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Click by Anne Adrian from Flickr

Click by Anne Adrian from Flickr

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Melbourne City Guide and Airport Transfer Services 

What things come to your mind when you hear Australia? Kangaroos and Koalas? The magnificent Gold Coast? Aussie Slang? Among all the famous things, one thing when talking about Australia definitely pops into the mind— Melbourne! It is a lively city, boasting its vibrant culture, beautiful parks and bays, and stunning skyscrapers. As you land at the Melbourne international airport, any mode of Melbourne airport transfer or the commonly used Melbourne airport taxi takes you to this most livable city in Australia. Being the second largest metropolis in Australia, you will always find this city happening and full of fun events, no matter what season it is. 

St. Peter’s Basilica
Carlton Garden, Melbourne    |     Click by Xiquinho Silva from Flickr

The City of Melbourne modestly signs that it is situated on the Kulin Nation's historical territory. Melbourne, this unique location's original name in Europe, is now widely used. Since Melbourne's European first inhabitation in 1835, numerous nationalities arrived here at multiple points in its history, significantly affecting the moulding of the city's identity. For the purpose to form a community on Port Phillip Bay, a group of traders from Tasmania founded the Port Phillip Association that year. John Batman (1801–1839), acting on their behalf, acquired land from the Dutigalla clan, a local Indigenous Australian clan. However, the native population did not understand the agreement as they had no idea what it entailed to own or sell land.

Merlynston Creek, Melbourne      |     Click by John Englart from Flickr

The number of residents grew to 29,000 by 1851, making it a sizable town. Melbourne was established as Victoria's capital in the same year that it divided from New South Wales as a colony. Gold was found in Victoria that year, sparking a gold rush. Melbourne flourished as a result. The town was inundated with settlers. After this with time, the first trams, then the first electric tram, the city hosting one of the first Olympic Games, Melbourne Centre and other significant buildings were established in the 20th century. 

Melbourne continued to grow in the early 20th century, particularly throughout the 1920s. Melbourne City Baths were constructed in 1903. The Melbourne international airport began operating in 1928 when the first aeroplane- a Pitcairn Aircraft landed on a piece of grazing land to the north Kissimmee Highway. However, the Melbourne airport transfer and Melbourne airport taxi services provided by private companies started very late in the 21st Century. The private taxi transfer, like a private airport transfer, came in late to the picture.

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne was designated a World Heritage memorial by UNESCO in 2004. After, Melbourne got designated a City of Literature by UNESCO in 2008. Most of the historical events are marked by monuments and signs in the city which await you to explore once you get down at Melbourne airport and take your Melbourne airport taxi to the city to reach your destination. 

Going to the festivals and events in the city gives the most of the city’s tourism life. The South Asian Festival of Melbourne is the most popular festival that you will come across which takes place in April every year. It’s a food festival and a dream world for every South Asian foodie. You will come across some of the best South Asian dishes at the festival that will send your taste buds on a flavourful trip! So, do not miss this one if you visit the city in April. Other festivals that you can visit are YIRRAMBOI which happens in May, Melbourne Taiwan Film Festival also in May, Bastille Day French Festival, and the most fun for those who love to get inked- Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival in April offer the most amusable time in the peak season in Melbourne, Australia.

 The best Melbourne hotels to stay while you are in this beautiful city are DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melbourne, Park Hyatt Melbourne, Pegasus Apart Hotel, and Parkroyal Melbourne Airport Hotel are well equipped to serve you with premium quality services like stay, food, and entertainment. These hotels have rooms that have facilities like coffee machines, mini refrigerators, fantastic views of the beach nearby and the city, a bar and lounge, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and fun events with performances, you get it all. They even help you arrange Melbourne airport taxis when you have to travel to and from the airport. 

Best Time to Visit Melbourne 

The great southern Australian town of Melbourne, shines throughout the year round, from the scorching summer days that draw tourists to beaches and parks for picnicking and barbeque to the chilly winter nights spent exploring the city's heritage sites. For those who want to go sun basking on a beach and enjoy every ounce of warmth offered by the sun, summer becomes the best time to visit Melbourne. It lasts from December to February and the Melbourne weather is a bit of everything- humid, hot, and breezy. You must plan your vacation during summer in Melbourne only if you can bear the steamy weather. The city is known for suffering power outages due to extreme heat during peak summer temperatures. 

Most of the beach activities like water sports and surfing, especially, happen during the day in summer. To avoid getting dehydrated or sunburned from travelling in scorching heat, choose a private taxi transfer to reach your destination. You would feel the heat is high, as soon as you land at the Melbourne airport, and you would need a private taxi or personalised airport transfer to reach your hotel. 
Winter is another lovely and the best time to visit Melbourne. Although the temperature rarely drops below forty degrees Celsius the air is gloomy and grey during the winter. The shoulder season for tourists is winter because it's not the most enticing time of year for travelling to Melbourne. If you happen to travel to Melbourne during winter, you will find the rates of hotel rooms, flights, and even things to buy dropped. The same is with private transfers and Melbourne airport taxis, the rates drop due to the shoulder season.

Book Your Airport Transport in Melbourne 

Melbourne has a wide network of transportation to travel in the city. As the city is one of the largest metropolises in Australia, the transport system works pretty smoothly and conveniently here.


Trams are the heart of Melbourne. They function from 10 am to 9 pm, on Thursday to Saturday, and on Sunday through Wednesday, it works from 10 am to 6 pm. You can get all over the city and into neighbouring regions which include Richmond, St. Kilda, and South Yarra-Prahran on the regular trams. The trams work from 5 am to midnight from Monday to Thursday and for 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. It works from 7 am to 11 pm only on Sundays. You can buy tickets at the tram stations and online as well. 

Geneva transportation in tram
Transdev Bus, Melbourne    |     Click by Philip Mallis from Flickr


Buses are a widely used mode of transportation in Melbourne. There are 300 routes allotted across and outside the city for buses. There are two bus zones in the city and the bus rates fluctuate by the distance commuted. Standard rates for two hours of travel are AU$ 2.70 or AU$ 3.90. According to the route, bus schedules change, however, the majority of buses run from five in the early morning until midnight. Only Saturdays and Sundays are accessible for the NightRider service. Myki cards are permitted on buses. Additionally, the bus driver will sell you tickets while you travel. 

Bombadier Train, Melbourne    |  Click by Bernard Spragg. NZ from Flickr

Trains in Melbourne 

The Flinders Street Railway Station is the primary or the central railway station, trains for inter and intra-city journeys. The City Loop, a five-station rail line running through the heart of Melbourne, is most likely the most practical system for commuters. The surrounding suburbs and other areas of the city are additionally accessible by trains. Depending on the line, train times vary, but the majority of routes run from 5 to 3 a.m. Monday through Friday, 24 hours on Saturdays and from 3:30 to 1 a.m. on Sundays. Train fares can be paid with an online pass or by purchasing tickets from a train conductor, which ranges from AU$2.70 to AU$3.90 depending on the location. Buses also provide airport transfer Melbourne, hence it is even popular and widely used mode transport in the region.

Private Taxi Services in Melbourne 

A convenient Melbourne transport mode is a private taxi service. Private transfer service works quite well in this city. Melbourne taxis that are run in the city are fewer in number. But private taxi transfers are becoming popular with time and increasing tourism in the city. You can also book Melbourne airport taxis for your ride from the airport to the hotel.

Melbourne Airport Transfer and Private Taxi Services 

Out of the two airports in Melbourne- Melbourne International Airport and Melbourne Avalon Airport, Melbourne international airport is widely used by citizens as well as tourists. Hence, there are multiple modes of transport from Melbourne Airport to the city centre. 

Battery Bus
SkyBus double decker, Airport Transfer  | Click by Simon_sees from Flickr

Bus Shuttles 

Bus services in the city offer airport transfers from the city centre to Melbourne Airport and vice versa. These are usually affordable as they charge less money per person. Yet they take longer to reach the airport from the city centre as they halt at the bus stations or stops in between on the way. 

Trams and Trains 

Trams do not directly take you to the airport but help cover the journey to some extent. While travelling from the airport, you can come to the Melbourne Airport Southern Cross Station and then either take a bus or a private airport transfer in Melbourne all the way to your destination. 

Melbourne Airport Taxi 

Ride-hailing services are the ones provided by private companies that help you travel to the airport. These are different from normal taxis as they are personalised. A variety of vehicles are offered for your transfer from the airport; minibuses, buses, luxurious cars and other cars, you can choose any vehicle as per your needs. Melbourne airport taxi is by far the most opted mode Melbourne of airport transfer by tourists.private taxi services are better ways to travel in the city. Whether it be for Melbourne sightseeing tours or travelling to Melbourne international airport. This private taxi can help you with Melbourne sightseeing tours as well as to have a comfortable ride while exploring the city.

Explore Melbourne Sightseeing

The best way to explore these places is by getting one of the Melbourne sightseeing tours available in the city. You can book a private taxi or any form of private transfer to travel to these places. Once you land at the Melbourne airport, you can book a Melbourne airport transfer provided by companies to reach your hotel. Tourists often use private transfer services and Melbourne airport transfers in the city. The Manila train line and boats from Batangas Port are the two public transport alternatives in the city. Rest private transfer to visit all the Melbourne sightseeing attractions in the city.

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