Airport Transfers in Marseille

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 Marseille provence airport        |          Image by dionhinchcliffe from flickr

Known to be the main international airport of the city, Marseille Provence Airport is known to be a hub for numerous renowned airlines such as Air France. The airport is seen to be the fifth busiest airport in France due to the number of passengers that it hosts and the third largest when it comes to hosting the cargo traffic. Situated in Marignane, this airport lies 27 km in the north-west direction from the heart of Marseille. The airport warmly welcomed a total of 9,390,371 passengers in the year 2018 thereby making Marseille as one of the most visited places in France. 

Formally, the airport was referred to as Marseille–Marignane Airport by the natives, the airport has two terminals for the arrival and departure of the passengers, initially, the airport has only one terminal until 2006 when the rate of passengers increased and there was a fire need to construct one more terminal for the smooth flow of the airlines and quick check-in and check-out policy for the travellers. In the year 2013 with the sudden rise in the passenger rates, the need for shopping and dining facilities needed to increase, the airport became home to 30 new shops and restaurants which marked the arrival of the first Burger King in the country since the year 1997. Marseille Provence Airport is the supreme wing base for Securite Civile, the aerial firefighting department of French Ministry of the Interior. The airport is home to the head office of Airbus helicopter. 

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Merseille Aeroport      |         Image by  hkoskas from flickr

Marseille Provence Airport provides some of the best services ever, the passengers can enjoy the free WiFi facility to save themselves from the boredom if your flight is late, now download any song, movie or series of your desire and enjoy your time till the arrival of your flight. The airport also displays numerous duty free shops to grab some souvenirs from without paying any extra amount. You can also walk to the ATM and withdraw money or go to the currency exchange counter to save yourself from the fraud of high commision in changing your currency from a local pawn shop. Some of the additional facilities that the airport provides are- Luggage wrapping service, disabled passengers services, tour offices, first aid etc. For the tourists visiting the city in order to explore it without any hassle, make sure to explore the various Marseille airport transfers to choose yours. Rydeu provides the best taxi service from Marseille airport to the city centre.