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A beautiful and quaint area in Jämtland in the middle of Sweden, Östersund is a famous tourist destination due to its convenient location near the country's fifth largest lake, Storsjön and nature. A relaxed and scenic gateway town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a pleasant and rejuvenating holiday is guaranteed here.

Town Hall,Ostersund       |        Image by Dlearn from Pixabay 

The stark contrast between the lively city and idyllic mountains makes the city a unique and magnificent destination. From enjoying nature's comforting presence to numerous culinary delights, Östersund offers something to everyone. Founded in 1786 by King Gustav III, the city became an important trading centre after the establishment of the railway in 1862. Majorly an agricultural and tourist centre, Östersund now has industries in the machinery, furniture, and leather goods sectors.


Prastgatan,Ostersund       |        Image by Kenneth Vetter from flickr 

Have a delightfully informative experience at the Jämtland County Museum which explores the history of this town through its wonderful archaeological and cultural exhibits. Catch a glimpse of life through the decades at Fornbyn Jämtli, an open-air museum housing ancient and historical structures from the 15th to 18th century. An extremely significant Swedish structure, dating from the 11th century located near the bridge that connects the town with Frösön, an island in Lake Stor, tells the story of the town’s conversion to Christianity. The northernmost zoological park in the world, Froso Zoo, located on the island of Froson provides an exciting opportunity to admire the exotic animals including lions, zebras and Siberian tigers. Explore the park’s fascinating displays and have unique experiences.

The city is said to have the highest number of cafés per capita so you can relish the traditional Swedish "fika" with delicious, hot cups of coffee with your loved ones at a new café every time. Make sure to visit the most popular cafes in the area, Torners on Storgatan and Wedemarks Konditori on Prastgatan and enjoy a quick meal here.

Referred to as "The Winter City", the weather here varies from cold and dark winter nights with auroras and stars to sunny summer days where people can be spotted relaxing on beaches and sunbathing. Yet, the presence of wind is constant due to the city’s location next to a big lake. Numerous festivals and cultural events take place here all year-round. From the Biathlon World Cup which takes place every winter to the music festival Storsjoyran which turns the summer into a never ending party, Ostersund promises a memorable time.


Image by  pieterstok from flickr


Jamtli is a wonderful blend of architectural art and history. Consisting of two vastly different museums, one is open-air, complete with reconstructed wooden buildings and a realistic portrayal of history with the guides dressed in 19th-century period costume and the second is home to the Överhogdal Tapestries. The indoor museum features Christian Viking relics from AD 1100 that feature animals, people, ships and dwellings that are a must visit.

Mus-Olles Museum

This eclectic collection of almost everything, Mus-Olles Museum is learner’s delight. Situated 34km northwest of Östersund, this museum was opened by Per-Olov Nilson in 1906 who was a charismatic and serial collector of things. There are more than 150,000 objects on display including 25,000 related to packaging. Enjoy a meal at the café which is located on the museum grounds.


An atmospheric pub located in Prästgatan, Jazzkoket can provide whatever ambience you want at a specific time. Relax here after a busy day with a beer and listen to the soothing sounds of live jazz and rock. Don’t forget to try the charcuterie and cheese platters here which are sourced from local producers.

Image by  nillamaria from flickr


A large and quiet island, Froson is a stone throw’s away from the city. Spend multiple days exploring the wonderful attractions available here. The northernmost zoological park in the world, Froso Zoo, located on the island of Froson provides an exciting opportunity to admire the exotic animals including lions, zebras and Siberian tigers. Explore the park’s fascinating displays and have unique experiences.

Image by  Giåm from flickr


A beloved spot for sunbathing and a brisk swim, Badhusparken is a waterfront park which turns into the country’s largest ice-skating rink during the winter season. You can rent skates here and have a gala time gliding on the rink. Arrangements are also made for a special swim in a unique cut hole in the waterfront which can be followed with a visit to the mobile sauna and spa.


Storsjöhyttan is the country’s first Économusée where one can catch the three masters of glass at work as they transform white-hot melted adhesive into original, one of a kind, striking creations. The experience is extremely fascinating and you can also learn more about different glassmaking techniques and the history of glass.

Image by  Mr Thinktank from flickr


Famous for its beautiful nature, calm and quiet weekends and Europe’s largest collection of ancient rock carvings, this town in northern Sweden is the perfect holiday destination. Discover fascinating prehistoric sights and indulge in exciting outdoor activities. Go on a daytrip to the charming picturesque and culturally rich village of Ramsele which is just an hour away by car. Admire the weaving, embroidery, woodwork, ceramics and fresh produce that are found here.


A village in Trøndelag county, Norway, Koppera is a wonderland. Situated at a stone’s throw from the confluence of the rivers Kåpperåa and Stjørdalselva. Visit the charismatic and quaint local Kopperå Chapel located on the northwest edge of the village. Make sure to experience the one in a lifetime opportunity of dog-sledding at the Norway Husky Adventure. Relish the challenge of mushing a team of huskies through the magnificent mountains of mid-Norway.


Norrland's fifteenth largest urban area provides multiple outdoor activities like cycling, skiing and swimming, Timra attracts all types of sports and nature lovers, with a vast variety of exercise trails for hikers and both inland and in sea swimming. If you are a hockey enthusiast, don’t forget to visit the NHK Arena to watch Timrå IK play. You can also fish in the ponds and lakes in the Lögdö wilderness or bathe in the Lögdö Lake.

Image by patrickmandersson from flickr


A gorgeous region full of vibrant urban living and beautiful countryside, Kramfors welcomes nature lovers, bon vivants and adventurers. Originally called Gudmundra, it got its current name after Latvian Christoffer Kramm who was responsible for building the town’s first local sawmill. Spend fun-filled days fishing in one of the designated fishing areas all year round, or bring out your inner adventurer with activities like climbing, hiking and beaver safari.

Image by  mi) from flickr


An enticing city providing an eclectic blend of a cool urban setting with unique natural landscapes, Sundsvall has everything you could wish for. Discover the historical heritage of this city at the Sundsvall museum and check out the magnificent city library. With a vast variety of culture spots and entertainment venues, don’t forget to visit Kulturmagasinet located in the heart of the city.

Image by  Bernt Rostad from flickr


A small municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway, Snasa partly contains the sixth largest lake in the country. The near proximity to multiple lakes ensures a constant pleasant breeze all year long. Spend a gala time at the Blåfjella–Skjækerfjella National Park and admire the 16 species of orchids recorded here. Have beautiful strolls on the nature trail that starts near the Snåsa center with information posters about the flora in the area.


Verdalsora is the administrative center of the municipality of Verdal in Trøndelag county, Norway. Relax and unwind at the Rinnleiret beach area which lies just south of the town and play a game of beach volleyball or sunbathe with your friends and family. Explore the various markets, including the European Food Market, which is held in the square for one week each September.

Image by Björn Sidén from Pixabay


A trip here guarantees a wonderful time exploring the city's nightlife, history, outdoor activities and plenty of other options. Admire the gorgeous sea views Harnosand boasts of. You can ski during winters at Vardkasbacken or try ice skating at the ice rink Hogslattens Ishall. Play a delightful game of gold at the 18-hole golf course Harnosands golfbana and simultaneously enjoy the magnificent views of the river and the sea.

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