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Naples City Guide

Squatting on the western coast of Italy, lying on the bay Naples, it is known to be one of the most populous cities in Italy. Rooting back to the second millennium B.C, Naples is a conveyer of the rich art and iconic architecture and is known to be the most populated city after Rome and Milan. From boasting some of the most alluring beaches ornate with the sparkling sandy coastline and unique pebbles to being one of the most preferred places to visit for the foodies, Naples is known to be a paradise for all the nature lovers out there.

Naples, Sea
Naples,Sea        |        Image by  Lajos Móricz from Pixabay 

This beautiful city has survived through many life-shaking events such as WWII, the eruption of Vesuvius and has managed to become one of the most visited cities in Italy which reflects the greek origins at its best. Due to its magnificent architectural art and history possessed by a place no other place than Naples, it was regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1995. 



Pizza village,Naples
Pizza village, Naples        |        Image by Carlo Raso from flickr

Best time to visit the city 

If you are looking to witness the raw beauty of the magnificent city at its best, book your tickets between March and April when the soft sun rays fill your body with life while the cool breeze soothes your skin with its touch. Visiting the alluring city during September and October would be budget-friendly as the city does not face the tourist rush and most of the things such as accommodation, dining and adventure events are usually cheap. Avoid visiting during July and August which is seen to be the hottest months of the year. 

Calling out all the pizza lovers to satisfy their pizza lust with the pizza that can not be experienced anywhere else, YES! Naples is the great mother of our favourite Italian dish topped with customised veggies and cheese that just melts in your mouth. The city surprises its visitors with more than one can ever expect, from being a paradise for adventure lovers and art freaks, it also provides an array of options for foodies. 


Naples Taxi Transfers

The city of wonder not only provides an array of surprises to please its visitors but is also known to feature numerous public transports to wander around the city as per your convenience. From cost-saving trips to luxurious rides with your loved ones, you can experience it all amidst the magnificent city of dreams. 

Trolley bus,Naples
Trolley Bus, Naples     |        Image by  LHOON from flickr


Travelling via a bus is a widely chosen and an extensive network of travelling in a beautiful city. The cheaper service is seen to be liked by numerous travellers who are seeking to witness the beauty of the sight without going way too heavy on their budget. It costs somewhere between 2 EUR to get a ticket which is valid for 90 minutes. 



Naples Railways
Railways, Naples       |        Image by  HHA124L from flickr 


Metro is considered to be the most preferred way to explore places in the city, started in the year 1986, the metro system now has approximately 26 stations and 2 lines which helps the locals as well the tourists to wander around in the city. 

Funiculars are not just a cheap means of transport but it also becomes fun and adventurous while travelling with friends. However, Transfers from Naples is not advisable while taking a funicular. 

Trains are yet another mode of transport for the adventure lovers out there looking to go easy on their pockets while exploring the city at its best. The tickets can be bought at a price as low as 3-4 EUR for an entire day. 


Transfer service in Naples is on your screen with Rydeu, if you are looking for cheap Naples airport transfers or hotel transfers in Naple, come aboard to have a trip worth cherishing till eternity. Rydeu assures a service like no other to its clients, Naples Italy transfers are now just a click away. 


Naples Airport Transfers and Taxis

Naples International Airport is one of the busiest and most used airports in Italy, travelling from the airport to your desired location is now available at ease due to the high tourism percentage that the city has started entertaining. 

Aeroport, Napoli
Aeroport, Napoli      |       Image by eleonorka5 from flickr


Busses are considered to be one of the most preferred and suitable modes of transport if you are looking forward to a cheap airport Naples transfer. The tickets for one side can be bought in just 5 EUR and it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to leave the traveller amidst the beautiful chaos of the city. 

P.S- The tickets are just valid for 90 minutes after buying so make sure to decide on a time slot before you spend those bucks on the ticket. 

Airport Taxi

Naples airport private taxi service is advisable when you’re travelling with a lot of luggage. The public transport will indubitably have a crowd and will give you a headache while travelling with that luggage, therefore private transportation remains the best option to consider while looking for a relaxed trip. Rydeu provides best Naples Airport taxis with the price to give the client a rough estimation, witness a class apart service with us, come on board. 





Lungomare and CastleOvo

 Castle Ovo      |        Image by Nicola since 1972 from flickr

This exuberant city bursting with architectural colours and mirth is nothing less than a delight for the backpackers. The fine Italian wine, the creamy pizza, the lavish churches and magnificent palaces have made the senses of travellers go wild. Here are the best places to visit recommended by Rydeu-  


1. Lungomare and Castle Ovo 

Remember the fairy tales where the vast palaces were surrounded by the water bodies to sway the reader’s mind with the ethereal beauty of the surrounding, this alluring waterfront with crystal clear water hitting on the walls of the Ovo Castle, the oldest castle in the history of Italy is something that every traveller must experience.



Teatrodi San Carlo
Teatro di San Carlo        |        Image by  Anna & Michal from flickr 


2. Teatro di San Carlo 

Calling out all the movie buffs to witness a rarity. Known to be the largest movie theatre in Europe, this supreme opera house was built by King Charles of Bourbon. The ornate theatre with six levels is embezzled with lavish boxes to make the visitors witness the ultimate acts, concerts and ballets. Young people with a wild heart are highly recommended to visit this place where chaos dangles in the air and art lies on the land.


Naples Travel Tips

How far is Naples from Rome?

Rome is an enthralling city known for its history and culture. It has been romnticized all over the world and rightly so. The famous vatican city is also situated here. It is home to the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, incredible food, gardens and art, and a world-famous film industry. The distance between Naples and Rome is about 250 kilometres and it takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach Rome. It can be tiring to cover such a long distance while traveling in a public transport like bus or train. On the other hand, At Rydeu, we accommodate a lovely and reliable private exchange! It serves to your spending plan and make sure you have a comfortable ride. Rest assured, you will have peace of mind knowing that your transportation is pre-arranged and ready for you when you arrive.

How to get from Naples to Positano?

Less than 35 miles separate the city of Naples from the seaside beauty of Positano – making this an ideal daytime journey. Positano comes under one of the exquisite towns on the Amalfi Coast. The pastel pinks and yellows of the ridge cottages, the panoramic blue of the Mediterranean sea, and the delicate white sands have contributed to making this resort an attractive holiday destination for centuries. So, if you’re going on your dream holiday to Positano, and you’ve no idea about the transfer options, here we are at your service. The Public transportation between the two countries is easily navigable. You can take a train from Napoli Centrale to Sorrento and then travel to Positano by ferry. The trip takes about an hour and costs around 4 euros. Another alternative is taking the bus which approximately takes about 2 hours to reach Positano. It approximately costs around 50 euros. Yet the most convenient option is to book a private transfer with which will take about 1.5 hours to reach Positano. You must book a private transfer if you are looking for a more convenient transfer option, rest assured, you will have peace of mind knowing that your transportation is pre-arranged and ready for you when you arrive.

What are a few romantic restaurants in Naples?

Naples is a city that offers some remarkable ancient architecture and possesses everything from worldly dining to a variety of outdoor activities like golfing, boating, etc. While on the trip to Naples, one would want to experience all of that. And if you're looking for a more romantic setting, there’s no match for a truly Napolitano-style restaurant, blooming with romance. Here are some of the finest: Don Salvatore If ocean panoramas and classic zones are your delights, then opt for this one. Situated in a series of old boat bunkers, the restaurant is home to romance and magnificent cuisine. Address - Via Mergellina, 4/a, 80122, Naples, Italy. AL 53 AL 53 is a restaurant with a simple yet cushy interior that makes the moment perfect to relinquish in your partner’s company. It is accompanied by the appetizing cuisine you’d expect from the best of culinarians. Address - Piazza Dante, 53, 80135, Naples, Italy. Ciro A Mergellina If you're a die heart fan of pizzas, then Ciro A Mergellina is your destined place. As you enjoy your impeccably prepared meal, it also allows you to experience life outside by virtue of the large windows built. Address - Via Mergellina, 21, 80122, Naples, Italy. La Cantina Del Sole The aromas and flavors are astonishing yet alluring, enchanting you from the moment you walk in. Along with the mouth-watering aromas, live harmony will augment the atmosphere and make your night even more romantic with your partner. Address - Via Giovanni Paladino, 3, Angolo Piazzetta Nilo – Largo Corpo di Napoli, 80134, Naples, Italy. If you're looking for a convenient yet affordable transfer option, book a private transfer. is at your service since you can get a private transfer at a taxi rate with a secure online booking process, customized service, exclusive offers, free cancellation (24 hours prior), personal chauffeur (preferred language), and “Pay Later” options. Book with us now!

How to take a cab from Naples to Sorrento?

Naples is a city of fabulous ancient architecture! The city includes everything from sophisticated dining to an assortment of many outdoor activities with delightful cuisines, and you can't beat taking a private transfer to get around. Cut the hassle and reserve your private transfer in advance to make the most of it. Taking a Naples airport taxi is the most suitable transfer option. Taxis are available 24/7 at Naples Capodichino airport for transfers to Sorrento in 70 minutes. Naples airport taxis fee for the journey is based on a taximeter, which can go up to €90. With a private transfer, you'll get a personal chauffeur in the preferred language to help with your luggage. is at your service since you can get a private transfer at a taxi rate with a secure online booking process, customized service, exclusive offers, free cancellation (24 hours prior), and “Pay Later” options. Book with us now!

How to get from Naples to Salerno via bus?

Salerno is a port city southeast of Naples, in Italy. It has beautiful sea views and exhibiting medieval ceramics and coins.You can see the fascinating medicinal plants growing in the terraced Minerva Gardens.You can travel from Naples to Salerno by a bus which takes about an hour and costs around 14 euros.

How to get from Naples Italy to Split Croatia?

It is one of the most enthralling towns on the whole of the Adriatic Sea, this one draws in nigh on one million people every year. It's the second-largest city in the country and also the gateway to the some of the most sun-kissed islands in the Med. It is a vibrant port city well-known for its ancient center, beautiful architecture, and exquisite cuisine.Split has become a popular party place because of Ultra Europe festival that is held on stadium Poljud in July. The public transport system is easily navigable. You can take a bus from Napolis Centrale which will take about 23 hours to reach Split croatia and it will cost around 150 euros. One can travel by train which takes around 22 hours to reach Split croatia and the fare is approximately 300 euros. The fastest way to reach Split Croatia is to fly from Naples which takes about 4 hours to reach and the ticket price is around 150 euros. If you want the smoothest possible onward journey to Split Croatia, then book a private transfer at a cheaper price. Rydeu allows you to pick from a few quoted prices that best suits your budget. Book your ride simply from and enjoy a comfortable journey to your destination.

How to get private driver in Naples Italy?

As opposed to public transportation, private transportation choices incorporate cabs, vehicle recruit, and shared trips, which are more advantageous and less distressing. To feel like you're traveling, you can be guaranteed that the private transportation choices will get the job done!In any case, you can profit reasonably from customized private exchange administrations. With Rydeu you have the choice to either take a private exchange from the air terminal to the downtown area or straightforwardly to your convenience! Subsequently, the best option would be to pre-book a private exchange accordingly making it a problem free encounter and saving sufficient opportunity to partake in the wonderful city. A Private Transfer is like a taxi ride however dissimilar to taxis, it offers premium help, flawless and cleaned seating and solace. All you have to do is visit our website At Rydeu, we offer you a protected web based booking process, free crossing out, and pay later choices, book your private exchange without stressing over changes in itinerary items. Furthermore, you additionally get as long as an hour of free holding up time in the event of flight delays. With us, you can modify your rides and appreciate touring on the way. Presently, travel effortlessly with

How far is Rome from Naples by car?

Rome is a beautiful city with scenic beauty and architecture. It has a fascinating histroy which is evident in its infrastructure. It is home to the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, incredible food, gardens and art, and a world-famous film industry. The distance between Rome to Naples is about 230 kilomtres and it takes about 3 hours to travel between these two cities. Private transfers, similar to taxis, provide you with comfort and primer services. Prebooking a private transfer at will help you get exciting benefits. You have the option to customize your ride and enjoy every second of it. not only gives you affordable options to choose from but a variety of more features. With a secure online booking process, free cancellation, and “Pay Later” options. Book your private transfer without worrying about changes in travel plans. Get up to 60 mins of free waiting for Airport pickup that helps you in case of flight delays or to comfortably finish the baggage collection. Now, travel with ease with

How to reach from Naples Florida to Disney world?

Disney world is the most magical place on earth. It has amazing rides and amusement parks. It is a must visit place in one's lifetime. It is fascinating to see all your favourite disney characters come to life and you get to spend the time of your life with them. Excited to get there but perplexed on how to? There are 4 ways to get from Naples to Walt Disney World by taxi, bus, train or car. The cheapest way to get from Naples to Walt Disney World is to drive which costs around 150 euros and takes about 4 hours to reach. You can take the bus from Fort Myers Amtrak Bus Stop to Tampa. which takes about 22 hours to reach. Want to feel like you are on a vacation then book a private transfer with us today. Yet, assuming you are hoping to go between these two urban areas, appreciating touring, you can continuously book a taxi or a private exchange. Private exchanges are basically the same as taxicabs, and they offer you solace and premium help at a reasonable cost. You can prebook your private exchange with You get a wide scope of offers; A solid internet booking process Choice to redo your excursion Pay later choice All around kept up with and disinfected vehicles An enormous cluster of drivers Presently, travel effortlessly with

What are the best hotels in Naples city centre?

Flights can take a serious toll on our bodies. In addition to that, it’s hard to find places to rest especially if you have landed at an odd hour. This takes away the initial excitement of travelling and makes you exhausted. Fortunately, Esbjerg is a very tourist-friendly place providing several lodgings near its airport. Following are some of the hotels you can choose from: 1.Vergilius Bilia hotel 2. Top floor 3. Hotel Pallazo Argenta 4. Grand hotel Parker and many more. Get your trip off to a great start with a stay at this property, which offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms. It allows you access and proximity to local attractions and sights. Don't leave before paying a visit to the famous Museo Cappella Sansevero. It features restaurant to make your stay more indulgent and memorable. It is packed with in-house facilities to improve the quality and joy of your stay. To reach these hotels safely and with ease, you can book a private transfer with rydeu that ensures the driver is waiting for you with the name sign at the arrival hall. The driver is assigned within 24hr of scheduled pickup and will be visible under the booking details. The contact of the driver will be provided to avoid confusion in any case. The free waiting time at the airport is 60 minutes so even if the flight is delayed, there is nothing to worry about.

How to avail private car Naples to Praiano?

The quiet fishing village of Praiano is packed with sleepy charm and local flavor that can sometimes be hard to find along the well-beaten path of the Amalfi Coast. The town of Praiano has a number of beaches, including the only beach on the Amalfi Coast to enjoy the sun until it sets. The nearby village of Furore, famous for its fiord, hosts a spectacular diving competition, each summer. Excited to visit this place and explore everything you can? Book a private transfer with us today! Rydeu provides you all the comfort you need with budget friendly expenses. With a secure online booking process, free cancellation and “Pay Later” options, book your private transfer without worrying about changes in travel plans. Get up to 60 mins of free waiting for Airport pickup that helps you in case of flight delays or to comfortably finish the baggage collection. All you have to do is visit our website and tell us your preferences, we will provide you the best offers from our suppliers. Now get ready to travel with a peace of mind with Rydeu.

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