur is a beautiful marble church in central Paris that offers spectacular views of the city from its famous cascading steps.

Why is Paris called the city of love?

Something about this wondrous city attracts hopeless romantics from all over the world for a chance to find their one true love. Popularly known as the city of love, Paris is on everyone’s bucket list. This reputation of being the city of lovers has emerged due to various reasons. Romance stories abound in French literature, which date back centuries. Many epic love stories, buried in a maze of s obstacles, have successfully demonstrated the creativity and talent of the French literary elite in conjuring up the idea of Paris as a romantic city. This is also evident in the city’s architecture. Canal St Martin has been depicted in hundreds of novels, films, and paintings. There are also numerous French films that will also attest to the romantic nature of this city.

Is Paris a safe place to live?

Like other French cities, Paris is very safe to live in. There may be occasional thefts in this well-developed European metropolis, but the living quality remains very good. There's a lot of pickpocketing going on, as well as criminal gangs and some large demonstrations. Despite its magnificence, Paris is nonetheless a large metropolis with large-city issues. It is, nonetheless, beneficial to keep an eye on the news. Of course, you should be mindful of your surroundings in general, but you are unlikely to be in immediate danger. Petty thievery is the greatest danger when visiting Paris. Young single women make up a quarter of the population of Paris. Hence the city can still provide a wonderful time without you worrying about your safety.

How far is Versailles from Paris?

Versailles is easily accessible from Paris as the distance from Paris to Versailles is merely  20 kilometers. Tourists have a plethora of options for their transportation. They can go by rail, vehicle, bus, or can even take a guided tour from Paris to Versailles. Cycling near the Versailles grounds is also included in some arranged tours. But each person's preferred mode of transportation is determined by their particular preferences. If you are a history buff, a  guided tour would be the best option for you, especially if you like listening to historical commentary while sightseeing. For those considering a longer trip to France, public transportation may restrict the number of places that can be explored. Renting a car makes the most sense for getting to additional sites in the Paris region, particularly areas that are not readily accessible by rail.

How much does it cost to go to Paris?

For a preliminary estimate, a flight to go to Paris costs $650. The city of love is a significant European hub, so if you start looking early on and keeping an eye out for tickets, you should be able to get a decent discount. With sufficient research, a flight ticket closer to $500 can be bought. Travelers should also consider the season they will be in Paris as the cost of flying will rise throughout the summer months and during the holidays, particularly around holidays. Another strategy to save money on airfare is to use up any existing reward points. Economy flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport cost anywhere between $622 and $1,010 per person, while first class flights cost between $1,952 and $3,169 per person.

How far is Paris from Italy?

Italy and Paris, two gorgeous cities, are located 1056 kilometers away from each other. But if you want to drive there, the total distance traveled is 1419.4 kilometers. The drive from Italy to Paris takes around 11h 54m and covers a distance of approximately 1422 kilometers which  includes a 2h 2m layover time on average. The Italy to Paris train service, which is operated by ATAC S.p.A. Azienda per la mobilità leaves Manzoni and arrives at Hôtel de Ville. But if you are interested in traveling by bus, especially if flights and train tickets are heavy for your budget, FlixBus bus services  to Paris leave from RomeTiburtina Bus Station. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus service between Italy and Paris but some that leave from Principe Umberto and arrive in Paris through Rome Tiburtina Bus Station. The travel time is  almost 21h 40m, including transfers.

How to take a shuttle from Paris hotel to Las Vegas airport?

The trip from Las Vegas Airport (LAS) to Paris Hotel takes around 37 minutes and spans about 11 kilometers therefore taking a shared shuttle van to or from the Las Vegas Airport is generally would be the cheapest option.   This includes a 5-minute stopover time on average. For big groups or families, private shuttles are a possibility, while town cars and SUVs are popular for singles and couples who want a bit more comfort. The shuttle from Paris hotel to las vegas airport, operated by RTC Southern Nevada, leaves from McCarran Airport Zero Lvl On Property and arrives at Paris Las Vegas.

Day trip to Versailles from Paris?

The Palace of Versailles comes among the options for the finest day excursions from Paris. It is the place to learn about Marie-Antoinette and other royals involved in the French Revolution. When compared to another day trip to Versailles from Paris, getting to Versailles is rather simple. Taking the train is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method to get there. A roundtrip ticket on the RER C rail line costs roughly €7 and takes 60-90 minutes, depending on your beginning point, to reach the palace. If you want to take the metro, to get to the RER C train line, go to a station that has a little RER C option on the line above the train window from your present station. For additional help,  download Google Maps or another app with GPS and directions.

How to get to Versailles from Paris?

The most convenient way to get to Versailles from Paris is to catch the RER C train to the Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche station and delightingly, the travel from the heart of Paris to the RER C station takes only 40 minutes.

However, it is of utmost importance that you remember that the RER is not the same as the metro, irrespective of the fact that they share several of the same stations in Paris.

Further, buses run frequently between the two cities, starting from Paris' Pont de Sèvres bus station to Versailles' Place d'Armes bus stop. The RATP bus line 171 departs from the Pont de Sèvres bus station and ends at the Paris metro line 9. They leave every 15-20 minutes and the cost of a ticket is €4.

Day trip to Champagne from Paris?

Champagne, in eastern France, is a fantastic choice for day trip or weekend break from Paris as it is renowned for its sparkling wine, champagne, also has a fascinating history and a stunning legacy to know more about. A day excursion to Champagne from Paris takes around 11 hours overall, including transit time to and from Paris which comfortably allows ample time to see Epernay and Hautvillers, as well as go on a champagne tour and make some purchases. To tour the villages and tunnels, don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes and when visiting the champagne cellars, which are frequently cooler than above ground, a second layer of clothing is recommended.

How far is Brussels from Paris?

Paris and Brussels are separated by 264 kilometers but the road distance increases to 302.3 kilometres.The train ride from Paris to Brussels takes around 1h 22m and covers a distance of approximately 307 kilometers. This train service is operated by Thalys and leaves from Paris Nord and arrives in Brussel-Zuid . A huge amount of trains operate every week on but weekend and holiday timetables might vary, so it is important to double-check ahead of time. While the bus isn't the most pleasant or quick mode of transportation, it is inexpensive, and the trip is small enough that you aren't compelled to ride overnight. Another advantage is that, unlike the train, which always departs from Brussels-South and always arrives at Gare du Nord, there are several pick-up and drop-off points.

Airport shuttle to Paris hotel?

Paris hotel airport shuttle is a convenient and fast service that runs seven days a week between Charles de Gaulle, Orly , Beauvais , and Disneyland Paris. Paris Airport Shuttle is a company that provides cheap rental vehicles with drivers that specialize in transporting guests fromCharles de Gaulle, Orly , Beauvais , and Disneyland Paris to Paris hotels or private residences . It is the quickest and most cost-effective method to go from Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly, and Beauvais to Paris hotels and Disneyland.For people with limited mobility, the bus service between Paris-Beauvais Airport and Paris Porte Maillot is accessible.

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