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Route Summary - Oslo to Sandefjord

It’s of no doubt that expectations stand at the peak when we are talking about visiting the former capital of Norway from the recent capital of the country. Norway is personally our favorite place to visit and while we’re on the subject, we can definitely not miss how great Oslo is. The Norwegian lights, the snow outside the wooden cabin, and the scenic views is what make this worth visiting while. 

Oslo to Sandefjord in a private taxi is the best way to take a day trip without having to stand in a long queue for a ticket in the bus or fighting for the seats while you expect a great trip. Oslo to Sandefjord long-distance car rental will help you in observing some of the best views that the country has to offer. Book a car from Oslo to Sandefjord with Rydeu for a relaxed and a hassle-free trip. 


Distance between Oslo and Sandefjord– 121.6 kms 

Journey time – 1 hr 22 min



Tucked quietly in the heart of Norway lies Oslo in her ever so unbending grace. Rested at an elevation of 23 m while covering an area of 454 km² this city is big, wide, and filled with joy and endless surprises. Take a stroll around the city and you will be greeted by profuse greenery and jaw-dropping skylines. The aesthetic of every corner is a muse in itself. The layout of the city is well-planned and neat giving it a sharp yet intimate feel. The diversity of rich green under your feet, the blue of the sky, and the concrete jungle around make Oslo a special visual treat. Another interesting fact is that it is one of the five most expensive cities in the world to live in. Oslo is known for its rich nautical history which includes the Vikings. The city has managed to preserve its intense and flamboyant heritage and culture since then. You will find the Viking ship museum which has ships from the 9th century. 


Known to be the richest city in Norway, Sandefjord is known for the rich Vikings history and the whaling industry. Dating back to 1st January 1838 when the city came into action, contemporary, Sandefjord is one of the most renowned tourist destinations for it is situated in close proximity to Oslo and the breath-taking sceneries that it offers. Also referred to be the Whaling Capital of Europe, Sandefjord is a perfect amalgamation of a little bit of everything. From beauty to adventure, cuisine, and whatnot, the city will simply make you five into the divine magic of the raw beauty of nature at its best. There are numerous beaches and resort spas that lured tourists from all around the world to go and spend some quality time at the beach. If you haven’t visited the city yet, we advise you to go and witness the most fun days of our lives. 

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