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Palma de Mallorca City Guide

Appearing magically from the honey coloured pebbles from the serene water of Balma de Palma, this city is known to be the capital and one of the largest cities in the autonomous commune of the Balearic Island in Spain. Palma De Mallorca squats on the southern coast of Mallorca on the Bay of Palma. Dating back to the 13th century, this city was founded to be a Roman standing proudly upon the remains of Talaiotic settlements. The city bears a rich history and went through a lot of hooliganism during The fall of Western Roman Empire. 

Cathedral,Palma De Mallorca  | Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay 

A lavishly shredded crown of historical sites, Palma is also seen to be a home to an array of galleries, architecture so fine that it can be found nowhere else and numerous cafes lines across the narrow street. From the beautiful ruins of the gothic Cathedral to the baroque churches, this city is bound to draw your breath away with its awe-inspiring beauty and vibrant boho neighbourhood. The city simply has so much to offer that it will surprise you with one underrated yet breathtaking place everyday even after you have explored it at its best. 


Streets of Palmo De Mallorca | Image by bortescristian from flickr 

Best Time To Visit The City 

Palma de Mallorca offers a good atmosphere throughout the year which is why it attracts tourists all round the world throughout the year. The best time to visit the city is from the months of April to June where the temperature is suitable and tepid (30 degree Celsius). However, one must be prepared to face the rush as most of the crowd visits the city during the peak time therefore the hotels rates are high and the streets are busy. September to November will also assure a reminiscing trip to its visitors. If you are looking to backpack and travel at a cost effective price, you can visit during the off season when the hotels are empty and are easily available at a cheap price. 


Palma de Mallorca Taxi Transfers

From hassle-free Taxi Rides in Mallorca to cost effective travelling in the public transport provided by the government for your comfort, this mesmerising city offers it all. 

Bus,Palma De Mallorca
Bus, Mallorca  |   Image by  andreastrojak from flickr


Busses are considered to be one cheap mode of transfers from one part of the city to the other, considered to be an absolute bliss for the backpackers, the busses still remain a primary mode of transportation for sightseeing for all the adventure lovers out there. The visitors can find two sort of busses in the city known as TIB and EMT. Make sure to catch the EMT bus if you are planning to come explore the city, the busses are coloured in a sports shade of bluish background with white foreground and is distinguished from TIB which are coloured in red and yellow. The cost is estimated on the basis of the length of your journey, the cost varies from 50 cents to 2 EUR depending on your pickup and departing point. 


Train,Palma De Mallorca
Train,Mallorca      |        Image by Travel4Brews from flickr 


The trains are indubitably the most punctual and reliable method for travelling around and exploring the places. There are several stations that link one hyped part of the town to the underrated yet beautiful part of the town, the three main routes of the train is T1, T2 and T3 where all the trains run. A single ticket costs around 4 EUR for passengers 



While Majorca Taxi Prices May seem a little bit high for solo travellers or backpackers, however, it will prove to be a real deal if you are travelling in a group or with friends. Transfer in Palma de Mallorca is now just a click away with Rydeu with an aim to provide the best taxi service in Mallorca. The passengers can either book a ride exclusively provided by us or they can check out the various offers from our suppliers to choose their ideal ride. 


Palma De Mallorca Airport Transfers and Taxis

The main purpose of taking a trip is to get away from our daily schedule and try out something new while slipping in the arms of comfort. Now that you have finally made it to the city of vibrant culture and attractive architecture, it is mandatory to avoid all the hassle and travel in the best way possible. Palma Airport transfers can be made via numerous comfy services that the city provides. Some of the most convenient and cost effective modes of Mallorca Airport Transfers are bus, metros and Taxi, Palma de Mallorca. 

Palma De Mallorca Airport   | Image by Sergi Coll from flickr 


Metros are considered to be one widely preferred mode of transfer from the airport to the city centre, however if you are travelling in the metro with a lot of luggage, you have to probably face some trouble to reach the city centre. One single ticket can be bought at a price as cheap as 3 EUR. Make sure to check the routes and the exact price before you choose this as your mode of transfers. 


Busses are an absolute delight for solo passengers looking to wander around the city without going too heavy on their pocket. A single ticket can be bought for 1.85 EUR for adults. 

Airport Taxi

Palma de Mallorca Airport Transfers are now easy and just a tap away with Rydeu. If you are looking for a taxi from Palma Airport make sure to explore our services for the best experience ever. We provide transfers from Palma airport to Puerto Pollensa as well as transfers from palma airport to Palma Nova for the comfort of our clients. In order to grab the cheap taxi from Palma airport to Alcudia, book a ride with Rydeu. 


Mallorca is a vibrant Mediterranean island with an amazing climate which lasts throughout the year, rich history that dangles in the air and mouth-drooling cuisine. Some of the most visited places in Mallorca recommended by Rydeu are-

Cultured Capital City
Palma de Mallorca        |        Image by Maarten Brinkerink from flickr 

1. The Cultured Capital City of Palma de Mallorca

This monumental surprise dates back to the 13th century and is known to be a perfect blend of nature and beauty. This awe-inspiring Gothic facade displays the sculptural embellishments by Guillermo Sagrera. Lined by a serene waterfront stands a tall building decorated with glass panels and an architecture so pure that it is still reckoned to be one of the most prestigious places not only in Mallorca but in Entire Spain. 



Alcudias Old Town
Alucidia's Old Town        |        Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

2. Alcudia's Old Town

Wrapped by the lush greenery of pine forests, this small yet beautiful town is situated in Mallorca. If you want to travel back in time to witness the unparalleled beauty of the thick medieval walls and baroque architecture blended charmingly with delicious cuisine and traditional festivals, Alcúdia is the right place for you. 



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