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Nice City Guide

Nice, a seaport city and Mediterranean tourist centre which is known to be the capital of Alpes-Maritimes département, is the seventh most populated city in France. Situated at a distance of 32 km from the border of the country, wrapped amidst the serene tall mountains where a pleasant atmosphere pleases the tourists to explore the city without any nuisance.

Pool side of Nice
Pool side,Nice        |        Image by  David Mark from Pixabay

Situated in the French Riviera, at the foot of the Alps, this city is the second largest French city squatting on the Mediterranean coast. Nice is also known as Nice la Belle by the locals which means ‘Nice, the beautiful’ which is the title of the unofficial anthem of the city. Founded in the year 350 BC by a colony of Greek mariners, the city became a leading trade station in the 1st century after getting conquered by the Romans. The arrival of the 17th and 18th century marked the victory of French over the Romans which resulted in Nice becoming a French city. Visit Nice airport transfers also.

Known to be the leading economic city of France, Nice has a rich history of tourism and welcomes its tourists with a warm heart. A perfect amalgamation of fun with learning, the city offers plenty of wonderful sightseeing places to visit. From a nice adventurous kayaking to resting peacefully on a luxurious yacht, you can get it all while in Nice. For an ideal day out, the visitors can begin their journey by exploring Promenade des Anglais or meander around the old town to witness the gothic ruins with baroque architecture and rare history sealed in the walls of the many museums that the city offers.  

Port,Nice       |        Image by Adonis Villanueva from Pixabay 

The local cuisine of France is something that will help the food lovers attain ecstasy. The mouth drooling Provençal and Niçoise dishes with a blend of rich Italian taste will make you a fan. As the city sits proudly over the Mediterranean, seafood and the raw ingredients majorly constitute in the tasty regional dishes that Nice offers. While in the city, make sure to walk down the streets to taste Socca, a thin layered crispy pancake which just melts right into your mouth, the fact that it is made from chickpea shocks every tourist, you can pair it with some red wine to make an ideal date with your partner. Some more dishes that you must suffice your taste buds with are- Salade Niçoise, Le Pan Bagnat, Pissaladière, Les Petits Farcis and Ratatouille. 

Best Time To Visit Nice 

Shoulder season (September-October) and from (Mid March to April) is seen to be the best time to visit the city when the hotel rates are low and the weather is nice enough to explore the city on foot. The weather is usually cold so we would advise you to keep an extra layer of cloth to visit places without getting caught in the cool wind. 

May to August is the peak season and experiences a huge crowd of travellers coming from every part of the world. However, be ready to pay extra for every possible thing that you can enjoy in the city, be it the dinner reservation on the white sandy beach or to go for an adventure rush. If you still want to hit the city during the summers, you can book your tickets in advance to get the best deal possible. 

Nice Taxi Transfers

A city with culture as rich as Nice deserves nothing but the appreciation of every bit of the magnificent place that it embraces. Although Nice is a huge city which can not be explored on foot, however, if you are planning to soak up the pleasant sight of the city. Nice Transfers are also possible with Trams, busses, bicycles and private taxis. 

Tram, Nice        |        Image by

If you want to watch the alluring places passing by while you travel from one sightseeing place to the other at a cheap price, you can opt for busses. There are approximately 130 bus routes which function in 49 towns. The visitors can also enjoy the night bus service which runs from 9:10 PM to 10:10 AM to provide safety and comfort to the explorers. A single ticket can be bought for 1.50 EUR which is valid for 74 minutes, it is highly advisable to buy a 10 trip pass to save those extra bucks. Busses from a wide network of interlinking and connections from one place to the other. 

Bus station, Nice
Bus station, Nice        |        Image by  TravelEden from flickr

The major inconvenience that you will face while travelling in the bus is that the busses are often delayed, they change their routes randomly without any prior information which is often troublesome for someone who has no idea about the city. The busses are air conditioned and in excellent condition so the drop timing is often perfect. Parc Phoenix and Vauban are two most important bus stops in Nice, the travellers can find busses from different routes from these two landmarks in the city. 

Trams are yet another mode of transport that can help the passengers to meander around the city at a cost effective price. The three team lines in the city are T1, T2 and T3. If you are planning to explore Nice’s Old Port, we suggest you take the T1 tram. You can buy the tickets from the vending machine which can be found at every tram station, a solo ticket is available in 1.50 EUR while a 10 trip ticket can be bought in 10 EUR. 
City transfer in Nice is very convenient with a Private mode of transfers. You do not have to worry about the trouble of travelling in a public mode of transport or about rushing to the vending machine to grab a ticket with all your luggage. You deserve a laid back trip and Rydeu assures one time it’s clients. From a rich nightlife ride to a cosy in a cheap price, we offer it all.

Nice Airport Transfers and Taxis

Nice Airport Transfers varies from an array of options to provide the leverage of choosing their ideal ride for every customer, from a rich business class ride to a cheap bus ride, Nice will meet the needs of every passenger. Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is situated at a distance of 7.6 km from the centre of the city which makes the travel time faster and trouble-free, a passenger can reach their accommodation in the city centre in merely 15-20 minutes depending on the mode of transport that they’re opting for.

Nice, Airport bus
Nice Airport     |       Image by Matti Blume

If you want to watch the alluring places passing by while you travel from one sightseeing place to the other at a cheap price, you can opt for busses. There are approximately 130 bus routes which function in 49 towns. The visitors can also enjoy the night bus service which runs from 9:10 PM to 10:10 AM to provide safety and comfort to the explorers. A single ticket can be bought for 1.50 EUR which is valid for 74 minutes, it is highly advisable to buy a 10 trip pass to save those extra bucks. Busses from a wide network of interlinking and connections from one place to the other. 


The passengers can choose to travel from the busses that are allowed for local public and function from the airport to the city. The bus numbers are 99 and 98 which stops at the terminal and lands you amidst the chaos of Nice. If you are choosing for bus number 99, you will be dropped off at Nice Ville de Gare SNCF Train while if you’re opting for bus no. 98 you will be taken from the seafront route of Promenade des Anglais from the town centre. 98 takes a bit more time due to its frequent stoppage for on-boarding of the passengers and drops you in 35 minutes while 99 is fast and takes just 15 minutes for commuting. Bus number 23 isn’t really an airport bus so it will require the passengers to walk from the airport to the main road to catch it, the bus takes approximately double the amount of time that aero buses take, 45 minutes to be precise. 

The aero busses cost approximately 6 EUR per person while the public bus can be caught in mere 1.5 EUR from the drivers in the bus itself. Make sure to keep the change to avoid the trouble of a huge line. The aero busses can be taken either from Terminal 1 bus station labelled as gate A0 and the arrival gates of Terminal 2, A2 and A3. 


Nice Airport Taxis are the most convenient and preferable way to reach your accommodation without facing the trouble of standing in a line to get the ticket or walking with a lot of luggage from the terminal to the main road to catch the bus. Nice Airport taxi transfers, Rydeu assures you a class apart Nice Airport Taxi Service. Book your taxi from Nice Airport to your desired location in a tap.


It doesn’t come as a shock to know why the majority of artists, painters, and renowned  literature aristocrats drifted towards the city, Nice. With the lively rays, pleasant weather and jaw-dropping seaside view, the magnificent city doesn’t fail to sway its visitors. Bordered by the crystal clear water of the Baie des Anges and pampered by the view of Maritime Alps, Nice has pleasant weather year round. The top places to explore in the city are listed below.

Vieille Ville (Old Town)
Vieille Ville (Old Town)
Image by  claudia.schillinger from flickr

1.Vieille Ville (Old Town)

Known for its tapered alleys and cobblestones streets, Vieille Ville is popularly known as babazouk, the place starts at the western end of Castle Hill, Colline du Château. The place offers a rich view of medieval France and is home to  Palais Lascaris, Cathédrale Sainte-Reparate which is blessed with a beautiful interior. You might be able to explore the numerous restaurants and shops to stroll around. The best time to explore this place is usually during the morning but you can even think about visiting the place at night if you want to witness the authenticity of this place.

Musee Marc Chagall
Musee Marc Chagall
Image by nathanh100 from flickr

2. Musee Marc Chagall

Calling out all the art lovers to explore the rare sight of the renowned art of Musee Marc Chagall which features numerous works of the artist. Art lovers will find this place complete in itself. The place displays 17 rare painting series of the artist with hidden meanings in every painting dangling in the wall. Make sure to give some time to this place in order to soak in the beauty that it offers.


Nice Travel Tips

What is Nice popular for?

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, and his iconic paper cut-outs, as well as some of his personal possessions, are on display at Musée Matisse, tracing the career of one of France's most famous painters. Tourists come all over the world to get a peak into this artist’s life. Nice also has one of the best bar scenes in France, making it a complete resort with something for everyone.The south of France is known for its wine, but craft beer has arrived in Nice, owing to the introduction of the Beer district. Visit hidden coves, stroll down streets, or enjoy a lengthy lunch on a coastal restaurant terrace for some relaxation. You can be rest assured that Nice has something to offer to every type of visitor in the world. Take advantage of the best things to do in Nice, France!

Is Nice a safe city?

Nice, France is widely referred to as the most beautiful city on the French Riviera, with its lovely beaches, sparkling water, and historic structures. Like other popular French cities, Nice is known for a low percentage of violent crime however it is still advised to exercise due caution regarding your and your friends and family’s safety. Since Nice is a large city, small crimes are inevitable. Pickpockets have a middling chance of catching you off guard. Always keep your belongings within your sight and do not trust any stranger with your valuables. While walking at night, be extra careful. But fear not, due to the increased presence of French police in public locations, you need not worry about your safety and security so much. You will be free to meander and roam the beautiful streets of Nice without any hesitation.

Is Nice expensive?

If you are travelling on a budget, planning your  expenses before you travel will be critical. Tourists should be aware, however, that the cost of lodging in Nice is dependent on their preferences. If you're on a limited budget, I recommend avoiding eating out in the more touristy neighbourhoods. In France, beer is never cheap, but wine is. There are a few chain supermarkets here and there that sell water bottles and other basics at more reasonable costs. By strategically planning your stay, you can have a wonderful vacation at the warmest of the cities. There are obviously some opulent locations to stay, eat, and shop in Nice, but there are considerably more affordable options which are particularly outside of the main tourist sites.

Is Nice good?

On the Promenade des Anglais, the Hotel Negresco is over a century old. It's an iconic edifice with a pastel-pink domed roof that you can't miss. Your mornings can be spent exploring bustling food markets, afternoons can be spent ascending to hilltop peaks, and evenings can be spent at coastal pubs and bistros. Housing one of Nice’s most unique structures, The St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral  promises to take your breath away. If you're looking for adventure, the Mediterranean offers great hiking trails, cycling, and watersports.

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