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Route Summary - Milan to Genoa

Milan to Genoa Intercity Route

Known to be the fashion capital of the country, Milan will bless its visitors with the hustle-bustle and commotion of the publice while Genoa is known for its rustic beauty and medieval buildings designed in a baroque architecture.  Transfers from Milan to Genoa can be done in numerous ways like Bus, Trains and taxi.Two lovely locations in Italy, Milan and Genoa represent the different aspects of the place. One is a fashion hub, attracting people from all around the world, the other proved its mettle as a trading location. The beauty of Milan and Genoa lies in the similarity they share about the gorgeous monuments that had been preserved. 

Milan’s attractive streets featuring the best and latest releases of the fashion world introduces one to lovely ensembles. Adding to this charming shopping spree are the brilliant and lovely tourist sites, preserving the history of Milan. Gothic art is a constant appearance here, making the place a special one. Genoa on the other hand is filled with lovely facades and impressively made buildings. Roaming around, one often gets lost in the charm of the structures. They are elegant and attractive, carrying stories of history along with them. 

As perfect as the places are, the journey between Milan and Genoa is spectacular. The different yet similar cities are connected by a smooth road with their share of lovely sights. The places have several transportation systems such as the public and private mode. Public transfers are not entirely comfortable and deny the lovely experience of stopping midway to grab a delicious snack or admire a nice view. Private transportation makes it easy, comfortable and highly reliable. One can always pause to look at the gorgeous drive between the two best places. The differences are admirable and introduce newer versions of the cities themselves. 


Milan to Genoa from Private car is the best option if you are visiting the economical capital from a business perspective but want to explore the beauty of the country without travelling in a public transport system. The travellers can also opt for taxi transfers from Milan Malpensa airport to Genoa  witnessing the scenic beauty of the surrounding on your way over to Genoa. Rydeu gives a wide array of options to its travellers to get a cab according to their desire and affordability, so go, book a taxi right away to soak into the ethereal beauty of the city.


Distance From Milan to Genoa - 147 km 

Journey Time - 1 hr 50 min

milan cathedral

Known for its fashion and market, Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region of Italy. From the quaint Duomo di Milano cathedral and Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent to featuring some of the top-notch restaurants in the country, this place has been a business hub for people all around the globe. Milan has gained popularity over time with Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” which has set an exemplary example of the culture coated with a layer of art.
Where Rome is known to be the political capital of the country, Milano has always focussed more on becoming the moral capital to impart the rich history and knowledge that it embraces. Milan is a perfect blend of ancient values with contemporary art and remains one of the most important cities to visit in Italy. 

Boccadasse beach, Genoa

Known to be the capital of Liguria region, Genoa is the sixth largest city in the country, due to its  rich history, glorious past and exemplary landmark, the city is referred to as la Superba which means ‘the proud one’. The historical centre also referred to as the old part of Genoa is declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A perfect amalgamation of culture, dipped in history and adventure perfectly describes the city Genoa. Music lovers will find this place as an absolute paradise, if you are in the mood for some reminiscing time with your friends, the old part of the city has several narrow streets that feature numerous mouth/drooling restaurants to dine in. The rustic city now offers a series of fashionable shops featuring small end restaurants and bars to light up your entire vacation. Make sure to include Genoa in your itinerary to enjoy every bit of Italy at its best.