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Situated in the municipality of West Flanders in the Flemish region of the country, Ostend is a coastal city which encompasses the borough of Mariakerke, Stene, Raversijde and Zandvoorde. The epic location of the city that is just along the serene and magnificent North Sea and the Ghent- Brugge canal makes it special. Dating back to 1853 when Belgium was free from the chains of war and gained its independence, the city transformed into a lively seaside resort, inviting the party fanatics from all around the world, eventually patronised by Leopold II. 

Ostend       |        Image by Inti Runa Viajero from flickr 

The history of the city is very intriguing, the more you discover about it, the more it will amaze you with rare and surprising facts. Ostend was seen to serve as a major Submarine base in WWI until the submerging of the British block ship vindictive sealed the port tight in 1918. The city went through hell and came out stronger when it was entirely damaged during WWII. Contemporarily, you can find numerous things that help the city in regaining its economy and class, some of the most important business of them all are fish curing, tobacco, shipbuilding, oyster culture etc. Apart from the history, the city is painted with the most cultural colours ever and features some of the best places that you can find yourself visiting. Every place in the city holds its own importance, be it the chaos of the Minque, or the Digue where you can find the most decent people hanging around with the locals as well as the foreigners.


Ostend     |        Image by  Volkswagen Belgium from flickr 

The famous city is now turned into a  seaside resort with casinos as the major source of fun. Connected to England, the travellers can either fly or take a boat to this luxurious city and spend some quality time of their life. Booze, food, fun and memories worth remembering till eternity, Ostend is a place that you simply can’t miss. 

Best Time to Visit Ostend 

A place like Ostend requires its visitors to plan their journey before randomly visiting. Although you can take a great taste of the city at any time you visit, pleasant weather will be like a cherry on the cake to your visit. The best time to plan your trip around the city is from May to September when the atmosphere gives a perfect blend of slight cold and sometimes warm. The peak season would prove to be a bit rough on your budget, you can even consider choosing shoulder months for your visit if you want to explore the city in peace, going easy on your budget. 


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